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Alexander Perez via E-Mmail

Install SAMBA v2.2
Install SAMBA is available in version 2.2. It can be found for members of the Yahoo/AmigaSamba group in the files section of

Further information can be taken from the readme there. It is now more than only an installer. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Sebastian Bauer

SimpleMail v0.4alpha
On 25. February 2001 Sebastian Bauer has released the alpha version 0.4 of the email client 'SimpleMail'. Among other things SimpleMail now supports several POP3 servers in this version. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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AmIRC v3.5.9beta
On 25. February 2001 Oliver Wagner has released the beta version 3.5.9 of the IRC client 'AmIRC'. This version contains various bugfixes and can only be used with keyfile. Compared with the version 3.5.6 the following has been changed among other things:
  • Bugfix: GUI - fixed text scrolling up 1 line too much in certain circumstances leaving a blank gap (Entity).
  • Bugfix: GUI - fixed crash on quitting with seperate user list(s) open (Entity).
  • Bugfix: Cmd - /DCC commands now no longer require specifying the nickname when they are typed in a query window (Entity).
  • Bugfix: GUI - fixed enforcerhit on opening userlist contextmenu (classic style) when there's more than 2 users activated (Entity).
  • Bugfix: Cmd - fixed buffer overflow caused by /HELP (and other things) (Entity).
  • Bugfix: GUI - fixed bug in text display class minwidth calculation resulting in the layouter eating all available memory and screw up bigtime (Entity).
  • Bugfix: GUI - fixed crash on entering 512 chars or more in the topic gadget (Entity).
  • Bugfix: Cmd - /QUERY <nick> <text> now causes <text> to appear in the newly opened query window instead of the window the command was issued in (Entity). </text></text></nick>
  • Bugfix: GUI - mode changes won't alter the topic string anymore when it is being edited, really this time (Entity).
  • Change: General - recompiled with full optimization (Olli).
  • Change: General - Packaged new TI and vapor_toolkit.library (Olli).
  • Change: General - raised beta timeout to 1.6.2001 (Olli).

All changes can be taken from the Readme.

Download: amirc_359beta.lzx (296K), Readme (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Schatztruhe ML

GTI Takes Over the Operating Business of Schatztruhe
Waldshut-Tiengen/Essen, 26th February 2001den 26.02.2001

GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH has been active as distributor for Amiga software since 1987 and supplies a worldwide network of dealers. Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe Gesellschaft für Software mbH has been one of the leading publishers of Amiga productivity software for over than 13 years. The two companies have co-operated closely and successfully since 1994 and have contributed to the lasting establishment of the CD-Rom medium within the Amiga software market.

With effect from 1st March 2001, both companies have agreed to intensify their co-operation further, with GTI Gmbh taking over the operating business of Schatztruhe GmbH. All publishing activities of Schatzruhe will be re-located to Waldshut-Tiengen and continued in undiminished scale as a business division of GTI GmbH.

The change will be handled as simply as possible for customers, suppliers, and other business partners of Schatztruhe GmbH, only contact information being changed to the following as from the 1st March 2001 :

GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH
Weihergasse 5
79761 Waldshut-Tiengen

Telephone: +49-(0)700 - 70 60 50 40
Telefax: +49-(0)201 - 426 00 00

Internet: (Allgemein & Bestellungen) (Technisches Support)

Schatztruhe will continue to publish high-quality Amiga software at attractive prices. A number of new products are already in preparation for 2001.

Richard Small                  Stefan Ossowski
Managing Director, GTI GmbH    Partner, Schatztruhe GmbH
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Album '2000 B.C' by Bobby Clark
For those of you who were into the module scene a few years ago, you might remember B.C. (aka Bobby Clark, the guy who filled up Aminet mods/med with heaps of music) ... B.C. now has recorded a debut album, which is purchasable at The debut album is titled 2000 B.C. It features mainly electronic and new age based tracks, as well as a couple of re-makes of aminet Octamed classics. The album may be purchased online from, and there are sample mp3 tracks on the site which may be streamed or downloaded.

The album was made with the help of an Atari 1040ST running Steinberg 12, and an Amiga 1000 (YES! A 1000!!!) running good old Octamed 4.0! (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Boingworld: Payback review
On 24. February 2001 Adam Waldenberg has released a comprehensive review of the game 'Payback' by Apex Designs on Boingworld. among other things, the review enters into the points graphics, sound, stability and the playability. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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PerSuaSiVe SoftWorx

akDatatypes v44.95
On 23. February 2001 Andreas Kleinert has released the version 44.95 of his datatypes. Updated were akJFIF.datatype (JPEG), akPNG.datatype and akTIFF.datatype. Via the title link you can download the 68k and PPC versions. The PPC version runs with the ppclibemu by Frank Wille under WarpOS. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Rudolph Riedel via E-Mail

Diskmaster v2.5b10
On 24. February 2001 Rudolph Riedel has released the version 2.5b10 of the directory utility 'DiskMaster' as well as the v1.95 and V1.95. Against the previous version the following has changed among other things:
  • Many corrections since the last beta.
  • Can be compiled with SAS/C unter STRICT & ANSI without warnings.
  • Even the last remaining assembler parts were removed.
  • New requester.
  • String buffer functions.
  • At last now uses memory pools.
  • Support of long file names.

Precise information about the changes are contained in the file 'DM2beta.readme' of the beta archive.

(unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 25. Feb. 2001, 11:10] [Comments: 0]
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Ralph Torchia on ANF

Spitfire² - Palm Desktop for Amiga Version 1.5 Released
The latest version of Spitfire², the Palm Desktop for Amiga, has been released.

This version will hopefully cure the crashes with Hot Syncing, which have plagued previous versions. Please see the included archive documents for a complete summary of changes.

The archive can be downloaded from:
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 24. Feb. 2001, 23:20] [Comments: 0]
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Paul Nolan

New Windows and Linux Demo of Photogenics Available
There are new demo versions of Photogenics, the popular picture editing software, available for download for Windows and Linux users. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 24. Feb. 2001, 19:02] [Comments: 0]
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Carsten Scholling on ANF

NListtree Final! Version 18.7 final
After many beta versions now the new version of NListtree is available under the title link. NListtree is a MUI class basing on NList capable of predictable displaying data in a tree pattern in different ways.

Among other software NListtree is utilized by AmiTradeCenter, NewsCoaster, Charon, RxMUI, Workbench 2000, SimpleMail, etc. This list is continuously growing.

For faultless function the latest version of NList v0.90 (19.98) is needed, which is available under the title link form today, too. NListtree works only constricted or not at all with elder versions of NList.

And now an appeal: I would be happy about information which other programs are using NListtree.
Have fun with it,
Carsten Scholling (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Trogladite Software

Trogladite Award Winners Determined
The winners of this year's Trogladite Software Award have been determined. All in all there were five awards give for the following categories:

Applications: YAM 2.2
Games: Heretic 2
Developers: MorphOS
Hardware: Mediator
Websites: Amiga.Realm

Congratulations to all of the winners! (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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bplan GmbH

bplan GmbH: Pegasos First Hardware
bplan announce the first hardware platform to be available.

bplan GmbH announce the first Pegasos prototypes to be available. The fist hardware line is currently in progress at DCE and after technical clearance will be utilized for system software verification purposes.

According to bplan a first official presentation of a working system is to be expected for early May, already. At the same time developer systems for software companies will be available. As for possible operating systems for those machines Linux as well as MorphOS are supported directly.

In those systems the bplan GmbH for the very first time makes a platform available including the virtue of an open system like Linux, as well as direct support for existing Amiga® software. Contrary to alternative basic approaches MorphOS is capable of running existing Amiga® programs in a native PowerPC environment. The synergy effects between both operating systems (Linux/MorphOS) as a result of this let the Pegasos systems be interesting for both, developers and users. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Richard Kapp on ANF

GFX-Database Now With Own URL
The GFX-DATABASE (a database for games and demos supporting Amiga graphics boards) now is accessible an own URL and has got own server space. So who wants to find out if one ore the other game or demo also runs on graphic board, just would type in the easy to learn URL (title link) in the future. The site also has been reworked and some link problems have been fixed. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Crystal Interactive Software

Land of Genesis Available from Dealers
The new game 'Land of Genesis' by Crystal Interactive Software is available from dealers! In this game, you play the role of Jan, a government special forces agent, who is sent to Mars to eliminate any trace of a secret experiment where test subjects were cloned and genetically modified. The experiment was performed on Mars and the manipulated humans have taken over the planet. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Dirk Baeyens via E-Mail

Amiga SDK Survey
There's a survey on the Amiga SDK website which asks you what kind of modem you are using for internet access. Currently, 33.6/56k baud modems are leading, followed by ISDN. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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AmigActive News
The popular English print magazine AmigActive has put a distribution list online from which you can see where in the world you can get AmigActive. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
LocalePL_OS39.lha    biz/dbase   51K+Polish locale for OS3.9 ver 1.3
u9fs.lha             comm/net    27K+Free Unix implementation of Plan 9 files
Cookie_Killer.lha    comm/www    25K+AWeb cookie management (v1.2)
Table_gc.lha         comm/www     5K+Correctss HTML files that don't print we
Xre_bong.lha         demo/aga   477K+Weird AGA Demo
stormamiga_lib.lha   dev/c      229K+Small and fast linker lib for StormC (de
liprgmsrc.lha        dev/moni    43K+Place a GUI in front of OpenLibrary() ca
IBrowse2.2PL.lha     docs/help   37K+Polish Locale for IBrowse2.2
MUIExchangePL.lha    docs/help    3K+Polish Locale for MUIExchange
stccg.lha            docs/hyper 1.8M+AmigaGuide to Star Trek CCG from Deciphe
YambMUI.lha          game/2play  47K+Best YAMB game ever for any platform
FreeCivExpand.lha    game/data  219K+GFX Expansion for the Nativ Amiga-Port o
Mattonite_Src.lha    game/demo   32K+Source codes of Mattonite and MattoniteE
NapalmPL.lha         game/patch   4K+Polish Locale for Napalm
Sebels_Picross.lha   game/think 1.5M+Sebel's Picross (german) - Strategy game
SvIV-1.lha           gfx/misc   354K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 1/8
SvIV-2.lha           gfx/misc   220K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 2/8
SvIV-3a.lha          gfx/misc   142K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 3a/8
SvIV-3b.lha          gfx/misc   222K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 3b/8
SvIV-4.lha           gfx/misc    43K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 4/8
SvIV-5.lha           gfx/misc    60K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 5/8
SvIV-6.lha           gfx/misc   120K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 6/8 (op
SvIV-7.lha           gfx/misc   127K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 7/8 (op
SvIV-8.lha           gfx/misc   222K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 8/8 (op
SvIV-PPC.lha         gfx/misc   649K+Update for SViewIV/PPC V25.1 (PPC)
SvIV-WOS.lha         gfx/misc     1K+Note on SViewIV/PPC modules (WOS)
RiVA.lha             gfx/show    33K+Very Fast MPEG Player for AGA/P96/CGFX
TestGear-Notes.lha   hard/hack    7K+Test equipment projects, general notes.
uklotto.lha          misc/misc  110K+UK National Lottery Database. 
DieSuppe.lha         mods/blkha 224K+PT mod by blakkhar
Filterit.lha         mods/blkha 165K+PT filter mod by blakkhar
newedition.lha       mods/blkha 324K+DBM mod with DSP by blakkhar
Rawline.lha          mods/blkha 157K+PT HC mod by blakkhar
TheWaiter.lha        mods/blkha  18K+8 channel DBM (DSP used) by blakkhar
Zuckerfrei.lha       mods/blkha 167K+DBM mod with DSP by blakkhar
move.lha             mods/med   152K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
mp32html.lha         mus/misc    47K+V2.9 - Converts MP3 directory to HTML.
PlayGUIUpd.lha       mus/play    22K+PlayGUI Update 3.b -> 3.c
ForeverFriends.jpg   pix/views  102K+A Poem with pic background.   
WordWorth_GR.lha     text/edit    8K+Greek locale catalog for Wordworth 5.0
akJFIF-dt.lha        util/dtype 215K+AkJFIF-dt V44.95 (JPEG, 68000-060, PPC/M
akJFIF-WOS.lha       util/dtype   0K+AkJFIF-dt WOS note (JPEG)
akPNG-dt.lha         util/dtype 227K+AkPNG-dt V44.95 (PNG, 68000-060, PPC/MOS
akPNG-PPC.lha        util/dtype  79K+AkPNG-dt PPC plugin V44.95
akPNG-WOS.lha        util/dtype   0K+AkPNG-dt WOS note
akTIFF-dt.lha        util/dtype 226K+AkTIFF-dt V44.95 (TIFF, 68000-060, PPC/M
akTIFF-WOS.lha       util/dtype   0K+AkTIFF-dt WOS note
WarpBMPdt.lha        util/dtype  42K+Windows BMP datatype V44.3 (68k,WarpOS,M
WarpJPEGdt.lha       util/dtype 104K+JFIF-JPEG datatype V44.17 (68k,WarpOS,Mo
WarpPNGdt.lha        util/dtype 133K+PNG image datatype V44.12 (68k,WarpOS,Mo
Type1Engine.lha      util/libs  491K+PostScript Type1 font engine V3.0
ObjectView_GR.lha    util/misc    2K+Greek locale catalog for ObjectView
InstallerNG.lha      util/sys   534K+C= Installer 100% compatible replacement
mainprefs.lha        util/wb     83K+AmigaOS Preferences GUI
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

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