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Brad Webb (E-Mail)

Newsletter: Amiga Update #050131
In seinem englischsprachigen Newsletter fasst Brad Webb einmal monatlich alle wichtigen Neuigkeiten zum Amiga zusammen, jetzt wurde die Januar-Ausgabe veröffentlicht:

         _________ ____      _|__ __ __|_______      _________
       __\ _____ \\\\  \_  _/  //___//  _____//______\ _____ \\
      // \\\\  /. \\\\__ \/ __//    \\  \\____.  /// \\\\  /. \\
      \\___\¯ /___///___\  /___\     \\_________//\\___\¯ /___//
       ¯    \/    ¯ ¯    \/.  |¯      ¯|z!o     ¯  ¯    \/    ¯
               A M I G A      | 050131 |      U P D A T E
        AMIGA and the Amiga logo are trademarks of Amiga, Inc.      

     C L U B   A M I G A   S H I R T S   H A V E   S H I P P E D 

 P R O F E S S I O N A L Y   D U P L I C A T E D   O S 4   D I S K S 

                 A H I   V 5 . 1 5   R E L E A S E D 

      A M I M S N ,   M S N   C L I E N T ,   A V A I L A B L E 

        E P I S T U L A   -   " G A I M   F O R   A M I G A " 

    A F P L   G H O S T S C R I P T   8 . 5 . 0   R E L E A S E D 

        G O L D E D   S T U D I O   D E V E L O P E R   E D .

          N E S   E M U L A T O R   A T   O S 4   D E P O T

        O R B I T A L   S N I P E R   A T   O S 4   D E P O T 

           R E M O T E   D E S K T O P   G U I   -   O S 4 

            S D K   B R O W S E R   0 . 9 5   I S   O U T 

       W I R E L E S S   C A R D S   F O R   A M I G A   O N E 

Editor's Thoughts and Introduction:

 We've completed the first month of a new Amiga year. Overall, it was
a pretty quiet month, with no great earth-shaking news stories.
However, there were some subtle events that are worth noting. First,
for the first time in ages, the website has had an update.
It's not a major change, but it shows attention throughout the site.
That's something I wasn't sure was ever going to happen, and it's a
very welcome positive step. It shows someone is paying attention to
the business again.
 Second (and the subject of our lead-off story) the much delayed Club
Amiga T shirts have actually shipped! How many of us had given up hope
that this would ever happen? I'm betting I'll never see mine, as I
never got a comfortable feeling my Club Amiga membership had been
registered at Amiga, but some folks at least should be seeing theirs.
This is another good sign for the future. Old committments are being
kept as well as possible.
 Of course, nothing is ever all positive. We have also discovered that
Achim Stegemann, author of such notable Amiga software as "Digital
Almanac" has left the Amiga developer community. He will be missed.
 Let's hope we'll continue to see more of the positive changes so
we'll have fewer of these negative ones.
 Brad Webb,

     C L U B   A M I G A   S H I R T S   H A V E   S H I P P E D 

22 January, 2005 

 From We have heard from several people, primarily in the
US, that they have yet to receive their t-shirts.
 The shirts dropped shipped on the same day and date worldwide.
Without commenting on the merits of various postal systems, hang in
there, they should be on the way.
 Amiga has checked with USPS today and were told arrival could take
from 1 to 2 weeks.
 Club Amiga T-shirts Shipped
 (17-Jan-2005) Amiga is happy to announce that the long awaited Club
Amiga t-shirts have shipped and should be arriving as you read this
message. Garry Hare, CEO of KMOS and Amiga, said, "It's about time,
isn't it?"
 Prior to shipping, Amiga Inc. constructed as accurate a mailing list
as possible.

Happy New Year - The Amiga Team

 P R O F E S S I O N A L Y   D U P L I C A T E D   O S 4   D I S K S 

10 January, 2005

 As a service to their loyal customers without broadband internet,
Hyperion Entertainment in collaboration with Soft3 is now offering all
registered Amiga OS 4.0 users the possibility to order a
professionally duplicated replacement CD to replace the original Amiga
OS 4.0 Developer Pre-release CD which came with your AmigaOne SE or
XE. Price is 15 Euro.
 This new CD not only contains the first Amiga OS 4.0 update and
updated SDK which are available for download from our site but also a
substantially reworked and updated contribution section.
 The offer is available only to XE and SE Earlybird owners.
 Just complete the order form at the website below, and, after
confirmation, send your original AmigaOS4.0 to:

Soft3 di Massimiliano Tretene
Piazza di Porta San Mamolo 3c
40136 Bologna, Italy

                  A H I   V 5 . 1 5   R E L E A S E D 

10 January, 2005 

 Martin Blom made available the latest beta of his AHI audio system
(v5.15 also known as v6.0rc2).
 The changelist includes:
 2005-01-09: Update: AHI v5.15b for native Amithlon (big endian and
still beta) is available as well.
 2005-01-09: AHI v5.15, also known as AHI v6.0rc2, is now available.
Lots of bug fixes and the volume handling is now global for all units
and defaults to full volume.

      A M I M S N ,   M S N   C L I E N T ,   A V A I L A B L E 

11 January, 2005

 AmiMSN is an MSN messenger client for the Amiga, written in AREXX and
useing rexxreqtools.library, rxsocket.library, rexxdossupport.library
and rexxsupport.library.
 It has been compressed into an executable for easy use.
 AmiMSN is the only MSN messenger client for the Amiga that supports
the ability to send and receive files. It uses the MSNFTP protocol to
accomplish this. Sender must not be behind a firewall.
 It spoofs as MSN Messenger 6.2 for maximum compatibility.
 It is primarily a console client, but has been coded to allow any IRC
client to act as it's GUI. It is similar to BitlBee but adheres a lot
more closely to RFC 1459 for compatiblity with most IRC clients.
 Some recent changes include since (1.0rc5):
 * Fixed: Now works with all .NET passports. (Previously only worked
with accounts)
 * File transfer via MSNFTP support added. Sender must accept inbound
connections. If you are using this through WinUAE and have Norton
Antivirus 2005, you NEED to completely disable Norton Internet Worm
Protection before you can send files.
 * Changed: AmiMSN.cfg now requires you set a default initial status,
or you may start AmiMSN with an argument.
 * Fixed: ReadCList() function couldn't parse a contact that was
pending authorization and not in your forward list. This also cause
the DETAILS command to crash AmiMSN when it encountered this.
 * Fixed: ADDUSER would crash AmiMSN if you tried adding someone who
was in your database but not on your forward list.
 * Fixed: ADDUSER would crash AmiMSN if you tried to add someone who
was already in your contact list.

Download AmiMSN 1.0WIP (22KB LHA)

        E P I S T U L A   -   " G A I M   F O R   A M I G A " 

11 January, 2005       

 Epistula is to AmigaOS what GAIM is to Linux and Windows. For people
not in the know, GAIM is an instant messenger application which can
handle a variety of IM protocols, for example Microsoft MSN, AOL AIM
and Yahoo Messenger.
 I know JabberWocky can provide a similar service, but that requires
extra setting up with Jabber ID's etc. This way, you can log straight
onto your favourite protocol, by-passing any need for yet another IM
account. One of the main reasons I started to write this client was
because I couldn't be bothered with Jabber... I can't be the only
one... can I?
 Unlike GAIM, Epistula is written in a modular fashion in that each
'protocol' is a plugin which can be installed, and updated, seperately
from the main application and other plugins.

    Beta Testing
Updated Tuesday, 11th January, 2005

 Testing for the current 68k OS3.x version of Epistula is now going
public. You are welcome to try this pre-release version, and any of
the available plugins, on AmigaOS 3.x, MorphOS and/or AmigaOS 4.
 I have decided to release the beta testing of the 68k version as it
will mostly likely be put on hold until I have a native AmigaOS 4
version compiled. I will be ordering my Amiga One within the next two
weeks, and hopefully have the development environment up and running
and compiling Epistula within a month. Until then, try this version
and if it works, cool! If not, I'm afraid you're just going to have to
wait a little longer.
 Please note that from various testing environments, the current
version hasn't much success. It does work for me with my OS 3.1 Opus
Megallen system on my A4000, as does it work on my WinUAE
configuration at work. However, download this at your own risk, I
cannot be held responsible for any bugs, crashes and/or loss of data
and do not provide support for this pre-release version.
 Please read the ReadMe file carefully before installing and running
the software.
 Note: If you're having problems with the βeta, a few things to look
out for:

 * Please make sure you have all the required MUI MCC modules
installed. If you're running the software on AmigaOS 4 then missing
MCC files have been known to crash the application before it even
starts up.
 * You must have an MSN account already set up and working with your
contacts already added. You cannot do this with Epistula, use the
official client, AmiMSN or any other client which is able to do it.
 * Remember, Epistula is not a finished application. Some things are
missing, or don't work at all, e.g. the 'Add Contact' menu item.
 * AmiSSL version 1.1 is required and can be found here. Law
permitting in your country, I would advise you to download all of the
 * A possible problem with Roadshow and/or my socket coding could
prevent chat sessions from initialising. Miami Deluxe and WinUAE
bsdsocket.library seem to work just fine.
 * Trouble authenticating usually points to AmiSSL configuration
problems if you're sure you are supplying the correct credentials.
Thanks to Tomppeli on for a possible solution which should be
typed into the CLI:

      setenv SAVE amissl/SSL_VERSION ssl3
      setenv SAVE amissl/SSL_CLIENT_VERSION ssl3

    A F P L   G H O S T S C R I P T   8 . 5 . 0   R E L E A S E D 

27 January, 2004
 This is a major release of AFPL Ghostscript, and for maximum
compatibility the binary is a 68020 no-fpu build as FPU builds can
cause problems on emulators. This should run on all systems that are
68k AmigaOS compatible. This version of Ghostscript contains a lot of
new rendering code not present in any earlier versions of Ghostscript.
The rendering is also very fast, and includes new optimisations for
rendering fonts at very low resolutions. So the rendering is better
and faster than in any earlier Ghostscripts.
 The 68k build contains the Turboprint driver which I debugged for
AFPL Ghostscript 8.00. The x86-AROS port is for i386 upwards. For
people who dont know what Ghostscript is: Ghostscript (both AFPL and
GNU) is a cross platform program for viewing + printing + converting
Postscript and PDF files. And it achieves a high amount of
compatibility with current PS + PDF documents on the internet. This
port contains my own truecolour and HAM8 viewers. It also contains the
viewers I wrote for grayscale, black and white as well as 8-bit colour
and will run on both AGA and graphics card systems. You can use it
also to convert PS to PDF as well as PS and PDF to jpeg, png, and
various other formats. >Michael Merkel has verified that the program
runs completely correctly on the AmigaOne and has printed via
Turboprint on the A1.

Download the program from: 


        G O L D E D   S T U D I O   D E V E L O P E R   E D .

11 January, 2005 

 GoldED Studio "Developer Edition" is a specially priced edition of
GoldED for software developers and C/C++ beginners: It includes the
latest GoldED editor and all C/C++ development-related components.
This is the ideal package if you need a powerful + affordable solution
for software development.

 O integrates with gcc, vbcc, StormC and SAS/C compilers
 O installs several popular free compilers for you (variants of gcc
and vbcc)
 O supports development for AmigaOS, PowerUP, WarpOS and MorphOS
 O many unique features for developers:
 - look-up OS symbols and autodocs quickly

 - GoldED can show a list of all functions in your source code
 - syntax highlighting for all OS symbols
 - syntax highlighting for parenthesis
 - shows prototypes for functions under cursor while you are typing
 - make console: navigate to compile errors with a mouse click
 - set options for vbcc and gcc comfortably in dialogs, with online
 - automatically generates projects and makefiles
 - switch between compiler variants easily
 - cross-compile software for MorphOS on your classic Amiga or PC
 - highly configurable (add quick links to OS documentation etc.)

 With GoldED "Developer Edition", you can have your first C project
created and compiled in ten minutes. Even if you have never used a C
compiler before.
 The regular retail price of this package is 39.90 EUR + p&p. During
the introductory period, the price is only 29.90 EUR (only via the
promotional link listed below, offer ends 14/Jan/05, while supply

          N E S   E M U L A T O R   A T   O S 4   D E P O T

OS4 Depot
Description:     NES Emulator

Download:     amines.lha  

Version:     0.64

Author:     Per Johansson

Submitter:     Per Johansson


Category:     emulation/gamesystem

License:     Freeware

FileID:     440

Short:        Nintendo 8-bit emulator (SDL-based)

Uploader: Per Johansson 

Author:      Per Johansson, Matthew Conte, Neil Bradley

Type:         Emulation/Gamesystem

Requires:  OS4

Recommended:  ROM's

Version:      0.64þ


- Main system, GUI, optimizations and bugfixes by Per Johansson

- Based on Nofrendo (c) Matthew Conte

- 6502 CPU emulator by Neil Bradley

- Extended audio system by Takeda Toshiya (implemented from Nester)

- Icon by Lorraine Design (


c,Tab - Joypad 1 Select

v,Enter - Joypad 1 Start

z, LCtrl - Joypad 1 B-button

x, LAlt - Joypad 1 A-button

Arrow Left - Joypad 1 Left

Arrow Right - Joypad 1 Right

Arrow Up - Joypad 1 Up

Arrow Down - Joypad 1 Down

Esc - Quit

F1 - Soft reset

F2 - Hard reset

F4 - Snapshot (saves picture as PCX)

F6 - Toggle sprites

q - Toggle channel 0 on/off

w - Toggle channel 1 on/off

e - Toggle channel 2 on/off

r - Toggle channel 3 on/off

t - Toggle channel 4 on/off

y - Toggle channel 5 on/off

a - Toggle audio wave (off/normal/filled)

Settings are preset to be as good as possible, but please try to
change the Video settings to Window 2x size

Supported mappers:


        O R B I T A L   S N I P E R   A T   O S 4   D E P O T 

Description:     Port of Orbital Eunuchs Sniper 1.29 for AmigaOS4.0

Download:     oes.lha   

Version:     1.0

Author:     Max Tretene

Submitter:     m3x



Category:     game/action

License:     Other

FileID:     428

Orbital Eunuchs Sniper

 This is an AmigaOS4.0 port from a Linux/OS X port of the game
'Orbital Sniper',

please read the readme.txt for information on that.

 Orbital Eunuchs Sniper is an overhead shooting game. You (the Eunuch
on the orbital laser platform) are tasked with protecting the VIPs
(blue) from the terrorists (red)!
 You view a city from overhead, from the point of a view of an
orbiting satellite.

 Your laser takes some time to recharge.

 Control the targeting crosshairs with the mouse.
 Fire the weapon with Left Mouse Button.
 Zoom with the mousewheel, or hold down Right Mouse Button while
moving the mouse up/down.

           R E M O T E   D E S K T O P   G U I   -   O S 4 

15 January, 2005

 HammerD reports: I am happy to (again) announce an update to the
Remote Desktop client for OS4! As a bonus for OS4 users, we are proud
to offer a full GUI for the client! Thanks to Simon Archer, Toaks, and
restore2003 for all of their hard work and dedication to make this
 68K users: There is no need for you to download any update - the
update is for OS4 users only! Time for you to upgrade ! :) You may
download the the full archive for OS4 including the Remote Desktop
binary (OS4 native), GUI, and documentation from the Remote Desktop
Support Site for AmigaOS

             S D K   B R O W S E R   0 . 9 5   I S   O U T 

11 January, 2005 

 The second PREVIEW release of The SDK Browser for AmigaOS4 has been
released to the public. Version 0.95 PREVIEW sports several new
features and improvements over the previous version.
 o Programmable "HIDEKEY"
 o Status bar
 o Menus
 o Improved auto-command searching, for those pesky naming exceptions.
 o Fixed layout problem in the GUI
 o Improved The SDK Browser's ability to remember and reopen its
window in the same position and size as when it was hidden or
 o Added a new "View File" feature, which allows you to quickly open
any text file into The SDK Browser's Text Viewer.
 o Optimized build. This version is less than HALF the size of the
previous release. At about 95KB instead of nearly 210 KB!
 o Much more.
 Register your copy today and get a FULL version of The SDK Browser
v2.0 (US $24.95) for FREE!

BITbyBIT Software Group LLC

       W I R E L E S S   C A R D S   F O R   A M I G A   O N E 

17 January, 2005 is happy to announce availabilty of Wireless Networking
cards for the AmigaOne. These PCI cards are 802.11b compatible and
come with a driver CD ready-to-go. They come with detachable antenna
fitted with mini-BNC connector.

In stock now and ready to ship, please visit the online stores at:

Amiga Update on the net:
 All back issues available at:
Stop by and check out our archive! Now in our 11th publication year. 
Copyright 2005 by Brad Webb.    Freely distributable, if not modified.
                 _    __      _     <>_   __      _      
   A M I G A    /\\    |\    /||    ||   /  `    /\\      A M I G A   
  U P D A T E  /__\\   | \  / ||    ||  || ___  /__\\    U P D A T E 
              /    \\_ |  \/  ||_  _||_  \__// /    \\_  

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