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05.Dez.2013 (Webseite)

Retro-Gaming: WHDLoad 17.2
Mit WHDLoad lassen sich Spiele und Szene-Demos, die nur für den Diskettenbetrieb gedacht waren, auf einer Festplatte installieren. Außerdem werden zahlreiche Inkompatibilitäten mit neueren Amiga-Modellen beseitigt.

Änderungen in Version 17.2:
  • fix: cancelling directory preload (in the splash window pressing Esc or changing a option forcing restart) could cause memory list corruption
  • new: support for Zeus68k pseudo vbr added, allows to quit by key similar like a moved vector base, but only on interrupts not on exceptions
  • new: on AGA machines all color registers are read from the custom chips and written to the dump file
  • fix: WHDLoadCD32 works again with resload_DiskLoad, was broken in version 17.1 (issue #2633)
  • chg: utility ITD can now read files larger than 4 GiB (e.g. on SFS\2) and write to larger devices using TD64
  • chg: alignment for patch lists (resload_Patch/Seg) is now verified by WHDLoad to avoid problems on 68000/10
  • chg: the check for valid custom.aud*ptr introduced in version 17.1 can now be enabled via the new option ChkAudPt/S
  • fix: on Kickstart 2.0 (V37) option NoMemReverse/S is now always active to avoid problems which could lead to freezing during Preload or other memory allocations
  • chg: memory allocations improved if NoMemReverse/S is active, now these will succeed also if memory below BaseMemSize is free by trying to allocate until memory is above
  • fix: preload progress bar fixed on Kickstart 2.0 (V37), was using a V39 only utility.library function
  • new: added IF/ELSE/ENDIF conditional blocks to patch lists to simplify the handling of patches depending on ButtonWait/S and Custom1-5/N options (resload_Patch/Seg)
  • chg: detection of HRTmon builtin WinUAE improved to support if MMU protection is enabled with WHDLoad (CFOU!)
  • chg: options NTSC/PAL can be set global and local now, where the local one (CLI/Tooltype) will overwrite the global one (configuration file S:WHDLoad.prefs)
  • new: WHDLoad now sets the screen mode in HRTmon to the video mode specified for the installed program, with that HRTmon will always uses the same video mode (PAL/NTSC) as WHDLoad, for correct operation at least HRTmon version 2.35 is required
  • chg: audio.device is only opened when present in execs device list, this saves some memory if it isn't initilized already
  • chg: install script template now supports also the diskimage device by Fredrik Wikstrom (Psygore)
  • chg: option FullChip/S can also set globally now
  • new: support for interrupt vector redirect feature of ACA500 on 68000 added
  • chg: added a kludge to preserve the largest free memory block until PreLoad in situations where multiple small free blocks are available to increase the likelihood of being able to cache a large disk image

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