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Game Construction Kit: RedPill 0.7.11
RedPill ist ein in AmiBlitz2 geschriebenes Game Construction Kit, das die Entwicklung von Spielen aus diversen Genres ermöglichen soll - veröffentlichte Videos zeigen eine Umsetzung von Pacman sowie das Knobelspiel Mirror. RedPill ist kompatibel mit AGA und ECS, der "Player" zum Abspielen der fertigen Kreationen benötigt 1 MB Chip- sowie etwas Fast-RAM.

Seit unserer letzten Berichterstattung über die Version 0.7.8, wurden folgende Änderungen in den Versionen 0.7.9, 0.7.10 und 0.7.11 vorgenommen:

Version 0.7.11:
  • RedPill Puzzle by Lemming880 updated with the final release.
  • Lumberjack Platform game by Lemming880 updated to the last version.
  • Sort by Z trigger has been fixed, thanks to amiman99.
  • Exporting had some issues after the map optimization, this has been fixed.
  • External text editor has been fixed too.
  • Small optimization for games that use 16x16 tiles.
Version 0.7.10:
  • When exporting games, the level files will be smaller if not all the map used, or if the map is not used at all.
  • In Game Setup, the text edit now supports an external project, configure it using icon Tooltyper.
  • New action trigger Follow Obj "target obj" "speed" that sets up the speeds of the object to match the targetted object.
  • New action trigger Go to "Var" Level to load the level specified in the valiables "Var"
  • New action triggers Input Active to enable and disable player input.
  • New condition triggers Input Active to check if player input is enabled or disabled.
  • Improved checks on boolean values for trigger paramenters.
  • Side check code back to older and slower but more robust implementation.
  • In Objects screen now it is possible to go directly to one object.
  • In Levels screen now it is possible to go directly to one level.
  • When exiting the Editor and the Player the REDPILL fonts assignment is now removed.
  • Now it is possible to edit the background image of the level with the external painting program.
  • Tile on screen "i" condition trigger added to perform actions for each tile "i" present on screen.
  • Tile on map "i" condition trigger added to perform actions for each tile "i" present on the level map.
  • Move to Level trigger has been renamed to Go to Level.
  • Fix for possible memory corruption problems when objects had negative coordinates.
  • Fixed issue with HUD bars and negative values.
  • ex_mapenemies project has been added to teach the new triggers.
  • Fixed issue when using Enemies collide with enemies option, cells not being freed after enemy was destroyed.
Version 0.7.9:
  • Noah game from Sensei-Sama included in the projets.
  • Now you can use multiple spritesheets, still when slicing them some frames can move or be overlapped. To be improved in future versions.
  • REDPILL player now supports Version from AmigaOS and -version parameter
  • Executable files now use Shrinkler 4.6.
  • Now when using RPPlayer from cli if no parameter is given can get it from the icon.
  • Audio is restored (faulty in 7.8)
  • Optimization: now non visible objects have animation logic deactivated.
  • Optimization: less memory used when enemies collide option is not activated.
  • Last opened projects logic improved.
  • Adding support for number formatting in HUD, use 0s to specify the number of digits to use.

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