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Sprite/Icon/Map-Editor: Raster Master V1.2 R61 für Windows 10/11
Raster Master ist ein Sprite/Icon/Map-Editor für Windows 10/11, der RayLib- bzw. PutImagedata- und Map-Code für gcc, AmigaBASIC, Amiga C, Amiga Pascal, QuickBasic, QB64, Quick C, Turbo Pascal, freepascal, Turbo C, Turbo Basic, Power Basic, FreeBASIC, GWBASIC, BASICA, und PC-BASIC generiert (YouTube-Video).

Seit unserer letzten Meldung hat sich der Autor vor allem in der heute veröffentlichten Version 1.2 R61 auf den Amiga konzentriert und unter anderem das Deluxe Paint ILBM/IFF-Format hinzugefügt als auch Amiga QuickBasic (AQB)-Unterstützung. Die Änderungen in der Übersicht:

  • new Deluxe Paint ILBM/IFF format
  • new Amiga QuickBasic (AQB) support - right click over thumbnail view to select export options. use RES Text Export
  • fixed some issues with select tool - will not allow you to select out of work area bounds now!
  • fixed QuickPascal bug not outputting correct palette array constant
  • Added Overwrite file prompt - it would overwrite files without telling you they exist
  • Added prompt when selecting exit/close button - just in case you clicked on by accident
  • RES Text Include drop down list allows you to select various extensions (c,bas,h,pas,inc,bi)
  • grenade constants for Amiga formats c/basic/pascal
  • R60 brings QB64/Freebasic RGB/RGBA formats - with auto loading into _NewImage/CreateImage variables
  • some bug fixes - I think i was generating basic labels for all the languages instead of just basic in RES Text Export - fixed!
  • Created QB64 as separate option now. Use this to use the RGB/RGBA formats, use QBasic\QuickBasic to use PUT for legacy screen modes (CGA/EGA/VGA)
  • Freebasic also has 2 options now. Freebasic QB mode - use this when in QB compatibility mode. Use Freebasic for RGB\RGBA modes
  • -Map Editor export options has QB64 and Freebasic as options now. This was done because Freebasic needs variables defined prior to use and no period "." in variable names when not in QB mode. So both modes of Freebasic use under scores to sperate fields. eg. Imagename_Width = 16
  • Fixed Clip Scroll Issue when top left of work area is clipped and scrolled right
  • QB64/Freebasic export of RGBA now properly displays ImageName.Size variable, also added labels for images
  • QB64 users see example on how to load RGBA/RGB for _putimage using the the RayLib RGBA/RGB export options (you do not need RayLib for this)
  • Sprite import now allows JPG/BMP and ICO files. These are already part of Lazarus runtime anyway (zero cost feature)

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