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SCSI-SD-Adapter: ZuluSCSI-Firmware 1.0.7
ZuluSCSI ist eine neue Generation von dateibasierten SCSI-Festplatten- und CD-ROM-Laufwerk-Emulatoren. ZuluSCSI emuliert eine SCSI-I- oder SCSI-2-Festplatte unter Verwendung einer SD-Speicherkarte ( berichtete). Hierfür wurde in den letzten Tagen die dafür benötigte Firmware mehrmals aktualisiert.

Changes in v1.0.7:
  • Disable raw fallback when image is specified through .ini
  • Only print warning about unevenly-divisible image sizes when host queries disk with relevant SCSI commands
  • Fix pauses during transfer in PIO mode / Avoid SysTick interrupts during transfers, including with the Akai MPC60 and Kurzweil K2000R, when running firmware version 3.87J
Changes in v1.0.6:
  • Fix timing violation in 10MB/s synchronous mode
  • Perform reads in whole sector blocks by default - this addresses a significant issue with reliable operation on classic Macintosh computers.
Changes in v1.0.5:
  • Added easier-to-use SCSI floppy emulation support. File names beginning with FDxx will be automatically configured as a removable floppy device.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL raw pass-through mode (without FAT filesystem), commit . If no image files are detected on the SD card, the whole SD card is presented as a single SCSI drive, the size of which will be the entirety of the SD card. Raw pass-through can also be manually specified in config file.

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