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AmigaOS 4: Neue Versionen der newlib.library und string.gadget-Klasse
Über das AmiUpdate sind zwei aktualisierte Systemdateien verfügbar: Die string.gadget-Klasse 53.24 und das Kickstart-Modul newlib.library 53.80. Die Änderungen:

string.gadget V53.24
  • Rewrote the SHK_PASSWORD handling in the GM_RENDER method in a way that does not require temporarily replacing the buffer in si->Buffer (fixes a race condition when STRINGA_TextVal is read).
  • No longer temporarily writes an 'n' character to the end of the buffer, which should fix some nasty race conditions when accessing the buffer.
  • Fixed the text cursor sometimes being rendered with a wrong width when placed at the end of the string. This bug was a side effect of changes made in the previous release.
newlib.library.kmod V53.80 (Auszug)
  • Fixed the clock() function which was comparing time values using different different epochs, as well as time zones if the local time zone did not happen to be GMT.
  • Replaced GetSysTime() in rusage() and clock() with GetUpTime() which is guaranteed to be monotonically increasing.
  • Fixed a bug in setstate() that would cause the long word in front of the previous state buffer to be overwritten instead of the the first long word in the buffer.
  • Made always include as it is needed for SIZE_MAX, for now at least.
  • Added the previously missing asnprintf(), vasnprintf(), _asnprintf_r() and vasnprintf_r() functions to shared object and small data builds of libc.
  • Disabled .__newlib_version section and linker warnings for shared object build of libc.
  • Updated libauto.a to the latest version with VBCC support.
  • mongetpcs() now uses the locally opened elf.library interface instead of relying on a global IElf interface existing.

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