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AmigaOS 4: grep 2.5.1a
Henning Nielsen Lund hat die neueste Version von grep für AmigaOS portiert. (cg)

[Meldung: 03. Jan. 2006, 22:30] [Kommentare: 58 - 06. Jan. 2006, 15:20]
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AmigaOS 4: Update von Frozen Bubble
Frozen Bubble (Screenshot) ist ein Klon des Arcade-Klassikers Puzzle Bobble. Das Update soll einige kleinere Probleme beseitigen, die von den Anwendern gemeldet wurden:
  • relink against older SDL, music and sound problems fixed
  • increased sound buffer size to 4096 as recomended by toaks
  • found a few more instances of $ENV{HOME} replaced them with /bubbles
  • added a timidity config to stop SDL from looking for it in /usr/local/lib. I suspect though that it's not actually used.

[Meldung: 03. Jan. 2006, 17:27] [Kommentare: 2 - 04. Jan. 2006, 15:24]
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o1i (ANF)

AROS: GTK-MUI-Wrapper in die Nightly Builds aufgenommen
Nachdem alle in der Team AROS-Bounty-Beschreibung #30 geforderten Funktionen im GTK-MUI-Wrapper implementiert sind und die aktuelle Version nach Ansicht der Entwickler so stabil ist, dass alle GTK-Beispiele im CVS funktionieren, wurde von Jack Patton ein Snapshot des Quellkodes in die Contrib-Sources von AROS importiert. Damit ist GTK-MUI ab jetzt in den täglichen Versionen von AROS enthalten (Nightly Builds).

Weitere Pläne für die (nahe) Zukunft sind die Integration möglichst vieler GLib-Funktionen und, soweit möglich, die Verwendung der originalen Header-Dateien. Für MorphOS wird es von Ilkka Lehtoranta eine dynamische Bibliothek geben (gtkmuippc.library). (snx)

[Meldung: 03. Jan. 2006, 16:38] [Kommentare: 7 - 05. Jan. 2006, 00:24]
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Charlene McNulty / VHT Canada

Das Ende von VirusExecutor
Jan Erik Olausen hat das Ende von VirusExecutor proklamiert. Die Anti-Viren-Software für das Classic AmigaOS wird damit nicht mehr aktualisiert. Dies teilte das Virus Help Team mit und dankte dem Dänen für sein Engagement in den zurück liegenden Jahren.

Olausen war unter anderem auch für die xvs.library mitverantwortlich, eine Bibliothek, mit der sich Virendefinitionen in externer Software bearbeiten lässt. Damit bleibt auch der VirusExecutor auf einem aktuellen Stand und kann auch zukünftig eingesetzt werden. Die xvs.library ist von der Einstellung des VirusExecutor ausdrücklich nicht betroffen. (nba)

[Meldung: 03. Jan. 2006, 08:07] [Kommentare: 15 - 04. Jan. 2006, 13:24]
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AmigaOS 4: Drumcomputer Rockbeat 1.3.2
Der Software-Drumcomputer Rockbeat steht jetzt in der Version 1.3.2 zur Verfügung. Änderungen seit der letzten Version:
  • AHI device is released on exit now, so apps such as Audio Evolution and HD-REC can start after quitting RockBEAT.
  • "Scroll while playing" is now optional. Sometimes its useful to turn off scrolling, so you can edit a portion of a pattern while it loops This setting is remembered on quitting.

Download: rockbeat.lha (1,6 MB) (Readme) (cg)

[Meldung: 03. Jan. 2006, 02:53] [Kommentare: 0]
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AmigaOS 4: Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell 0.0.37
abc-shell ("Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell") ist eine zu POSIX bzw. Bourne kompatible Shell, die die von Unix-/Linux gewöhnte Umgebung bieten sowie das Portieren von Unix-Software erleichtern soll.

In der neuesten Version wurden einige kleinere Fehler beseitigt, außerdem ist abc-shell jetzt kompatibel zu Configure-Skripten, die mit neueren Versionen von autoconf erzeugt wurden.

Download: abc-shell-0.0.37.lha (532 KB) (Readme) (cg)

[Meldung: 03. Jan. 2006, 01:15] [Kommentare: 0]
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AmigaOS 4: TuneNet 0.72a (Beta)
TuneNet ist ein MP3-, OGG-, AHX-, AIFF- und Protracker-Player für AmigaOS 4, der auch MP3-Streams aus dem Internet abspielt (Screenshot). Neuerungen in Version 0.72a:
  • MP3 detection improved (for use with the OGG Vorbis plugin!!!).
  • Double click on Plugin List added to get a description of the plugin.
  • Docky D&D Send Message improved to fix problems with other dockies such as YAM.
  • Playlist detection from WB / CLI / D&D (.m3u extension recognised).
  • m3u files with comments are now handled.
  • m3u relative paths now supported (great for files produced by CD Rippers).
  • Playlist loading now silently checks for the playlist files existence before (checking &) adding them to the list.
  • New OS4 style Requester boxes added.
  • Help "bubbles" can be toggled on or off from the settings menu and at startup from the preferences.
  • Fixed a bug in the Find routine which could give some false positives.
  • MP3 Icecast support added (wasn't too difficult)
  • http streams within m3u files now allowed.
  • Improvements to stream recovery and forced restarts on buffer empty.
  • Single streams specified from the cli "-stream" option or from m3u files can now be saved along with the playlist.
  • DNS timeout added to finally halt any long term network related lockups (6 second time out by default).
  • Blank URLS in PLS files are now handled without crashing the task.
  • Spaces in URL's are now converted to %20

Download: TuneNetV0.70a_CR.lha (680 KB)
Link: OGG Vorbis Plugin (cg)

[Meldung: 03. Jan. 2006, 01:03] [Kommentare: 0]
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Bradd Webb (E-Mail)

Newsletter: Amiga Update #051231
In seinem englischsprachigen Newsletter fasst Brad Webb einmal monatlich alle wichtigen Neuigkeiten zum Amiga zusammen, jetzt wurde die Dezember-Ausgabe veröffentlicht:

         _________ ____      _|__ __ __|_______      _________
       __\ _____ \\\\  \_  _/  //___//  _____//______\ _____ \\
      // \\\\  /. \\\\__ \/ __//    \\  \\____.  /// \\\\  /. \\
      \\___\¯ /___///___\  /___\     \\_________//\\___\¯ /___//
       ¯    \/    ¯ ¯    \/.  |¯      ¯|z!o     ¯  ¯    \/    ¯
               A M I G A      | 051231 |      U P D A T E
        AMIGA and the Amiga logo are trademarks of Amiga, Inc.      

 E 3 B ,   I N D I V I D U A L   C O M P U T E R S   C A N   S E L L

               B E T A   T E S T E R S   W A N T E D ! 

       M E D I A T O R   P C I   B U S B O A R D   U P D A T E

       T U N E N E T   A U D I O   P L A Y E R   F O R   O S 4

            W H D L O A D   H A S   N E W   V E R S I O N

       D E S E R T   R A C I N G   G A M E   A N N O U N C E D

             A M I K I T   1 . 0 . 3   A V A I L A B L E

           A M I P O D D E R   N O W   D O E S   V I D E O

     O N Y X S O F T   R E L E A S E S   F I V E   U P D A T E S

         A M I G A S Y S 3   F O R   W I N U A E   U S E R S

               F R E E P O P S   F O R   M A I L E R S

Editor's Thoughts and Introduction:
 Congratulations to the Amiga community - we have survived another 
year! While it has been a busy and fulfilling year in many ways, we 
still have no final release of Amiga OS 4.0 to celebrate. However, 
there has been some interesting information regarding that topic which 
came to light recently. 
 On December 28, an IRC session was conducted with representatives of 
Hyperion by the good folks at This information 
provided by Hyperion and taken from one of the session transcripts 
should be of interest to all Amigans eager for a full release version 
of OS4:

"Rogue: As you have probably already guessed, there will be no OS 4 
release this year. There are reasons for that which I would like to 
explain. The main reason is the unavailability of hardware. As you all 
know, AmigaOne's [sic] are not available right now, so we are not in a 
position to offer an OS 4 with a matching hardware. We DO think that 
once we release AmigaOS4.0, there will be a general interest in the 
news, in media, etc. We will get a lot of interest from people outside 
the amiga market, and they will ask where they can buy it. If we tell 
them they cannot buy it right now and need to wait until the hardware 
is available, then this will take away a lot of momentum that the 
release will generate. Hence we decided to postpone the release until 
such time as a hardware platform IS available."

 You can read the entire set of transcripts at
 Let's hope the situation with hardware availability can be set right 
soon. What a great event for the new year it would be if we could see 
the release, finally, of OS4!
 Happy New Year to all our readers where ever you are, and good Amiga 
computing to you as well!
 Brad Webb,

 E 3 B ,   I N D I V I D U A L   C O M P U T E R S   C A N   S E L L 

 20 December, 2005

The best news at the beginning: E3B and individual Computers continue 
selling hardware in the EU. We want to thank everyone who sent us 
eMails with suggestions, mostly trying to circumvent the new law, but 
also with information on how to start a company in another country. 
Unfortunately, all this doesn't help, because the law also applies to 
companies outside Germany who want to sell their products in Germany.

To fully comply with the law, E3B and individual Computers founded the 
label "ConBridge" which is now registered with the Stiftung EAR, 
despite legal problems that are not fully resolved. Read more on the 
common webseite (German language only).

New advertising partner

We have supported the "Amiga plus" magazine for a long time with our 
adverts. Since the Amiga plus is not available any more, we have been 
looking for a new magazine with the same high quality of articles. 
What we found is the Austrian magazine Lotek 64: It's made by 
enthusiastic hobbyists, and stands any comparison with high-standard 
professional journals. You can either read the magazine online for 
free, or you can make a donation and have the mag sent to you in 
printed form. The magazine is in German language only.

For the current december-issue we want to point out an article by 
Dr. Rainer Buchty, which deals with the technology of the C64-DTV2. 
The Commodore 64 in a joystick is also known as "PAL-DTV", and is 
derived from the C-One. However, individual Computers was not involved 
in the DTV project, so our high production standards were not applied. 
The article describes how you can correct the low (nearly unreadable) 
colour contrast with a little skill and a soldering iron.

              B E T A   T E S T E R S   W A N T E D ! 

31 December, 2005 

Screenshots of the current version:

The first step towards the new 3D map has been made! Tales of Tamar
can now run at a higher resolution and give the project a whole new
look, thanks to a new GUI and handling.
Instead of the old 640x480, the program can now run in 1024x768 in 16,
24 or 32 bit.

Rewriting took over three months and we hit the boundaries of the
different Amiga models several times. Bugs in the graphics drivers,
lacking performance and missing features like actual double-buffering,
just to mention a few.

But now it is done, and we are proud to present this pearl to a wider
audience. As always, we release these new features on the Amiga first.

The whole ToT team wishes you a Happy New Year. May the Amiga stay
with us for years to come, in one form or another.

About the project:

We are looking for 30 active beta testers to test the new features on
different Amiga systems. Testers play for free and only need to bring
enough time and motivation to find and report bugs.

In order to continue to the next step, the actual 3D map, the new and
updated client needs to be thoroughly tested to find and fix as many 
bugs as possible. We depend on the help of the community for this. 
Let's build a solid foundation for the ongoing development of the 
client for the Amiga!

The features:

- 640*480/8bit and 1024*768/16/24/32 bit support
- OS4 support
- MOS support
- Amithlon support
- UAE support
- PPC support
- CD, Paula & AHI support
- animated weapons, armor, goods and buildings in 8/16/24/32 bit
- figure animation in 8/16/24/32 bit
- more than 30 screens
- massively multiplayer strategy via email or TCP/IP
- multiple language support
- multi platform (Amiga, PC, Mac, Linux, Browser, Java)
- online chat
- 8 minute animated intro

Here are the new screenshots:

Your ToT team

Tales of Tamar is a turn based, massively multiplayer strategy game
similar to Kaiser or Civilization and is being developed by Eternity.

{No URL was provided with this information other than the ones shown 
in the story. You can perhaps contact the company at 

     M E D I A T O R   P C I   B U S B O A R D   U P D A T E 

28 December, 2005 

*The Mediator UP 3.10 update for Mediator PCI busboards
<> has been released. The
update is free of charge for all registered Mediator users.*

The update includes new versions of:
* pci.library
* Voodoo.card
* Virge.card
* MedConfig


pci.library ver. 6.5
- many internal changes

Voodoo.card ver. 4.26
- the first common Voodoo.card version for MM CD and no-MM CD users
- support for hardware de-interlacing in overlay added
- VodooGuide Italian translation by Arturo Franzin

Virge.card ver. 1.8
- support for Mediator PCI 1200LT and LT4 added

MedConfig ver. 1.4
- bug fixes
- French localisation by Philippe Bovier

Info on current versions is available in the DOWNLOADS Mediator
<> section.
The current list of supported PCI cards is available in the *Mediator
Driver Guide* <>.
The info about Mediator-related sources you will find in the 
<> section.

      T U N E N E T   A U D I O   P L A Y E R   F O R   O S 4 

24 December, 2005 

*TuneNet V0.70a (Audio Player) has been released for OS4, highlights

* Playlist editing / sorting and searching.
* Seekable Song Position.
* Full Skinable Docky Interface.*

Special thanks goes to Russell Glover for the docky graphics, fonts,
animations, testing and feedback!

Enjoy this release - 
Available at
or the TuneNet site 

           W H D L O A D   H A S   N E W   V E R S I O N  

20 December, 2005 

 WHDLoad is the AmigaOS Harddisk-Install package. WHDLoad makes it 
possible to install many demos and games, which were originally 
designed to run only from floppy disks, to your harddisk.

*The new version is available at this URL:

Registered users should have no problems with the new updates.

The release notes are as follows....

*** 16.5 (15.12.2005)

- new: check for CyberGraphX/56KHZAUDIO added (David Roeskamm)

- new: commands PL_ORB/W/L added for patch lists (Psygore)

- chg: if XPK decompression fails during preload WHDLoad shows the
missing sublib name too

- fix: kickemu correctly updates IO_ACTUAL on trackdisk accesses 

- chg: russian translation reworked (Manbiker)

- new: display promotion added to kick31emu, with that WHDLoad options
DblPAL and DblNTSC become working in conjunction with installed
games using kick31 emulation and supporting it

- fix: stackcheck modified to avoid complaining if first long word of
stack is trashed (e.g. when using WarpOS-XPK-Sublib and running
from Workbench)

- chg: bubble help for bplcon* registers added to WHDLoadGCI

- fix: improved startup code for kickemu and _bootdos in kick13.asm

- fix: disassembler for negative absolut word addressing fixed 

- chg: improved error messages on resload_Patch(Seg)

- new: slovak translation added, thanks to Jan Zahurancik and Martin 

- new: ukrain translation added, thanks to Andrey Molchanov

- chg: improvement on resload_ProtectSMC, instructions modifying the 
sr no longer break the SMC check, autodocs fixed, disabling trace is
no longer required with SMC check (JOTD)

- chg: text explanation added to register dump for attnflags and 

- chg: Snoop on 68060 now allows change of bit #6/7 of ciaa.ddra which
is used on accessing/detecting joypad

- new: if WHDLoad is started without an slave argument from the CLI it
shows a short help for all options and some raw key codes

- chg: improved speed on preload for resload_Examine, now uses 
dos.ExAll and memory pools (when running on v39+)

- chg: kick31emu got a new option called JOYPADEMU, formerly included 
in INIT_LOWLEVEL now separated to support GetLanguage without joypad
emulation, also the joypademu has been improved, now the keys
used are user configurable using the Custom option

- chg: options ExecuteStartup and ExecuteCleanup are now local and
- chg: file PreLoad improved, uses now dos.ExAll, memory pools (if
running under v39+ and more than 4MB free fast available),
asynchronous decrunching of XPK files

- new: supports also the kickstart images supplied with Cloantos Amiga
Forever CDs, kick130.rom or amiga-os-130.rom must be renamed to
kick34005.A500, kick310.rom or amiga-os-310.rom renamed to
kick40068.A4000, images together with the rom.key must be
installed under DEVS:Kickstarts, some older installs require a
kick40068.A1200 image these installs wont run with Cloantos roms

- new: norwegian translation added which is not complete but better 
than none, thanks to Herman Andresen

      D E S E R T   R A C I N G   G A M E   A N N O U N C E D 

20 December, 2005 

*Today we release the new APC&TCP-Game Desert Racing.

A Demo version (over 200 MB) from the game found you on the next 
CoverCD (58) from the Amiga Future and on the Info/Update/Demo CD from 

With Desert Racing of Bardos we'll show you a racing game that you 
have never seen on the Amiga before. Use different components for your 
car depending on your money, drive through amazing animated landscapes 
and bring your AGA Amiga to boil. In the single or multiplayer modes 
you'll not only have the possibilty of tuning the performance but also 
other things...

We take the meaning of tuning very strict because the you will need 
the different weapon systems to succeed in the dirty desert races.

To get into the pleasure of Desert Racing of Bardos your Amiga has to 
be equipped with an AGA chipset or a graphicsboard. A 68030/25 is 
minimum. 1,5MB ChipRAM and 28MB FastRAM are the requirements but more 
is always better.

Get Desert Racing of Bardos and experience an exiting arcade racing 
game without getting envious of the PC world....

System requirements:

Minimum: Amiga with AGA or graphicsboard, 68030 CPU, 2MB of ChipRAM 
and 32MB of FastRAM, harddrive, CD-ROM drive A better CPU is 

            A M I K I T   1 . 0 . 3   A V A I L A B L E 

24 December, 2005 

AmiKit is the compilation of the best Amiga (free/shareware) programs 
around. To be brief, AmiKit is all you need if you want to experience 
a high-end Classic Amiga system. It contains many expansions and 
add-ons (more than 20.000 files are included in AmiKit!) that turn the 
default AmigaOS installation into a completely renewed and fresh 
environment. This pre-configured package is designed for immediate 
use. Moreover, it contains an exciting surprise for the whole Amiga 
community, see the features!        


The most exciting feature of AmiKit is:

* Directory Opus Magellan II v5.82*

used as a Workbench replacement!!! This commercial software has never
been freely released to the public before. If you do not know anything
about this excellent piece of software, you should check it out NOW!
You're going to love it. Here are few words from Andreas Loong
(GuruMeditation <>), who has kindly given
permission to use DOpus Magellan II in the AmiKit project: "We 
acquired the full rights to Dopus Magellan late 2004. We've agreed to 
include the trial version on this distribution to let people have a go 
and tinker with it as much as they like. We're closing in on a new 
release, updated with various features that will come towards the end 
of 2005. If you find the version here worth your time, I hope you will 
check out the version we're making for AmigaOS 4!"

Next exclusive features of AmiKit:

* AmiStart* (v0.66)  Darius Brewka has created a special version for 

* GlobalTrash* (v1.5a1)  Oliver Blumert has created an exclusive 
AmiKit preview version

* ReqChange* (v3.15)  Magnus Holmgren has created a free keyfile for 

* ShowAmiga96* (v2.3d)  Heiko Mueller has created a special version 
for AmiKit

* FullPalette* (v40.23)  Massimo Tantignone has sent me his updated 

Even more features:

* KensIcons*  complete set of icons, some painted exclusively for
AmiKit by Ken Lester!

* KensOS4*  two visual themes exclusively created for AmiKit by Ken 

* microgolded*  the best text Amiga editor around has been licensed
<microgolded.htm> for AmiKit!

* MorpheuZ*  tool that allows you to easily change the design of 
system windows in AmiKit!

AmiKit Launcher - easy to use graphical user interface created by 
Rex Schilasky

Other major features:

      *User-friendly interface* that helps you to manage all your 
      files in an easy way!
      *Internet browsing, mailing, chatting and downloading* using
      various programs like AWeb, IBrowse, YAM, SimpleMail, AmIRC,
      AmiTradeCenter, AmiGift
      *Reading PDF, M$, RTF* and other document formats with the help 
      of APDF, EvenMore, Antiword
      *Manage your time and account* with the help of Daywatch and
      *Music software, net streaming, MP3 creating and sample editing
      software* like AmigaAMP, AmiNetRadio, EaglePlayer,
      SymphoniePlayer, LAME, TheMPegEncGUI, SampleEditor
      *Displaying (even in thumbnails) and editing pictures* with the
      help of PicShow, Thumb, MysticView, FroggerNG, PerfectPaint Or
      enjoy the fractal world through ZoneXplorer!
      *Easy handling of archives.* They are opened like every other
      drawer. Or some external programs could be used instead 
      (VooDoo-X, MUIUnArc, XPKatana)
      *Massive FTP support* through OpusFTP module. It has a full GUI
      for the Address Book and operational parameters.
      *Software for burning and copying the CDs* (MakeCD), for 
      mounting       virtual CDs (VirtualCD).
      You can make your AmiKit password protected. Just don't forget
      your password ;-)
      *Pre-configured recognition and processing of many file formats*
      (through the DOpus filetypes)
      *Various system tools* like SysInspector, SnoopDos, Q-Device,
      *Antivirus software* effectively checks the system files, memory
      and archives for viruses.
      *Emulation software* like ASp for retro ZX gaming
      *Great taskbar software:* AmiStart (for those who do not like 
      the taskbars on Amiga, simply remove AmiStart from WBStartup. 
      Most advanced Amiga recycle bin software: GlobalTrash
      *Visual enchancers and system enchancers* like VisualPrefs,
      Birdie, TitleShadow, BoingBall, MagicMenu, MCP
      *Warp3D compatibility* thanks to QuarkTex software
      Adjust PC keyboard to your Amiga needs with the help of 
      MMKeyboard software solution!
      Yes, some games are included as well ;-)


      A PC computer, a rather fast one. At least 256MB of RAM is 
recommended (otherwise decrease the RAM size in WinUAE config). AmiKit 
was created on AthlonXP 2500+ where the boot process of AmiKit takes 
about 12 seconds (or 10 seconds more with unregistered Directory Opus 
Magellan II, see limitations). I've also tried an AthlonXP 1800 and 
the speed of AmiKit was still acceptable.
      Gfx card capable of displaying 32bit screenmodes.

PC software:

      WinUAE, the Windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator. Version 
1.1.1 is already included in AmiKit package, however if a newer 
version is found in your system, AmiKit will automatically use it.

Amiga software:

      The source of AmigaOS3.x system files. AmiKit installation 
archive DOES NOT contain any copyrighted Amiga system files because 
AmigaOS3.x is still available (fortunately!). These system files will 
be copied from the original CD to AmiKit during the installation 
procedure. Come on, support the Amiga and buy the CD, if you haven't 
done so yet!
      AmigaOS ROM file (v3.1). You can obtain this from your real 
Amiga with the help of ROM ripper/grabber software (see Aminet). 
Another possibility is to buy the Amiga Forever package which includes 
the ROM file.

          A M I P O D D E R   N O W   D O E S   V I D E O 

10-Dec-2005 15:31:43

Video podcasts come to the Amiga with AmiPodder 1.4! With the release 
of iTunes 6 and the new iPod video many podcasters are including video 
clips in their podcast feeds. AmiPodder now recognises video episodes 
and can play them back in the video player of your choice (MPlayer and 
Frogger have been tested, not all video podcasts will play on Amiga 
players due to the codecs used). If you have a portable device capable 
of playing video, AmiPodder can sync the movies to it too.

Also in version 1.4 are a number of improvements and bug fixes 

* Option to prompt for the sync directory making it easier to use 
AmiPodder with multiple portable players or players using removeable 
media cards.

* New status of "Played", so if you use AmiPodder as a "jukebox" you 
can see what podcasts you've already listened to.

* File name length limitation, handy if your Amiga filesystem or music 
player only accepts short filenames.

* Many more changes.

AmiPodder 1.4 is freeware and runs on OS 3.x, OS 4 and MorphOS.

Download the new version from:

     O N Y X S O F T   R E L E A S E S   F I V E   U P D A T E S

17 December, 2005 

OnyxSoft is releasing five software updates so you have something to 
play with over Christmas! {Or thereafter. Brad}

(Our homepage will be updated in a few days. All files are current 
though even if the download page says otherwise.)

Updated programs
Annotate v2.3 - (OS4) A very comprehensive text editor with a lot of 
functions. These are the major updates: ReAction, UTF-8, Tab chars, a 
lot of new config options, new and fixed hotkeys.

8SVXtoXXX v1.4 - (68k) Converter for IFF-8SVX samples to various audio 
formats. Fixed reading of some files which could have crashes 
8SVXtoXXX. Added CLI support.

BackUp v1.44 - (68k) Backup program that mirrors a directory 
structure. BackUp no longer creates empty directories for dirs in the 
skiplist. Better CLI support. Fixed a possible crash when pausing a 
backup process.

MPlayer-GUI v1.32 - (OS4) GUI for MPlayer. Added p96_vmem and 
cgx_vmem_scale video modes and the new SIL devices to VCD/DVD 

DigiConverter v1.2 - (68k) Developer tool to convert between decimal, 
bex, binary, float and ASCII. Added buttons for copy and paste and 
made a few fixes.

        A M I G A S Y S 3   F O R   W I N U A E   U S E R S 

28-Dec-2005 22:04:22 (360 reads)

*Few days late, but AmigaSYS3 has been released on 28th December, 
aftersome hard months of work!*

- Amiga OS 3.0/3.1 support.
- Amiga OS 3.9 ( Amiga Forever 5/6/2005/OE , AmigaOs 3.9 , Amiga OSXL)
- A lot of new fix, programs , features , scripts, ideas.
- 5 fantastic Themes.
- New AmigaSYS Additional pack!
- Beneath A Steel Sky AmigaSYS pack!
- And more... and more...and more info , see AmigaSYS page!
AmigaSYS is a pre-installed full Amiga OS for WinUAE, like AIAB.
For install, you need a valid KickstartROM 3.0/3.1, and the image file 
of Workbench and Extras Disk 3.0/3.1.

The new AmigaSYS 2.0 needs KickROM 3.1 and optional a valid OS 3.9 CD 
for full features. 

             F R E E P O P S   F O R   M A I L E R S    

{From the excellent site Brad}

*Description: * FreePOPs
*Download: *    freepops.lha
*Version: * 0.0.96
*Date: *    28 Dec 05
*Author: *  Various - AmigaOS4 port by Andrea Palmatè
*Submitter: *   Andrea Palmatè
*Email: *   andrea/amigasoft net
*Homepage: *
*Category: *    network/email
*License: * GPL
*Distribute: *  yes
*FileID: *  1469

FreePOPs is an easily extensible program, which allows access to the 
most varied resources through the POP3 protocol.
Mainly, it can be used to download mail from the most famous webmails, 
but it could also be used as an aggregator for RSS feeds and much 
more. This way it is possible to get all your messages in your 
favorite email client.

Look at site's manual. The program is simple to configure.

just run it (or add it to user-startup). It will bind on port 2000.
On the email client configure your account to use port 2000 and as 
server localhost (or


Look at this page: to see 
if your domain is supported.
Amiga Update on the net:
 All back issues available at:
Stop by and check out our archive! Now in our 12th publication year. 
Copyright 2005 by Brad Webb.    Freely distributable, if not modified.
                 _    __      _     <>_   __      _      
   A M I G A    /\\    |\    /||    ||   /  `    /\\      A M I G A   
  U P D A T E  /__\\   | \  / ||    ||  || ___  /__\\    U P D A T E 
              /    \\_ |  \/  ||_  _||_  \__// /    \\_  

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02.Jan.2006 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Frozen Bubble / Perl-Update
Zusammen mit einem Update der Programmiersprache Perl auf Version, welches Voraussetzung für das Spiel ist, liegt Frozen Bubble nun auch für AmigaOS 4 vor (Screenshot).

Ihre Aufgabe in diesem Puzzle Bobble-artigen Spiel ist es, verschiedenfarbige Blasen zu verschießen und mit diesen dabei gleichartige Gruppen zu bilden.

perl.tar.bz2 (12 MB)
frozen.lha (9 MB) (snx)

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02.Jan.2006 (Software-Liste)

MorphOS: Profiler PrfLib 0.2
Die MorphOS-Software PrfLib von Marcin 'Morgoth' Kurek und Krzysztof 'Tarnak' Kretus liefert eine Übersicht für mit dem GCC erzeugte Programme, welche Teile wieviel Rechenzeit benötigen und somit ggf. lohnenswerte Ziele für Optimierungen sind.

Download: prflib-0.2.tar.bz2 (94 KB) (snx)

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ANN (Webseite)

Grafikkartentreiber: CyberGraphX 4.3 RC 6
Das Grafikkartentreibersystem CyberGraphX liegt inzwischen in der Version 4.3 RC 6 vor. Das Update ermöglicht es CyberGraphX 4-Nutzern, die Treiber für die Grafikkarten CyberVision 3D, CyberVision 64 und Picasso IV auf Dual-Boot-Systemen unter MorphOS zu verwenden.

Getestet wurden die genannten Karten unter PowerUp-MorphOS 1.4.5 auf einem Amiga 4000T mit CyberstormPPC-Karte. Weitere Treiber könnten ebenfalls funktionieren.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass MorphOS 1.4.5 eine fehlerhafte Version der Datei hal.com1 enthält, welche bei CyberVision 3D-Karten im Zorro III-Modus Probleme bereitet. Sollten Sie eine solche Karte mit MorphOS verwenden wollen, ersetzen Sie bitte die genannte Datei im Verzeichnis "roms" durch die neuere Version. Dieser Dateiaustausch ist jedoch ausdrücklich nur dann erforderlich, wenn Sie eine CyberVision 3D unter MorphOS 1.4.5 benutzen wollen.

cgxv42_rc6.lha (506 KB)
mos_hal_cv3dfix.lha (34 KB) (snx)

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Aminet-Uploads bis 01.01.2006
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Aminet-Uploads:
freepops.lha                comm/mail   1.3M  OS4  FreePOPs
A71Mail.lha                 comm/www     19K  GEN  Email Form multilanguage written in php
A71Mail_example.jpg         comm/www     32K  GEN  Email Form multilanguage written in php
My_Age.lha                  comm/www      3K  GEN  Update magically your age on your web pa
YAT.lha                     comm/yam    542K  GEN  Yet Another heap of Taglines for YAM
Antimagi.adz                demo/disk   428K  OS3  Crack And Roll Demodisk  demo/file   794K  OS3  Atomic Team - Demo And Intro Collection 
Blitz2_Guide.lha            dev/basic   645K  GEN  Blitz Basic 2.1 manual in guide format+s
Annotate.lha                dev/cross    49K  OS3  Comments/reformats DASMX 2650 cross-dis
nano.lha                    dev/lang    234K  OS3  New virtual machine, assembler like lang
libSGE_mos.lha              dev/misc    346K  MOS  SDL Graphics Extension (binary only dist
ode_mos.lha                 dev/misc    340K  MOS  Open Dynamics Engine for MorphOS
eggchess_mos.lha            game/think  362K  MOS  Play chess with eggs
Marryampic2.lha             game/think  299K  MOS  CardSet game with sound-pairs (MorphOS)
Amilineate_V1.2.lha         gfx/conv    888K  OS3  easy GUI for autotrace
drawstudio_fr.lha           gfx/edit     10K  GEN  french translation for drawstudio
jhead_os4.lha               gfx/misc    146K  OS4  View, modify and delete Exif data from J          gfx/show     84K  GEN  skins for DvPlayer         gfx/show     27K  GEN  skins for DvPlayer
EpsonColor_v40.lha          hard/drivr   46K  OS3  Epson Stylus Color Driver for WB V40.28
Epson_400.lha               hard/drivr   26K  OS3  Epson Stylus 400/440/460/480 Driver for 
Epson_Color.lha             hard/drivr   37K  OS3  24 bit Epson Stylus Driver for WB V44.02
HP_Deskjet400C.lha          hard/drivr   49K  OS3  Deskjet 400C/L Driver for WB 40.17
HP_Deskjet600C.lha          hard/drivr   51K  OS3  Deskjet 600C Driver for WB V40.17
HP_Deskjet670C.lha          hard/drivr   28K  OS3  Deskjet 670C/680C/690C Driver V40.32
HP_Deskjet870C.lha          hard/drivr   27K  OS3  Deskjet 8x0C Driver for WB V40.23
HP_Deskjet900C.lha          hard/drivr   25K  OS3  Deskjet 9x0C Driver for WB V40.14
ATA_harddrive_light.lha     hard/hack    48K  GEN  A very simple Harddrive-light for ATA-dr
dosbox.lha                  misc/emu    1.3M  OS4  MS DOS emulator
organ_01d_wos.lha           mus/midi     90K  WUP  Organ plugin for HD-Rec
ahxplay.lha                 mus/play     92K  MOS  AHX player library for MorphOS with SDK 
SimpleSamples.lha           mus/play     45K  OS3  Little musical toy for all the AMIGAs
tunenet-expensive.lha       mus/play    149K  GEN  Another Skin for TuneNet v0.7+
fond1_os4.jpg               pix/back    494K  GEN  backdrop pic
Fond2_os4.0.jpg             pix/back    530K  GEN  pic background
Fond3_os4.0.jpg             pix/back    514K  GEN  pic background         pix/theme    24K  GEN  Skin Blue2  for OS4 Audio mixer
sloth.lha                   pix/theme    27K  GEN  Sloth theme for VisualPrefs
Iceland10.jpg               pix/views   137K  GEN  Waterfall in Iceland
Iceland11.jpg               pix/views   114K  GEN  Waterfall in Iceland
Iceland9.jpg                pix/views   107K  GEN  Waterfall in Iceland
OneLine_MUI.lha             text/misc   201K  OS3  Text parser, CR-LF-TAB + GhostScript850 
cdid2cdlist.lha             util/conv     5K  OS3  Creates a cdlist from cdid files
BlowfishV0.1.lha            util/crypt   61K  MOS  Encrypt / decrypt your data
DiskMaster_locale.lha       util/dir     46K  GEN  Translation package for DiskMaster2
TheMaestrix.lha             util/libs    16K  OS3  The Maestix: Reloaded! Using AHI.
ttengine-68k.lha            util/libs   420K  OS3  TrueType text rendering engine (v 7.2)
eflashutil.lha              util/misc    29K  OS3  GUI for eFlasher (utility for eFlash 400
tunenet-docky.lha           util/wb       8K  OS4  amipal's TuneNet Docky

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02.Jan.2006 Uploads bis 01.01.2006
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Uploads bei
amipal-mi.lha          gra/ico    1Mb  amipals music icons
warpview.lha           gra/vie   36kb  A fast Image Viewer using Warp3D
libfreetype2.lha       lib/mis  809kb  Freetype2
yaps.lha               uti/har  171kb  YAPS - Yet Another PCI Scan program
perl-src.tar.bz2       dev/lan   15Mb  Perl 5.8.5 AmigaOS4 src
perl.tar.bz2           dev/lan   11Mb  Perl 5.8.5 AmigaOS4
jhead.lha              gra/mis  145kb  View, modify and delete Exif data from J
tunenet-expensive.lha  aud/pla  148kb  Another Skin for TuneNet v0.7+
dosbox.lha             emu/com    1Mb  MS DOS emulator
freepops.lha           net/ema    1Mb  FreePOPs    aud/mis   24kb  Skin Blue2  for OS4 Audio mixer
tunenet-docky.lha      aud/pla    8kb  amipal's TuneNet Docky     vid/pla   83kb  skins for DvPlayer

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AROS-Archives: Uploads bis 01.01.2006
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Uploads bei aros-archives:  gam/puz   28kb  Sort the bricks with any motive        gam/puz   28kb  Source code for puzzle game

[Meldung: 02. Jan. 2006, 00:20] [Kommentare: 12 - 05. Jan. 2006, 17:06]
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David Brunet (ANF)

Neue Artikel auf der Obligement-Webseite (französisch)
Das Obligement-Team wünscht alles Gute für das Jahr 2006. In den letzten zwei Monaten wurden folgende Artikel auf der Webseite des französischen Amiga- und MorphOS-Magazins bereitgestellt:
  • Amiga and MorphOS news of november/december 2005
  • Interview with Andrea Palmaté (AmigaOS 4 developer)
  • Review of AmiKit
  • Tutorial: installation of Linux/Debian on Pegasos 1 and 2
  • Tutorial: installation of Linux/Yellow Dog on Pegasos 2
  • Tutorial: installation of Linux/Crux on Pegasos 2
  • Tutorial: installation of Linux/Suse on Pegasos 2
  • Tutorial: installation of PegXMac on Pegasos 2 (update)
  • Tutorial: installation of MorphOS on Classic Amiga
  • Tutorial: TVPaint - creation of gems
  • Article about spams (update)
  • The Amiga quizz

[Meldung: 01. Jan. 2006, 18:24] [Kommentare: 1 - 01. Jan. 2006, 23:28]
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Christian Rosentreter (ANF)

MorphOS: PowerTerm.mcc 50.60
Direkt vom Südpol sendet Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek ein Update der MUI-Klasse PowerTerm.mcc für MUICON/SSHCON.

Das Archiv ist unter dem Titellink verfügbar. Darüber hinaus kündigt der Autor Versionen von PowerTerm sowie anschließend MUICON auch für Mac OS X an.

Changes since the previous release (50.55):
  • 50.56: Huge changes in the class' structure. Adapted large parts of the terminal emulation to work on Mac OS X. Tweaked to use libmosutil (os-independant tags/pools support lib)
  • 50.57: Added ESC[Z, ESC[I, fixed the table stops generator, reworked vt_nexttabstop to move the cursor and handle forward wrap, implemented vt_prevtabstop. More work on the ATSUI rendering engine for OSX. Implemented vta_renderline, vta_renderlinepart, vta_refresh, vta_render
  • 50.58: Fixed tabs (tab forward should not wrap!), impelemented scroll left/right escape sequences (ESC[ P, ESC[ @), fixed vt_getesccode not to get confused by the @ code
  • 50.59: Added an OSX PowerTermScroll class, the OSX port can handle a NSScroller object now. A lot of work in the ATSUI renderer, enabled font matching to allow all possible unicode characters, write method, some work on delayed refreshing. More rendering code - added marking display, finished most of the render sections
  • 50.60: OSX vt_scrollto, vt_postwrite and companions, Cocoa PTerm begins to get functional

[Meldung: 01. Jan. 2006, 14:56] [Kommentare: 6 - 01. Jan. 2006, 16:45]
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