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12.-14.10.18 • 19th Amiga-Meeting Nord • Neumünster (Germany)
10.-11.11.18 • RETROpulsiv 12.0 • Augsburg (Germany)
15.-17.02.19 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Sunday, 16. Dec. 2001Comments / Date
AmigaDE: VP Starter code0
Fair: ADUG-Stand planned at the IT COMDEX in Sydney0
WWW: SiteWay-Bundle "Web-Tools" V1.010
Aminet: New Interface0
CCC: 18. Chaos Communication Congress0
Amiga Arena: CLMV V2.1" Full Version0
Audio: AudioCutter Cinema V1.1, 3D-Chat0
MP3: mp3Play V2.010
CDTV: "C= CDTV Information Center" 1 year old0
 Saturday, 15. Dec. 2001 poll: Which hardware broke last?0
Magazin: Obligement 30 is now out (Special 5 years birthday issue!)0
Datatypes: new akPNG, JFIF, TIFF and NAIL datatypes V44.1310
Call: vote for setting up of comp.sys.amiga.morphos as newsgroup0
Eyetech site hacked0
Netscape for AmigaDE in the works0
Amiga Arena: Full version of 'Bürgermeister V2.78'0
Bernhard Wörner: new website0
Textviewer: new plugin for EvenMore version 0.590
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 14.12.2001)0
Individual Computers: New xsurfadsl.device and appp.device0
Printer drivers: Turboprint version 7.21 beta0
Registration site for Pegasos developer system online0
 Friday, 14. Dec. 2001 
Repulse sound cards: price reduction0
AmigaTalk V1.8 (Update)0
Hyperion: Ben Yoris no longer PR manager0
 Thursday, 13. Dec. 2001 
Amiga Arena: Interview with Emanuele Cesaroni (PuzzleBOBS)0
NAG: AmigaOS XL Review0
GRex IRC Channel closed for the time being0
CCC: 18. Chaos Communication Congress, Berlin - 27./29. December 20010
Programming language: AmiBlitz Version 2.21216. Dec. 19:04
Sample Editor: SoundFX - Status of V4.20
 Wednesday, 12. Dec. 2001 
AmTALK II Version 2.30
Game ports by SixK basing on the SDL Library0
Magazine: AIO collecting Christmas greetings for next issue0
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 10.12.2001)0
MPEG-Player: Frogger Version 1.670
Emulator: Bochs version 1.3 for AmigaOS / MorphOS0
Interface card SER/PAR: Delivery date for VarIO0
 Tuesday, 11. Dec. 2001 
Event: Amiga Expo call for exhibitors and usergroups0
Amiga Inc.: AmigaDE Shop - Christmas Special0
AmigaOS XL/Amithlon Poll about Graphic and Network Cards0
Financial Software: Bonds Version 1.84 - corrected version available0
The Legacy: Games museum updated about 800 game infos0
Library: SDL V1.2.3 Beta for StormC 4 and SDL Mixer V1.2.00
neo Award: Countdown running - currently position #180
Amiga Arena: "Siegfried Software" Projects0
Handheld: Intent for Sharp SL5000D0
 Monday, 10. Dec. 2001 
AmigaOS 3.9: More locale files0
Journal File System "JFS" von IBM für Linux-APUS (PPC)0
Invoicing: MT-Rechnung III Version 1.110
Famous Amiga Uses0
Music: AMIGA-hymn by MAGIC WAVE0
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