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27.-29.07.18 • Geit@Home #2/2018 • Hörstel (Germany)
28.07.18 • Summer party of the ACH • Hamburg (Germany)
12.-14.10.18 • 19th Amiga-Meeting Nord • Neumünster (Germany)

 Thursday, 25. Oct. 2001Comments / Date
Survey: Which system do you want to use 2002?0
Tool: ReqAttack Version 1.930
Database: MySQL version 4.0.0 for 68040 CPU0
Amiga Inc.: Amiga announces first release of its AmigaDE Player0
Video editing: New effect movies by Motionstudio0
 Wednesday, 24. Oct. 2001 
Society Updates0
AmigaRealm: Call for support of Amiga.org0
AMIGA-Magazine: Extracts from issue #11 online0
GetBoinged! an Amiga application listings website goes live!0
Software Update for Catweasel Floppy Controller0
H&P: Upgrade: ImageFX 4.5 is now available0
Golem: Slashdot interviewed: "Trying the impossible"0 EU wants computer-programs under protection by patent this year0
Eternity: AmigaOS XL-demonstrating system in shop0
Mick Tinker takes leave of Amiga market528. Oct. 11:16
 Tuesday, 23. Oct. 2001 
Update of the project Crashsite website0
Emulation: New version of Amigenerator released0
Digital Almanac III - Amithlon0
Game: Tales of Tamar - Amiga Version 0.38R30
H&P: AmigaXL: Selling since October 18th0
Amiga Arena: Interview with Carl Svensson (mp3Play)0 in the 'Book of the 6,000 Most Important Websites'0
Fr3dY's Amiga Web Page: Anubis and xlHtml Update0
OSNews: Interview with Carl Sassenrath about REBOL (Update)0
MPEG-Audio-Player: MAD for 68040 and MorphOS0
Pagan Games: New game for AmigaDE - BLOBULA0
Image processing: SView ImageFX Loader Update0
Event: Ottawa Amiga Show - Changes0
Nova Design, Inc. Releases ImageFX 4.50
 Monday, 22. Oct. 2001 
Amiga Exotica Update0
Installer: New packages for WHDLoad0
John Chandler: AROS: Native AmigaOS For Your PC0
Game: Payback Update 5, new demo and map-update0
H&P won't leave the Amiga market0
AmigaPage News - New pictures and fair movies0
New pictures of the Pegasos mainboard with MorphOS v0.80
Webcam with VLabMotion, DracoMotion, Vlab or VLab-Parallel0
AMIGA 2001: Provisional exhibitors list0
 Sunday, 21. Oct. 2001 
amiNET.GUI: 'Message of the day' via WAP cell phone0
HTML: Preprocessor HSC V0.9190
Mailer: Simplemail mailing list on new server0
Database: MySqld V4.0.0 (Alpha)0
Emulator: WinUAE 0.8.17 R3 - private beta-test0
Aminet-CD #450
Virus Help Denmark: Antivirus poll 20010
Tales of Tamar: Videos of the LARP I, the Ankou band0
Event: Short report about the Pianeta 20010
 Saturday, 20. Oct. 2001 
CUCUG: Status Register October 20010
Updates at the Amiga-Society0
Game: new Angband compiles for Amiga0
Inutilis news: OctaMED plug-in for Inga0
CyberGraphX v4.2 pre11 released0
amiga-topcool is back0
Full text Aminet search engine in alpha test0
Event: World of Amiga South East0
Takeover of the CD³²Outside successful!0
Amiga Arena: AmiATLAS special price0
CybergraphX V4.3 beta for G-Rex0
Datatypes: new versions by Oliver Roberts0
 Friday, 19. Oct. 2001 
Print magazine: Amiga Active Magazine Announces Major Changes0
Zeoneo website launched0
New downloads at the NARR site0
4,000,000th visitor :-)0 - Your NEW source for Amiga information0
Sharp announces developer version of their SL5000 PDA for November0
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 Latest Top-News
Graphics board: Advance order of ZZ9000 (successor of VA2000) (15. Jul.)
Operating system: MorphOS 3.11 released (06. Jul.)
Print magazine: Amiga Future, issue 133 (05. Jul.)
Print magazine: Pre-orders for "CD32 Scene Magazine" (02. Jul.)
Replacement power supply for Amiga 500, 600 and 1200 (23. Jun.)
Emulator: WinUAE 4.0.0 released (23. Jun.)
Commercial game: 'Worthy' is available (18. Jun.) long-dated login enabled again (08. Jun.) also accessable SSL encrypted (27. May.)
Dungeon crawler BOH and retro arcade game Huenison on CD (18. May.)
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