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15.-17.06.18 • 7. Alternatives Computer-Meeting • Wolfsburg (Germany)
28.07.18 • Summer party of the ACH • Hamburg (Germany)
12.-14.10.18 • 19th Amiga-Meeting Nord • Neumünster (Germany)

 Sunday, 07. Oct. 2001Comments / Date
WWW-Browser: Voyager V3.3.117 beta0 not available for some time0
Amiga Arena: AmiATLAS, Bonds0
bplan: Pegasos - 1Q020
MP3: AMPlifier V2.330
Amiga-Society: Little Book of Amiga Software, Schlachtfeld0
Alt-WoA 2001: Report about the Amithlon presentation0
 Saturday, 06. Oct. 2001 
Magazine: AMIGA aktuell 10/2001 released0
Event: Amiga 2001 - website now online0
Elbox: Warp3D running on Voodoo3, 4 and 5 in Mediator0
Michael Burkhardt: Farewell to Hof0
Instant Messenger: CIM Update for IP-NAT Version 1.04ext0
Chip: Exclusive: Radeon 8500 beats GeForce3 Ti/5000
Game: Payback PPC/W3D available0
Mailbox: Stardate-bbs temporarily not accessible via Internet0 new column0
Disk magazine: NoCover issue 91 released0
 Friday, 05. Oct. 2001 
e.p.i.c. interactive ports the Earth 2150 series to Mac and MorphOS!0
PalMooVId version 1.2 (demo) - AVI player for PalmOS0
AMPlifier V2.320
AROS News: Mirror and IRC channel0
Event: Exhibitors list of the 'World Of Amiga Southeast' Show0
Tool: Report+ Version 5.060
Game museum: TheLegacy news0
Installer: New packages for WHDLoad (up to 04.10.2001)0
Japan Amiga User group's homepage soon finished0
Bindassigns 1.2 and RealPlayerInfo 1.0 at Amigaharry corner released0
 Thursday, 04. Oct. 2001 
AmiATLAS 6 - Release planned for 15. November 2001 (Update)0
Game: dynAMIte Version 1.80
H&P: AmigaOS XL FAQ now in English, too0
Programmer for unready MUI Gnutella client wanted0
New version of Regist II released0
Elbox: PREMIERE: Fast Ethernet 100Mbps in Amiga0
Back to the Roots Amiga-News 2330
Filesystem: SFS V 1.193 (Beta)0
Commodore - Amiga: The devotee page has moved!0
 Wednesday, 03. Oct. 2001 
Elbox: Mediator PCI 4000 Quick Installation Guide0
Overview of Amiga-Groups and Clubs0
New Amiga Online Superstore now open0
Database: After a long time a new version of MUIbase published0
MotionStudio for MorphOS announced104. Oct. 14:23
Society: Hard- and Software-Updates0
Wanted: AmigaFFE-Web-Updater0
 Tuesday, 02. Oct. 2001 
Game: Tales of Tamar Amiga-Version V0.37R60
Soundcard: New Repulse Toccata-Emulation0
Newsletter: Amiga Update #010930 from Brad Webb0
Events: AmigaMeeting 2001 in Lodz (Poland)0
Virus Help Denmark: Safe v17.10
Emulator: Jagulator is open Source0
 Monday, 01. Oct. 2001 
Installer: New installers for WHDLoad0
PalMooVId Version 1.1 (Demo) - AVI-Player for PalmOS0
Personal finance: Screenshots of HomeBank 1.90
GeoWorldŽ Developer-Tool0
Datatype: WarpDTPrefs Version 44.6a0
Magazine: Amiga Information Online (AIO) #510
Eyetech Statement on AmigaOne/OS4103. Oct. 02:07
H&P answers questions about AmigaOS XL FAQ0
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Commercial game: 'Worthy' is available (18. Jun.) long-dated login enabled again (08. Jun.) also accessable SSL encrypted (27. May.)
Dungeon crawler BOH and retro arcade game Huenison on CD (18. May.)
Kickstart campaign: "Commodore - The Final Years" successfully financed (17. May.)
Hollywood-Plugin: Polybios 1.0 creates and opens PDF documents (14. May.)
AmigaKit registers several trademarks, e.g. "Amiga Kit Gotek" (10. May.)
MorphOS Software Development Kit 3.12 (29. Apr.)
Crowdfunding: History of Commodore - The Final Years (21. Apr.)
A4000: Two projects for original motherboard remakes (16. Apr.)
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