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15.-17.06.18 • 7. Alternatives Computer-Meeting • Wolfsburg (Germany)
28.07.18 • Summer party of the ACH • Hamburg (Germany)
12.-14.10.18 • 19th Amiga-Meeting Nord • Neumünster (Germany)

 Tuesday, 11. Sep. 2001Comments / Date
Event: Saku 2001 - pictures and report from Cloanto0
Emulator: Screenshots of Akiko (CD32-Emulator)0
Amiga Future: Interview with Bjorn Lynne0
e.p.i.c. interactive: Status Update0
SimpleMail Alpha 0.100
Event: Saku 2001 Displayed New Amiga Products0
New design and status update "Amiga FFE - Project"0
 Monday, 10. Sep. 2001 
Tao Group: Tao Receives $18 Million Investment0
Installer: WHDLoad - new packages0
Stephan Rupprecht: Software Updates0
Game: Worm Wars Version 6.80
ANN: new scripts0
Event: ITExpo/COMDEX Show Report0
Amiga Arena: Interview with Felix Schwarz (Innovative)0
World of Amiga south east0
Event: Amiga Fleamarket Extravaganza '010
Event: Pictures of the Sharp exhibiton at the IFA-Berlin0
 Sunday, 09. Sep. 2001 
AmigaDE: memory_profiler_0colon20
AmigaDE: shapes - Sprites with C++0
Tales of Tamar: LARP meeting, Amiga and Atari update0
Magazin: MicroMart regulary with news about the Amiga0
Virus Help Denmark: Safe V16.7, Encyclopedia extended0
 Saturday, 08. Sep. 2001 
Printer driver: Turboprint version 7.200
German SoftCinema mirror0
Amiga Arena news0
Amoralplayer v1.6 now also plays Sid songs0
Event: Pictures from ITExpo/COMDEX in Melbourne0
Tool: PlayMOD v1.8 released0
DCE: First pictures of GRex 4000 T0
WarpSNES V7.0 released0
 Friday, 07. Sep. 2001 
Photogenics nominated as "Best Graphics Software"0
Image processing: ARexx script for PerfectPaint 2.70
AROS news0
Tool: SRename V3.0.0 beta 20
World of Amiga tickets and group discount0
The Future Draws Near0
New Amiga link page planned0
 Thursday, 06. Sep. 2001 
Tool: LaunchHTML v1.00
Tao and Terraplay Announce Partnership to Advance Real-Time Entertainment0
AudioLabs: Update pack for ALPS realtime plugins0
FTD: US government contra divestiture of Microsoft0
Virus Help Denmark: xvs.library v33.34 and VirusExecutor v22.210
New Linux_m68k kernel and programs for Linux APUS0
Job: US Channel Sales Manager for Idruna Software (Photogenics) wanted0
New Repulse sound card drivers0
Event: First pictures from the ITExpo/COMDEX in Melbourne0
Event: AmiLIVE! IV in Sao Paulo on 16. September 20010 Demo Competition'010
Tools: Printmanager V39.33 and EnvHandler V1.120
Editor: EDWord Version 6.01 now freeware0
Golem: Free PowerVR SDK for Kyro and Kyro II available0
AmiBench will be four years old soon0
French User List: Annuaire Amiga Francophone0
 Wednesday, 05. Sep. 2001 
Tool: Search v1.2 published0
Elbox: From tomorrow Multimedia CD on the market0
Amiga Security Page: DDOS with the Amiga?0
Developing-Tool: CVS 1.11.1p1 AmigaOS-Port bugfix-release0
Stiftung Warentest: Internet-searchengines: Google hits best0
Golem: Novum: Motorola connects silicon with group semiconductors0
Music: Markus Holler - New pictures of his studio0
DeTeMedien retracts dissuasiveness against darkpage.de0
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Dungeon crawler BOH and retro arcade game Huenison on CD (18. May.)
Kickstart campaign: "Commodore - The Final Years" successfully financed (17. May.)
Hollywood-Plugin: Polybios 1.0 creates and opens PDF documents (14. May.)
AmigaKit registers several trademarks, e.g. "Amiga Kit Gotek" (10. May.)
MorphOS Software Development Kit 3.12 (29. Apr.)
Crowdfunding: History of Commodore - The Final Years (21. Apr.)
A4000: Two projects for original motherboard remakes (16. Apr.)
MorphOS: Public beta test of new email client Iris (30. Mar.)
AmigaOS update: Further details to AmigaOS 3.1.4 (29. Mar.)
MorphOS 3.10 released (25. Mar.)
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