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Amiga Future (Webseite)

AmiBlitz≥: Includes 3.2
For the Basic development environment AmiBlitz≥ updated Includes are available. These are extensions of the function libraries written in AmiBlitz.

  • Added initial alpha version of NTUI
  • Added image_Filter to the image_ext.include
  • Renamed image_GetTransparancy to image_GetOpacity
  • Bugfixes here and there
  • Converted arexx.inlcude to use AmigaOS commands only, API has changed a little
  • For compatibility, there is still an arexx_blitz.include, that is the old arexx.include
  • Added alpha verison of midimod.include
  • Improved and bugfixed strptr.include
  • Added useful.include (contains useful macros, like !_NULL)
  • Added v43+.definitions.bb2 (contains OS3.5+ stuff)
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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