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Poll: How much 68k-compatibility do you expect of a x86-AmigaOS?
Under the title link hast started a poll which is written in German. Giving you the possibility to take part as well here is the English translation of the poll:

Question: How much 68k-compatibility a Amiga-like operating system at least should have got so you would buy it for 120 to 150 Euro for your x86-computer?

- No compatibility at all. The current developments for the Amiga and some ports would be sufficient.
- A simple possibility to start 68k-applications with an emulator (UAE-integration) would be sufficient.
- I need the same 68k-compatibility as it is integrated in AmigaOS4 or MorphOS.
- I would only buy it if it works under WinUAE.
- I would never buy an operating system for x86 which is compatible to Amiga.

Thanks for your participation! (snx) (Translation: dr)

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