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Event: News from AmiWest 2014 (2nd update)
Up to and including today, in Sacramento this year's AmiWest is taking place. We have summarized the news which has been available so far.

Additional to the official announcement of the Sam460cr by ACube Systems (Foto, reported) and the takeover of by A-EON Technology, now it has been officially announced, that at the end of the year AmigaOS 4.1 "Final Edition" (update 8) are supposed to be released ( reported). So far we have not binding statements if the Final Edition, which among others summarizes the previous online updates, requires an existing licence or if it is a full version, despite the fact that the price is only 29 Euro. According to third parties, a serial number of a previously purchased version of AmigaOS 4.1 seems to be required.

Due to the fact that the Final Edition will be delivered on DVD, it is much likely that the announced version 4.2 of the operating system is even further away from a soon release: According to Hyperion's Steven Solie, it is recommended to purchase the Final Edition instead of waiting for version 4.2, because "it is not that close". For AmigaOS 4.2 again Gallium-3D-graphic as well as the support of several processor cores have been announced.

On-site the Cyrus+-boards for the AmigaOne X5000 have been presented which still are in beta test. A photograph shows its new Early-Startup menu with the common appearance of the Amiga. While Linux completely supports the computer - the game SuperTuxKart was demonstrated -, the current level of development of the version of AmigaOS according to Trevor Dickinson reminds to the early versions for the AmigaOne XE.

Currently the first expansion card for the Xorro slot of the AmigaOne X1000 and X5000 as another hardware is in development. The "Sentinel X-Logger" is supposed to record Debug output of the serial interface on a built-in SD-card.

Regarding software, it was announced, that A-EON Technology has bought the rights for the further development of the 3D-driver system Warp3D. Besides, a native GDB-debugger for AmigaOS 4 as well as an update of the Radeon driver were announced. The driver will support hardware-accelerated video output in 1080p as well as the latest graphic boards.

Additionally, the Radeon driver will be part of the new software package called Radiance Multimedia Suite. Radiance also includes Workbench Candi for hardware-supported animation of the Workbench background with the compositing-Engine, version 7.3 of Personal Paint (the update includes e.g. new brushes), Sketchblock Lite with the Fraktal-Generator, MPlayer and DvPlayer as well as videos, background pictures and pictogramms.

Further information was available about LibreOffice ( its AmigaOS-4-port currently is debugged) and the Soundtracker Octamed (a licence for a port to AmigaOS 4 was purchased).

Photographs of the event from Friday and Saturday you can find in the "Epsilon's AmigaOne X1000 Blog".

Update: (16:27, 26.10.14, snx)
On our demand, Ben Hermans (Director Legal, Hyperion Entertainment) made it clear, that actually the "Final Edition" does not require a previously purchased version of AmigaOS 4. A press release is being prepared.

2nd update: (16:57, 29.10.14, snx)
Additional photos have been published by Mike Brantley. Furthermore the leader of the AmigaOS 4 development team, Steven Solie, has stated that also owners of an AmigaOne X1000 will have to pay for the Final Edition of AmigaOS 4.1. Originally, at purchase of the computer customers were promised that AmigaOS 4.2 would be included. Besides this, mentioning of PageStream seems to have been by error of the reporter, since Steven Solie is not aware of it. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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