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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

AmigaOS 4 / MorphOS: Comic archive viewer RNOComics 1.0
Like Comicami for AmigaOS 4, RNOComics is a comic book archive viewer for MorphOS and AmigaOS 4 that can open almost any archive file, or a directory with unarchived images, and display the images in it in a GUI designed to read comics (screenshot).

  • Supports CBR, CBZ, CBT, and any other archiving format XAD supports
  • Unarchives images on the fly, no HD space or memory wasted
  • Read ahead cache for the next page
  • Can continue to the next archive file in a directory with a single command
  • Can open directories with unarchived images and work as an image viewer
  • MUI GUI with controls as buttons, menu items, and keyboard shortcuts
  • Three different layout options: fit width, single page, and double page
  • Fullscreen mode option
  • Zoom option displays comic's pages at their intended maximum resolution
  • Rotate options for portrait mode making viewing/reading easier
  • History window with front page thumbnails and page memory
  • Backwards reading options for manga comics
  • Can save and export images
  • Can create thumbnail icons for archives (MorphOS)
  • Gamma correction options
  • Drag & drop loading
  • ARexx support
RNOComics.lha (MorphOS; 2 MB)
RNOComics_OS4.lha (3 MB) (snx)

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