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Aminet-Uploads until 12.10.2019
The following archives have been added to Aminet until October 12th, 2019:
Office_Test_1.1.lha      dev/mui    557K  MOS Demo program for office.mcc
TunnelsAndTrolls.lha     game/role  18M   68k Implementation of Tunnels & T...
Runaway_AROSx86.lha      game/wb    2.3M  x86 LCD game conversion
Runaway_MOS.lha          game/wb    2.2M  MOS LCD game conversion
Runaway_OS3.lha          game/wb    2.2M  68k LCD game conversion
Runaway_OS4.lha          game/wb    2.5M  OS4 LCD game conversion
Runaway_WOS.lha          game/wb    2.5M  WOS LCD game conversion
Whack-a-Trump_AROSx86... game/wb    5.1M  x86 Whack-a-mole type game
Whack-a-Trump_MOS.lha    game/wb    5.0M  MOS Whack-a-mole type game
Whack-a-Trump_OS3.lha    game/wb    5.0M  68k Whack-a-mole type game
Whack-a-Trump_OS4.lha    game/wb    5.3M  OS4 Whack-a-mole type game
Whack-a-Trump_WOS.lha    game/wb    5.3M  WOS Whack-a-mole type game
tine.tar.gz              misc/unix  281K      A clone of ED for UNIX
HotCorner.lha            util/cdity 37K   MOS Mouse in screen corner trigge...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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