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Event: Pictures of Amiga34 in Neuss (2nd Update)
This weekend the Amiga34 is taking place in Neuss, Germany. For, Thomas Scheller has taken some pictures.

One of the most outstanding exhibits was the x64 version of MorphOS, presented on a MSI-B450M-Mortar-Titanium board with Ryzen-5-3600 processor made by AMD. Currently via PXE-Netboot is started ( reported):

Besides, there have been replica of the Amiga 500 ("Project R.E.D."), of the Amiga 2000 ("A2K Black & White Edition 2.0") and of the AGA Amiga 3000 prototype AA3000 ("AA3000+" of the Finnish developer 'Hese' [older photos])):

Other presented systems ranged from a SAGE-II system (AmigaOS was developed on a SAGE IV) to an upgraded Amiga 1000 and an AmigaOne X5000/40:

The 23 offered Vampire-V4 computer (nine others have been picked up by beta testers) was sold out within hours.

Update: (09:23, 14.10.19, snx)
In a previous version of this news-item we mistook the photos of the AA3000 with the Amiga 3000 replica ReAmiga 3000. Photos and a video of the latter you can find in our follow-up news-item instead.

2nd Update: (09:02, 18.10.19, snx):
David Brunet kindly pointed out to us that the computer shown wasn't a populated exemplar of the rare AA3000 prototypes, but the extended replica AA3000+ instead. We appologize for our mistake. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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