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AmiKit XE: Preconfigured front end AmiLion 1.3
AmiLion is a front end with wallpaper backgrounds for the Workbench distribution AmiKit XE, written in Hollywood for quickly accessing Rabbit Hole programs like Firefox, VLC or Steam as well as website links like Aminet, Wikipedia or YouTube. Besides Windows 10, the Raspberry Pi also is fully supported.

Changes of version 1.3 of the application, written by Vincent Perkins:
  • Raspberry Version Completed (Amikit XE 11.7 or Amiberry 4.1.6 or Higher)
  • LionGUI now working On RapaGUI 2.0
  • Three New Wallpapers
  • Taskbar Start Icon Added
  • Beta Version Removed Due to being part of the Main App now
  • Updated Source codes and guides
  • Free Open sourced version
  • Wallpapers Removed (Many will be made freely available on AmigaNG Website)
  • Updated Guide

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