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Michael Rupp (Mail)

Controlling Sonos speakers: SonosController 1.2 (OS3/4, MorphOS)
Well-known for his workbench simulation TAWS, Michael Rupp had released his first Amiga program at the beginning of August, which is used to control Sonos speakers: SonosController ( reported). After a first update, he has released version 1.2 today for his program written in the Hollywood programming language, which is again available for MorphOS and AmigaOS 3 and 4 (screenshots in that order):

Highlights of the new version are room grouping functionality, better handling when Sonos devices are switched on or off and localization including German, Italian and Dutch translation. Michael Rupp was able to intensively test and use the updated RapaGUI plugin during the development of the new version. Regardless of the availability of a Sonos speaker, the author is happy if users basically test the program on the different platforms and give him feedback.

Detailed changelog:
  • NEW: support for grouping and ungrouping devices. When grouped, volume and muting can either be set for the whole group or for each device individually.
  • NEW: support for devices that suddenly appear or disappear from the Sonos system, for example when turned on or off.
  • NEW: timeout for devices to respond can be configured in the Preferences. On slower Amigas it might be necessary to increase the timeout (default is 5s).
  • NEW: implemented localization
  • NEW: german catalog: feel free to use it as a template to create catalog files for other languages. Check out the following link for info on how to do it:
  • NEW: italian catalog by Samir Hawamdeh. Thanks for this!
  • NEW: dutch catalog by Dave "Skateman" Koelman. Thanks for this, too!
  • NEW: if no devices can be found by the network scan, it's now enough to add just one single device by its IP address. This one will then be queried to return all the others.
  • NEW: added a "Cancel" button to the requester that pops up if the network scan couldn't find anything (requested by Steve Harrison).
  • NEW: added a version check of reqtools.library where needed (on AmigaOS 3.x and MorphOS) when adding devices manually and letting the user know, if the version installed is not sufficient (v39 or higher is needed). After confirming with "OK", the URL of the download page on Aminet is automatically opened.
  • NEW: displaying the loading's progress when browsing the music library incl. the possibility to cancel it by pressing the [<] button.
  • NEW: button "Clear Queue" is disabled for an empty queue.
  • IMPROVED: quicker network scan because now it's enough to find one single device to connect to.
  • CHANGED: for the non-AmigaOS 3.x versions the shortcuts for "Next" / "Previous" are changed from Alt-LEFT/RIGHT back to Ctrl-LEFT/RIGHT (as it was in v1.0), because only on an Amiga keyboard the Alt key is the closest qualifier key to the cursor keys, but on keyboards used on NG-Amigas it's usually the Ctrl key.
  • FIXED: nasty networking bug that caused SonosController to freeze after a while, especially on AmigaOS 3.x.
  • FIXED: possible crash when searching something without results, searching some more and going back again.
  • FIXED: switching between "Pause" and "Play" sometimes made the button move a pixel.
  • FIXED: as long a no Sonos devices are found, all controls are now disabled by default, avoiding possible crashes.
  • FIXED: Control menu items are now disabled according to the corresponding buttons.
  • FIXED: suppressing shortcuts for "Next" and "Previous" while the search field is focused, because Ctrl/Alt-Left/Right is used to navigate inside the textentry.
  • FIXED: MUI 5 column widths in the Music Library browser listview.
  • FIXED: display of room's names with MUI 4.0
  • FIXED: replaced calls to "OpenURL" with "URLOpen" in the AmigaGuide for AmigaOS 4.x.

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