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RTG driver: P96 V3.2.3 released
At the beginning of January, Individual Computers had updated its graphics card driver P96 to version 3.2.2. Not on the official homepage, but in the support forum, Jens Schönfeld announced that he had uploaded version 3.2.3 with the following changes:
  • P96 no longer attempts to set the beamcon0 register and the vtotal register of the custom chips in case the active video mode is on an RTG board that is not in the display chain.
  • Even though bitmaps were locked, memory management could have migrated them off the board if memory was getting tight. This may have caused quite some issues on "close-to-zero" memory situations.
  • As BlitMaskBitMap was potentially allocating memory for the mask buffer, it could have migrated the bitmaps it was actually supposed to render, causing all kinds of havocs. To avoid this problem, source and target bitmap for a two-bitmap operation are now locked on the board. This is actually a very old bug that goes back to the 2.x release cycle.
  • A possible memory inconsistency in P96Mode was fixed where an incorrect memory pointer was released.
  • The Altais and RetinaBLT drivers did not record the state of the monitor switch correctly. As a result of this defect, the SetDPMS() function to enable power saving may have failed, keeping the monitor on all the time.
  • The rtg.library may have attempted to switch of the Altais display on a Draco system without ever turning it on again.
  • Fixed a very old bug on adjusting the line pattern shift upon drawing into multiple cliprects. This bug was apparently introduced while merging my own P96 version with the last official version by the authors. This bug could have introduced artefacts when drawing "marquee" effects for selecting multiple files in alternative file managers.
  • When switching buffers on a double-buffered screens, P96 forcibly reloaded the sprite image, which caused flicker on some RTG boards. This version now avoids reloading the sprite unless absolutely necessary.

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