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Workbench distribution: AmiKit XE 11.5+ for Windows/Mac/Linux
For the workbench distribution AmiKit, which is intended for emulators, an update to version 11.5 (followed by a live update to version 11.6) has been released. In addition to an emulator, AmigaOS 3.x and the Kickstart ROMs are required. Users who purchased AmiKit XE last year or this year will get the update for free. Those who purchased AmiKit XE in 2019/2020 will need a subscription to the existing AmiKit 11.4.3 to upgrade to the new version 11.5 and above.

The most important changes:
  • New software, games, updates, features and design too
  • AmiKit is now in FullHD with enhanced dark look & feel
  • It's 64bit ready now, also faster and less CPU demanding
  • All AmiStart menus have been refreshed with nicer and bigger icons
  • New state-of-the-art installation of AmigaOS - just click 'n g
  • New MorpheuZ provides better design and functionality
  • Enhanced Startup-Sequence including Startup-Scripts for better stability
  • Newer emulation engine (WinUAE) now provides faster and even more precise job
  • Last but not least, the new AmiKit includes HUNDREDS of improvements under the hood!

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