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Chris Young

AmigaOS 4: http-handler 1.11
16 years ago the first version of the http-handler published by Chris Young was released, what reported about. The day before yesterday the developer released the "jubilee version" 1.11 (Queen Elizabeth II) which now supports AmiSSL 5. His http-handler provides a virtual drive "HTTP:" which can be used to access resources on the Internet. Features of the handler:
  • Allows access to web-hosted files via a virtual HTTP: device.
  • Also supports secure sites with AmiSSL and a virtual HTTPS: device.
  • Basic authentication supported using an addressing scheme like "http://user:pass()"
  • Supports Open(), Read(), Close() and Seek().
  • Implements HTTP redirects (301,302,307) as soft-links - even works with redirects that point to local files.
  • Optionally supports gzip content-encoding for faster download times, if z.library is installed.
  • Will work through a proxy server.
  • Can connect to HTTP services running on ports other than the default.
4Shortly after the release of the first version, the developer had conducted a survey on WebDAV support. Based on the positive feedback, he started implementing it, which originally resulted in version 2 - which he initially abandoned at the time - and later 3. However, as he tells us, he lost support for the other protocols in these versions, which is why a WebDAV beta version 6 was released, which is available on Open Amiga. (dr)

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