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Programming language: AmiBlitz 3.9.3
At the end of March the new major version 3.9.0 of the programming language AmiBlitz was released. Yesterday a third update with bug fixes was released with version 3.9.3. Changes:
  • fixed a bug that the current directory was not set for the executable when "Compile&Run"
  • fixed a window refresh bug on AmigaOS3.2 when window was moved out of screen
  • fixed a source corruption bug if one clicked in a non existing line (after end of source)
  • fixed a possible crash when doing copy&paste
  • fixed: togglestate of menuentry "generate debug code" was sometimes wrong
  • fixed: console window was not opened at own screen, even if the option was set
  • fixed: changes to current sourceline were forgotten if menu item was selected or user clicked somewhere in source
  • fixed a bug in "screenslib" that always tried to open "cybergraphics.library" even on Kick <3.0-systems
  • changed behaviour of "wzlib": lack of wizard.library will not crash at startup
  • therefore Amiblitz3 will not crash at startup anymore, if wizard.library is not found
  • changed: finally the full rewrite of the eventloop has been completed
  • removed file extention for displaying blitzlibs-list (Library Browser)
  • added display of decimal offset values (Definition Browser)
  • changed: PEDs messages are now displayed in source window, not at screen bar
In addition, the documentation and examples were revised:
  • updated documentation drawers
  • updated autodoc for graphics.library
  • added documentation for RndSeed-command to
  • added some lib-sources from UltimateBlitz3-distribution (internal)
  • added some code examples from original Blitz2-manual


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