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Kevin Saunders

Apollo-Team: Two other games announced
Kevin Saunders, graphic designer, artist and game designer (e.g. Boss Machine and RESHOOT PROXIMA 3) has given a taste of two games that are each being developed in collaboration with the Apollo team in two blog posts on Patreon:

Work has already begun on Apollo-X - Red Dwarf Star. The shooter, reminiscent of Xenon II in terms of gameplay style, is said to have much smoother action and better gameplay. In the included two-player mode, players will have the option to take different paths. Other features:
  • Resolution: 640 x 360
  • Colour Depth: 16bit, kann aber auf 256 Farben reduziert werden
  • 3-4 Parallax layers. (each layer having up to 256 colours but keeping that nice pixelartstyle)
  • Supports for both V4 and V2, With V4 providing extra features like stereo positioned audio, e.g. explosion sound position

In addition, work will soon begin on a remake of Mutant Monty (YouTube video of C64 version). As Kevin Saunders writes, he actually started working on the fantasy action game, originally available for 8-bit computers, back in 2001 when he had the idea to port 8bit games to the Amiga. Even though the Apollo team will start the development for the Vampire cards, he is happy to provide assets to interested developers for a conversion to AmigaOS 3. (dr)

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