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George Sokianos

Relaunch: Skin and Wallpaper archive
Amiga-Look is intended to offer the user a central point of contact for everything he needs to embellish his workbench: Pictograms, themes and background images, but also MUI settings or mouse pointers. The site was last revised in January 2010. In the last few days, George Sokianos has dedicated himself to his site again and writes about the relaunch:

"I am delighted to inform you all that in the last few days I was working on my Amiga-Look website getting a refreshing update. I was waiting for this moment for a long time. After a few years when I kept this website almost disabled, I decided to update it and refactor it completely.

Amiga-Look is one of the first websites I created back in 2007, dedicated to the Amiga community. Here you can find themes, skins, icons and much more content of artwork for our Amiga systems. The goal is to help you beautify your Workbench and also have a place where people can share their creations.

This updated version of Amiga-Look adds a lot more security for all the users, has a responsive fresh look, is super fast and works fine with our AmigaOS web browsers without making your system crawl. No content is lost and all the accounts are still there, so go ahead, log in and upload your new creations.

If in any case, your password doesn't work, try to reset it and follow the email instructions. In case you need more help, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page and get in contact.

Amiga-Look is also a no-trackers website, since no external websites, analytics and sources are used. Also, I enforced the secure connection using the SSL protocol. So, your privacy is truly respected when you visit my little site." (dr)

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