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Alinea Computer (ANF)

Two new OmniPort multiport adapters for Amiga 1200
Press release: Alinea Computer is pleased to offer two new versions of the OmniPort multiport adapter for the Amiga 1200 ( reported).

On the one hand, it is a version for the Vampire 2 accelerator and on the other hand, one for the ScanPlus Scandoubler or for the BVision graphics card.
The multiport adapters route all available interfaces of the mentioned hardware cleanly out via the expansion port of the Amiga 1200.

Vampire 2 Version

With this version, the HDMI and the network port of the Vampire 2 to the outside. The required network module is already installed on the OmniPort available. In addition, two USB ports can be connected to the outside if a USB card is available.

ScanPlus/BVision Version

With this version, the VGA port of the ScanPlus/BVision is connected to the outside In addition, two USB ports can be led to the outside if a USB card is present.

Matching cables are partly standard and partly optional present.


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