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Michael Rupp (Mail)

Book: Volume 3 of "From Vultures to Vampires" announced (update)
In a video message the former Commodore UK manager David Pleasance announced that the book "From Vultures to Vampires" ( reported), which was originally divided into two volumes, will be extended by a third volume.

As he explained, they "kept researching and researching and researching" and had gathered much more material than they ever imagined. Approximately 550 pages of information would have been collected for the years from 2005 to the present. Since they assumed that readers would not want to read only half the story, it would be best to publish a third volume, even if it meant additional costs for everyone. Volume 2 would now be printed with around 300 pages.

As David goes on to explain, he "felt guilty" and didn't like the idea of having to split the project into two volumes, since that would mean additional costs for the buyers. To thank buyers for their support, this second volume was offered for half the price of the first volume, 17.50 British Pounds (GBP). However, due to the price increase, he said he could not do this for the third volume, but could at least still offer a lower price than volume 1: 26 GBP (about 31 Euro). With packaging and postage, the total cost is as follows:
  • UK: 33.00 GBP (39 Euro)
  • EU: 36.00 GBP (42,40 Euro)
  • ROW: 39.00 (46 Euro)
Payment is made via the mail address of his PayPal account, inquiries, orders etc. please send to his cbm mail address.

Update: (28.08.2022, 06:48, dr)

David has asked to use different addresses for payment and contact. Article changed accordingly. (dr)

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