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OS4Depot uploads until 18.03.2023
The following files have been added until 18.03.2023 to OS4Depot:
seq.lha                  aud/mis 414kb 4.0 MIDI sequencer
vintagesongplayer.lha    aud/pla 2Mb   4.0 A JukeBox multiformat player
cubicide_hw.lha          dev/mis 822kb 4.0 Cubic IDE Add-on for Hollywood 10.0        dev/mis 3Mb   4.0 SDK for Hollywood 10.0
hwplayer.lha             dev/mis 10Mb  4.0 Run applets created by Hollywood            dev/mis 15kb  4.0 UltraEdit wordfile for Hollywood...
maestrixreloaded.lha     dri/aud 1Mb   4.0 Reloaded on PowerPC!
fheroes2.lha             gam/str 8Mb   4.1 Engine Heroes of Might and Magic...
videntiumpicta.lha       gra/vie 3Mb   4.0 Videntium Picta is picture viewer
sylpheed.lha             net/ema 21Mb  4.1 E-mail client for AmiCygnix with...
sylpheed-src.lha         net/ema 1Mb   4.1 Sources of Sylpheed 3.0.3 for Am...
amicygnix-base.lha       net/mis 148Mb 4.1 An Unix/X11 environment for Amig...
amicygnix-base-src.lha   net/mis 22Mb  4.1 Sources of the AmiCygnix base pa...
compression.lha          uti/mis 1Mb   4.1 A PDF generator

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