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Aminet uploads until 18.03.2023
The following files have been added until 18.03.2023 to Aminet:
CompressionOS4.lha       biz/misc   1.3M  OS4 A PDF generator
sylpheed.lha             comm/mail  21M   OS4 Sylpheed e-mail for AmiCygnix...
sylpheed-src.lha         comm/mail  1.3M      Sources of Sylpheed 3.0.3r3 (...
SteMarRegAMOSSources.lha dev/amos   398K  68k 10 AMOS sources+exes by Stefa...
CubicIDE_HW100.lha       dev/hwood  822K  68k Hollywood add-on for Cubic IDE
Hollywood_SDK.lha        dev/hwood  3.1M      Plugin development kit for Ho...
HollywoodPlayer.lha      dev/hwood  10M   ALL Player for Hollywood applets
MaestrixReloaded.lha     driver/aud 1.2M  68k The Maestrix 2: Reloaded on P...
anaiis.lha               driver/oth 232K  68k ANAIIS USB Stack Release 1.23
anaiis_boot.lha          driver/oth 232K  68k ANAIIS USB Boot disk Release ...
gimemorygame.lha         game/wb    260K  68k GI Memory Game
WhatIFF2.09.lha          mags/misc  1.5M      What IFF? #2.09-March-2023
AmiVms.lha               misc/emu   3.6M  68k Simulates OpenVMS commands
amicygnix-base.lha       misc/x11   148M  OS4 An Unix/X11 environment for A...
amicygnix-base-src.lha   misc/x11   22M       Sources of the AmiCygnix base...
ChangeExp.lha            util/misc  5K    68k Protect/Detect your emulated ...
ShowMem.lha              util/moni  15K   68k Shows memory fragmentation vi...
StartWin.lha             util/wb    105K  68k Two bugged Workbench launchbars

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