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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: E-Mail client Iris 1.17, Contacts 1.0
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek has released version 1.17 his e-mail client Iris and version 1.0 of the contact manager Contacts for MorphOS. The all new Contacts application supports synchronizing contacts from CardDav services, including Google Contacts, iCloud Contacts or any other compatible service like Runbox, Synology, etc. When set up, Iris will link the email addresses to Contacts in order to display any configured photos and other details. Contacts are also used to provide better matches when filling out addresses in To/CC/BCC fields.
Contacts will automatically be installed in the same directory as Iris when you auto-update to 1.17. Detailed changes:
  • Iris now comes with a brand new Contacts application
  • In email viewer, the gray circle with sender's initials will show his photo if you have one configured in your contacts, including remote images from Google Contacts or iCloud contacts. Clicking on the circle will bring up the contact in Contacts application or show an Add Contact window
  • Email address auto-complete will perform lookups of your contacts and prioritize the results
  • Right clicking on an email in the address string will let you open the associated contact
  • Added a workaround for broken servers that don't handle message ID messagesets correctly in IMAP FETCH command
  • Fixes in the email autocomplete string class
  • Implemented support for List-Unsubscribe MIME header
  • HTML text editor tweaks

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