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Image editor: PyDPainter 1.2.1 for Windows, Linux and macOS
The image editor PyDPainter (YouTube video) is inspired by DPaint and according to its author Mark Riale an attempt to create a usable pixel art program in Python using PyGame that can handle low resolutions and limited colour palettes and which can be as easy to use as possible ( reported). Changes of version 1.2.1:

Issues fixed
  • Frequent crashes after multiple undos
  • Add variations on the Brush tool
  • Smooth mode available in fill tools
  • Cursor rendering problem on M1 Mac
  • Coordinates indication request
  • Color change / Remap
  • Implement Tint drawmode
  • File requestor Type button disabled when it shouldn't be
  • Revert to last save
  • Broken image link in plasma tutorial

[News message: 05. Sep. 2023, 06:11] [Comments: 2 - 16. Sep. 2023, 14:45]
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