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Controlling Sonos speakers: SonosController 1.3 (AmigaOS 3/4, MorphOS)
Known for his Workbench simulation TAWS, Michael Rupp has also been working on his Amiga programme for controlling Sonos loudspeakers since 2021: SonosController ( reported). He has now released version 1.3 of his programme, written in the Hollywood 10 programming language, which is available for MorphOS and AmigaOS 3 and 4.

As the author tells us, he had taken our news item of Hollywood 10 support for Visual Studio Code as an opportunity to continue working on SonosController. Changes:
  • NEW: option to show notifications when a new track is played in any zones or, as another option, only in the currently selected zone. This uses MagicBeacon on MorphOS, Ringhio on AmigaOS 4.x and Ranchero on AmigaOS 3.x (if available).
  • NEW (AmigaOS 4.x): show an icon in AmiDock including a context menu featuring the following commands:
    • Play/Pause
    • Previous track
    • Next track
  • NEW: powerful ARexx interface, see AmigaGuide for further details
  • NEW: detect if a device needs updating and stating this in its label.
  • NEW: menuitem "Settings/Update music library now" to invoke a refresh of the Sonos music library.
  • NEW: menuitem "Project/About my Sonos system" showing information about all zones found in the connected Sonos system.
  • NEW: upgraded to Hollywood 10, hURL 2.0 and XML 2.0
  • FIXED: possible crash if album art could not be loaded
Since AmiSSL is now available for AROS, the hURL plugin is now also available for AROS. Michael Rupp is therefore now looking for an AROS user who uses Sonos and could test the SonosController for him. If you are interested, simply send an e-mail to the author. (dr)

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