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Archive 01/2003

Petra Struck

Innovation at
With the beginning of this month is Sven Drieling not anymore at our services for news and commentation as after 3½ years full of work for he now wants to attend to his own projects again. For possible problems with the scripts Sven remains, though :). Very special thanks to Sven for the work he had done.

Up to now Sven had done the Sunday news and had helped in managing the forum and the comments. Besides that he lent a helping hand in cases when I had no time. We have internally discussed several possibilities how to fill this gap respectively how to solve the problem as I really can't and don't like to give up my free Sunday.

On Sundays and public holidays only ANF news
So to take the load off all (the translators, too) a little bit we came to the conclusion that from now on there will be no news investigation and no entering of news from our side on Sundays and public holidays but only releasing news that were entered into the ANF. That means that also news that are sent to us via email will not be released until the next working day.

Help of any kind wanted
On this occasion we'd like to remember our readers that is a news site from users for users meaning we have to rely on help. Your help could be for example that you enter news that are coming across your way while surfing into the ANF or you enter a good web site you encounter into the ALD. A good help would also be the arranging of payed advertisement banners as these are the basis of the financing of

Another possibility to work actively on is the creation of articles of all kind, for example workshops, experience reports, previews, reviews, exhibition reports and everything else that could interest our readers. The help in translating is also everytime very welcome.

Further suggestions?
We are very interested to hear your suggestions how we could improve and are eagerly awaiting your hints and proposals. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Martin Kuchinka

Programming language: PowerD v0.20 alpha 4
Martin Kuchinka has today released the version 0.20 alpha 4 of the programming language 'PowerD'.

Download: alpha.lzx

What's new with this last alpha release? Well, again several bugfixed, but there is also one new executable called 'dc_68k', which is the same as 'dc' except that this executable generates the 68k only code, so it's only for ppl with older non ppc Amigas. Else it's completely the same as the 'dc' compiler.
Uploaded the TextInput.mcc modules by Miklos Nemeth. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Lars 'Ghandy' Sobiraj (ANF)

Music scene: AMP updated!
The two Amiga demo scene musicians Curt Cool and Crown have collected a very comprehensive data base for all in all 9424 musicians. Here you can download their music pieces directly, read uncounted interviews, etc. etc. All people interested in music created on the Amiga should risk a look at AMP (Amiga Music Preservation). (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Lars 'Ghandy' Sobiraj (ANF)

Scene: disc mag Jurassic Pack now with own domain!
One of the last active Amiga demo scene disc mags 'Jurassic Pack' has now an own domain. Right now is issue #12 in preparation. People who'd like to participate with an English article, a music piece or a title screen should contact the main editors as soon as possible for further details. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Lars 'Ghandy' Sobiraj (ANF)

Music group Moods welcomes the new year with four titles
The music group Moods welcomes the new year with four songs, all downloadable from the group's website. Furthermore a new MoodTant called Raztaman had recently been contracted who'll introduce in the future his works under this label. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Lars 'Ghandy' Sobiraj (ANF)

The Ascii scene is not dead!
The Amiga Ascii scene lives and lives and... ! The two scener Dipswitch and Potzkoten from Cologne have released shortly after the turn of the year the colly named Klockwerk. Shortly before that Marc Zito Oberst showed his activity with En-Sof.

Further information about this topic can be obtained from ThugLife. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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IOSPIRIT guest of Genesi at CES 2003
IOSPIRIT will attend the CES 2003 as guest of Genesi in Las Vegas (Booth #29101 in the Home Networking, IT & Wireless Pavillion). Among others, fxPAINT 2.0, fxSCAN 4.0 and VHI Studio 6.0 will be shown. Felix Schwarz will be available for questions.

At this point we also would like to thank Genesi for this great opportunity and their continued commitment.

Due to our participation at CES 2003, dispatching of postal orders is only possible after the 15th of January again. Orders for download version via credit card are not affected by this, though. Also, our availability via phone and email is very limited until 15th of January - thanks for your patience. (ps)

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Blackbirds Nest

Retrogame: Missile Command
Today the website of Blackbird celebrates its third birthday. Because of that Blackbird makes the readers a present with the retrogame 'Missile Command'.

Compared with the original version (made by Michael Rosskopf) Blackbird has added three different levels of difficulty, a title screen, a screenmode requester and many minor improvements. For instance it is now always possible to quit the game by pushing the ESC-key.

The game runs starting from a 30er processor with 2-4 MB FastRAM and graphic card. Besides this it is UAE-compatible. Under UAE you simply have to choose UAEGFX 640x480x8bit.

Download: MC.lzx (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 03. Jan. 2003, 20:44] [Comments: 2 - 28. Jun. 2003, 15:21]
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Creative Development

USB-card: First snapshots of UltraBUS
For the first time Creative Development shows a few simple snapshots of the first prototype of its USB-card which many people have already seen at ARC 2002.

You can have a look at the card here. At the second picture you can have a more detailed look at the card - you can also recognize the FlashROM as well as both extension ports.

The final layout will be clearer and possibly more compact but already right now the card makes a good impression. Creative Development is very buzy while finishing the development of the card and hopes to report further news soon. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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AND Software

Context menu: ContextSAS version 1.63
The program ContextSAS written by Andre Dörffler makes it possible to create and use context sensitive menus for AmigaOS 3.5+. The DefIcons-system is supported. With the help of a few additional tools it is possible to iconify Workbench screens and to create connections.

Today version 1.63 has been published. Some new features have been added in this version. It is now possible to show the name (=title) of the context. A new internal command has been also added. With its help it is possible to filter the content of WB-listers. Of course some bugs have been also fixed.

Download: ContextInstall163.lha (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Richard Small (phone)

The end of an era - last Aminet CD published
Because most Amiga users have direct access to the Internet now, the bimonthly Aminet CD has become somewhat redundant. As a consequence, the Aminet team has decided to stop distributing CDs. Aminet as a whole is of course not in danger of being shut down, the service offered by the web and FTP servers will remain the same.

The latest (and final) Aminet CD, no. 52 (December 2002), includes the full version of Andreas Kleinert's Superview Productivity Suite II as the highlight. SuperView II reads, writes and/or converts more than 50 graphic formats and also integrates external programs like Xpk, Ghostscipt or MetaView. In addition to converting or displaying graphics (on more than 20 supported graphic cards (via CyberGraphX, Picasso96 or special driver systems)), the program offers more than 30 different effects for picture manipulation. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 03. Jan. 2003, 13:45] [Comments: 2 - 08. Jan. 2003, 11:58]
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Idruna Software

IconDesigner for Photogenics wanted
Paul Nolan is looking for a talented icon designer who can design the toolbar of Photogenics completely new. People who are interested in this can mail to and should send some samples of former projects. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Dietmar Knoll

GAUHPIL: Many sections updated (02.01.2003)
GAUHPIL (Geographic Amiga User Home Page Internet List) is a list of websites of Amiga users which has been created by Dietmar Knoll which has been sorted considering continents and countries. Yesterday the following sections have been updated:

Additionally several history sites have been updated. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Book of budget: HomeBank version 2.1 (beta 2)
With the Shareware program called HomeBank you can manage your finances and e.g. calculate the costs of your car. There is the possibility of displaying the cost in graphical statistics. The new version 2.1 (beta2) fixes minor bugs.

Download: HomeBank21beta2.lha - 303 KB (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 03.01.2003)
With WHDLoad you can install games which were formerly only meant for playing from disk on your hard drive. The following packets have been updated or completely new added:

  • 03.01.03 new: Cracker Journal 1 (Alpha Flight) done by Wepl
  • 03.01.03 improved: XP8 (Weathermine Software) misc changes
  • 03.01.03 improved: Slam Tilt (Liquid Dezign/21st Century) support for NTSC added, memory requirement reduced
  • 03.01.03 improved: Bubba'n'Stix (Core Design) supports CD³² version
  • 03.01.03 new: Ashes Of Empire (Midnight) done by JOTD
  • 02.01.03 fixed: Knight Force (Titus) better save game support
  • 02.01.03 new: Gravity (Image Works) done by CFOU!
  • 02.01.03 new: Dimo's Quest (Infernal Bytes/Boeder Software) done by CFOU!
  • 02.01.03 new: Cardiaxx (Electronic Zoo/Team 17) done by CFOU!

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Wired: Vaporware 2002: Tech up in Smoke?
Amiga Inc. is placed nineth of the top 10 (or better spoken bottom 10) of the Vaporlist which is selected by the readers of Wired. Vaporware are here products which have been braggingly announced but until today have been not deliverd.

It follows an extract of the full list of the winners of the Vaporware award:
  1. Duke Nukem Forever
  2. Mac and Linux clients for Neverwinter Nights
  3. Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms
  4. Oqo's Ultra-Personal Computer
  5. Infogrames' Master of Orion 3
  6. NVidia's GeForce FX graphics card
  7. QuarkXPress for Macintosh OS X
  8. Ubi Soft's Shadowbane
  9. The new Amiga
  10. Silicon Film's Electronic Film System
You can find the full Wired article under the title link. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Martin Heine (ANF)

Event: Benelux Amiga & Pegasos Show 2003
As Ron van Herk of Computer City announced on, a Benelux-Amiga-Show combined with a Benelux-Pegasos-Show is planned for April 2003 in Rotterdam, Holland.

You'll find out more from (ps) (Translation: dm)

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John Chandler (Suite101)

John Chandler on Suite101: Expecting
John Chandler regularly writes Amiga-themed articles for In his latest (which may be reached by clicking on the title link) he refers to what we may expect from Amiga Inc. in 2003, or not. Chandler doesn't forgo mentioning that 2002 didn't go as expected, and he can hardly conceal his disappointment that he and many others still can't use an AmigaOne with OS4. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Eric Schwartz

Sabrina Online: Holiday Greetings
Eric Schwartz had Sabrina send you holiday greetings on your Amiga. :) (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Amiga Future

Magazine: NoCover #106
Under the title link you may reach the online version of the current issue (#106) of the magazine 'NoCover.' Between convention reports and diverse articles (for example articles on ArTKanoid,, personal responsibility and heavy metal lyrics) Wolf Zimmer has put together a colorful mixture of themes for this edition. Included are reader letters, as well as Small Talk and naturally the obligatory help-line. The Amiga Arena interviews with Andreas Falkenhahn and Thomas Schulze additionally may be read through.

Download: nocover106.lha - 1,6 MB (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Thylacine Updates

USB: New Drivers for USB Card Thylacine from 31st December, 2002
The following new drivers for the USB card Thylacine are set for download: (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Webseite von Stiftung Warentest

Foundation Stock Review: What's Changed Since 1st January, 2003 (w. Update)
In a thorough article Foundation Stock Review summarizes what has changed since the 1st of January this year. Starting with altered highway signs, progressing to the changeover from 0190 to 0900 telephone area codes, and including all the important and interesting changes.

Update of 2nd January, 2003:
In the same vein as the new 0900 phone service numbers is the following interesting Golem article: Telecommunications: New Charges for 2003.

Here is an excerpt: 0900 numbers change to the prefix of 0190 after January, 2003. After the regulatory officials partially approved the new telecommunications charges, they come into effect on the 1st of February, 2003. Along with that come reductions in urban and German charges, and increases in the monthly base fee for analog T-Net connections. Immediately after January the phone service will raise the setup charge for T-DSL. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Webseite von Jocke Sjöblom

GUI: Overview of MUI Classes Updated by Jocke Sjöblom
Jocke 'Zerohero' Sjöblom, as earlier reported, established a website on 26th December 2002, which provides readers an overview of MUI classes along with download links and directions to homepages. In the time since then the website has been updated with the very latest information. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Golem - IT News

Golem: Interview: How the Penguin Came Across the Xbox
Michael Steil and Milosch Meriac from the Xbox Linux Project interviewed:

The XBox Linux Project is the successful attempt to run the open-source operating system on Microsoft's cheap game console. spoke with both German maintainers of this enterprise, Michael Steil and Milosch Meriac, in detail about the success up until now, the posted "bounty" of 200,000 Euros, the hacker work among the team, and what still must happen in order to fully realize the Xbox as PC equipment.

Click on the title link for the Golem-Article. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Webseite von Chris Perver

Text Viewer: EvenMore Version 0.61
Chris Perver has updated his website, and published version 0.61 of the text viewer 'EvenMore.' New to this version is the capability to function as a plugin, by which the program is usable with different GUIs.

Along with that comes the necessity to completely reconfigure your settings for this version. Detailed information about all this may be found in the History. Newly added are also Portuguese and Polish speech catalogs.

Download: EvenMore.lha - 800 KB (ps) (Translation: dm)

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