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Elbox Computer (ANF)

Elbox: Dragon Coldfire busboard FAQ released
Under the title link Elbox has released a FAQ about the Dragon, an announced ColdFire-based turbocard and busboard for the Amiga 1200 ( reported). (snx)

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Werner Lange (E-Mail)

HCS Lange: Auction of Spare Parts after Closing of Workshop
Werner Lange, of the former Commodore and Amiga service HCS Lange (Detmold, Germany), announces that he's auctioning on EBay the remaining spare parts from his workshop as well as other Amiga accessories.

Among the things available are hundreds of ICs, and also computers, disks, a range of brackets, magazines, service manuals, folders and much more. Those interested may find these offers from Werner Lange under the e-mail seller ID "welandt." (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Genesi (e-mail)

Genesi: Participation in OpenSolaris pilot program
Press release Santa Clara, California - Genesi has been invited to participate in OpenSolaris pilot program from Sun. Those developers can take part in it which know the products from Sun and which already have an Open Desktop Workstation. All those who are interested in participating in please contact Raquel Velasco or Bill Buck via e-mail. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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