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Price increase on PegasosPPC-Webshop/Genesi certified MySQL-Partner
The webshop of Genesi has increased the price for Pegasos II with G3-processor card: the mainboard now costs 600 US-Dollar instead of 299,- Euro. The G4-system costs with 615 US-Dollar nearly the same as before. The single price of the processor card is 229 (G3/750CXe) and 249 (G4/7447) US-Dollar.

New in the webshop is the Pegasos-server which is delivered with Linux and preconfigured with the Debian-versionen from PHP and Apache as well as the current commercial version of MySQL Pro. The price: 1749 US-Dollar with the G4-version.

MorphOS as well as the account to the superbundle also belong to this offer.

In connection with the popular database-software MySQL yesterday Genesi anounced in a press release that it is now Certified Partner of the Swedish company. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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amiga-fan (ANF)

Hyperion: Betatesting of the update of OS4-developer preversion started (Update)
According to Ben Hermans on yesterday the beta testing of the first update of the developer preversion of AmigaOS4 was started.

The update for registered OS4-users will have about 30 MB. Should this size of the archive for anybody means a problem this can be solved.

Update: (20:04, 11.09.04, snx)
As Hans-Jörg Frieden (Hyperion) notifies us, the betatest that started yesterday night actually already concerns the installation CD. The individual components of the update are being tested a much longer time already. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Another Producer Recognizes JPEG Patents
Macromedia follows Adobe as the second large software producer to yield to the license of the alleged patent holder Forgent.

Forgent claims to hold a patent that is infringed by the compression methods in JPEG data. A few months ago Forgent accused 31 companies of not making license payments (we reported). Complete article under the title link. (cg) (Translation: dm)

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Amiga Merchant: KDH Moves
We're moving... After fifteen years we're leaving the Black Forest and settling in the north of Germany, at the shore of the Baltic Sea. You can reach us after the move at the following address and telephone number:

KDH Datentechnik
Ostseering 17 a
23946 Ostseebad Boltenhagen

Tel 038825 26271/26272
Fax 038825 26350

Nothing is changing as regards our e-mail addresses and our product offerings. Our answers to e-mail and telephone messages could take a little longer than usual in the next few days. After the 13th of September 2004 everything should be back to normal. We ask for your understanding, and look forward to greeting you from our new location. (cg) (Translation: dm)

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