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Archive 'News from the business world'

Elbox Computer (ANF)

Elbox: New servers
Elbox Computer has changed its servers' location. Till DNS update, you can reach the Elbox websites through their IPs:

The main Elbox Website:
The Online Store for customers from the European Union:
The Online Store for customers from other countries:

Sorry for any inconveniences. (snx)

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Titan Computer: Delivery of the MorphOS Version of Papyrus Office Has Begun
Today Titan Computer advised their customers that the MorphOS version of Papyrus Office is ready for shipping. Papyrus Office is a word-processing program with integrated spreadsheet calculations and a relational database. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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IOSPIRIT: Scheduled server downtime
The IOSPIRIT server will temporarily be unavailable due to the move of the data center housing it. The timeframe for this is from 22h (October 4th, 2004) till 6h (October 5th, 2004), GMT+1. E-mails sent during that timeframe may get lost. (snx)

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