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PPCNUX: Interview regarding the new Pegasos server at Sony
At there is an English Interview with Gunnar von Boehn who set up the Pegasos webserver at Sony (we reported). (cg) (Translation: ub)

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Price increase on PegasosPPC-Webshop/Genesi certified MySQL-Partner
The webshop of Genesi has increased the price for Pegasos II with G3-processor card: the mainboard now costs 600 US-Dollar instead of 299,- Euro. The G4-system costs with 615 US-Dollar nearly the same as before. The single price of the processor card is 229 (G3/750CXe) and 249 (G4/7447) US-Dollar.

New in the webshop is the Pegasos-server which is delivered with Linux and preconfigured with the Debian-versionen from PHP and Apache as well as the current commercial version of MySQL Pro. The price: 1749 US-Dollar with the G4-version.

MorphOS as well as the account to the superbundle also belong to this offer.

In connection with the popular database-software MySQL yesterday Genesi anounced in a press release that it is now Certified Partner of the Swedish company. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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amiga-fan (ANF)

Hyperion: Betatesting of the update of OS4-developer preversion started (Update)
According to Ben Hermans on yesterday the beta testing of the first update of the developer preversion of AmigaOS4 was started.

The update for registered OS4-users will have about 30 MB. Should this size of the archive for anybody means a problem this can be solved.

Update: (20:04, 11.09.04, snx)
As Hans-Jörg Frieden (Hyperion) notifies us, the betatest that started yesterday night actually already concerns the installation CD. The individual components of the update are being tested a much longer time already. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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