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18.May 2004

Sunny prices at IOSPIRIT
Felix Schwarz writes: It's sunny and warm - it is the time where people are refuelling their energy... And it's the time where IOSPIRIT is again lowering the prices.

Available at heavily reduced prices are fxPAINT, fxSCAN, VHI Studio and the IOSPIRIT Graphics Megabundle (contains the latest full versions of fxPAINT, fxSCAN and VHI Studio).

Opportunity is good... (snx)

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13.May 2004
Computer City (E-Mail)

Computer City Becomes the European Distributor for Nova Design
We moved our webshop to a faster server on account of a few days of poor reachability. It's all running again now and we apologize for the previous problems.

Secondly we wish to make known the information that Computer City has become the exclusive European distributor for Nova Design. Computer City is going to offer all Nova Design products: the Amiga/MorphOS titles as well as those for Mac and Windows.

[Rest of article not translated, they are testing different languages on their website and plan to be at the Essen OS4 event. -dm]

With pleasant greetings,
Computer City. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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08.May 2004
Computer City (ANF)

Computer City: Chance to pick up orders in Essen / Image-Installer V2 production
Although Computer City is not an exhibitor at the Essen OS4 event, we will attend as visitors. Therefore, any orders placed before Friday the 14th can be taken with us (when in stock of course) and picked up at the event. Let's call it the "Computer City Trunk-Sale" :-)

As a sidenote, the Image Installer V2 production has now (finally) started and all ordered copies are shipping early next week. Of course, the Image Installer V2 CD and DVD editions can also be ordered and picked up at the OS4 event, where you will have the possibility for a 'meet and greet' with the Image Installer team themselves!

Image-Installer team homepage
Computer City homepage (snx)

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