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Linspire (formerly Lindows) as free download
Because of the necessary name change for the operating system Lindows (that is meant to be some kind of symbiosis of Linux and Windows) due to the law suit with the competitor Microsoft into Linspire has the distributor decided to make the current version 4.5 of the product available for a free download for some days. According to the website is a PC with at least 800 MHz clock and 128 MByte RAM needed to use the software. Further information regarding the necessary conditions can be found under the title link. (cs) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 17. Apr. 2004, 01:33] [Comments: 3 - 20. Apr. 2004, 22:46]
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Heise (ANF)

Foundation makes Microsoft FAT-Patent dubious
Since December 2003 Microsoft has demanded licence charges for "FAT" (a widely spread file system which is used on flash-memory or on older Windows versions). It is possible because the company has got a patent for this technology.

The Public Patent Foundation has requested at the US Patent Office to check this patent. Obviously the Foundation thinks to prove that parts of the technology existed before Microsoft implemented it. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Ron van Herk (e-mail)

Computer City: MediaPoint available for download
The Dutch Amiga dealer Computer City has opened a website for the presentation software MediaPoint at Registered users of the site can freely download the full MediaPoint package (for "classic" Amigas) as well as the manuals and the full sources.

Furthermore, Computer City announces Amiga Party Promotions: During the Amiga-Party in Maarssen on April 17th, Computer City will offer special prices on some products. During this day, all these items will also be available for online ordering, for those who cannot attend the Amiga Party. For more information, please visit the "Amiga Party Promotions" section at the Computer City webshop.

At the Amiga Party, Computer City will also demonstrate the final version of Amiga Forever for the first time.

Update: (10:10, 16.04.04, snx)
Later today also the MorphOS version and the CGX support sources will be added. (snx)

[News message: 16. Apr. 2004, 06:37] [Comments: 0]
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David Scheibler (E-Mail)

Sunbeam Business Solutions announces Pegasos prebuild systems
Neufahrn, April 13th, 2004 - Sunbeam Business Solutions, an IT consulting company for small and medium business are offering Pegasos prebuild systems since April the 8th.

The systems are available for 699 Euro (G3 system, incl. VAT) or 999 Euro (G4 system, incl VAT) and are orderable at the XAPO-Shop - powered by Sunbeam. They include the according Pegasos-II mainboard with G3/600MHz or G4/1GHz processor card, 256MB DDR-RAM, a Radeon 9200SE 128MB gfx card, a 120GB hard disk, a CDRW/DVD (G3 system) or CDRW/DVD+RW combo drive (G4 system),a µATX case and Logitech's Premium Desktop Optical.

With their knowledge in assembling integrated systems for private and commercial use Sunbeam Businesss Solutions offers customers the chance to benefit from their experience and to give the customers the freedom to focus on important things and not to mess around with assembling a computer system.

For the future Sunbeam Business Solutions plans to offer more systems based on the Pegasos.


Sunbeam Business Solutions GbR
Moosmühlenweg 5
85375 Neufahrn

http://www.sunbeam- (snx) (Translation: ub)

[News message: 14. Apr. 2004, 07:55] [Comments: 0]
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