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Black Troll Technology: webshop for AROS complete systems opened
Black Troll Technology have opened their webshop. Next to other products like an AROS shirt they particularly offer the Black Troll Edge LE Basic, a x86 complete system with AROS beginning with a price of 325 US-Dollars.

A part of the incoming through the selling of these systems goes to TeamAROS to speed up the further development of the "Amiga Research Operating System". (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Peter Topolnicki (ANF)

Heise: Gateway closes branches
The former Amiga main company Gataway closes 188 branches in order to concentrate on the direct distribution via telephone and Internet. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Heise Newsticker

Cost-Free DSL Volume Rate at GMX
Sounds like an April Fools joke but it's not: the Internet provider GMX just started offering a cost-free DSL rate with 1000 megabytes, volume-inclusive. The offer, which may also be used at your choice against an accounting of... [rest of article not translated, has limited utility to non-Germans]. (cs) (Translation: dm)

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Elbox (e-mail)

Elbox: Free Shipping with Purchase of eFlash 4000
Elbox Computer, the manufacturer of hardware and software for Amiga computers, announces free shipping for the eFlash 4000 Zorro III cards purchases from the Elbox Online Store between 31 March and 13 April 2004. This offer is valid for orders from all countries of the world. For details, see the Special Offer page.

About the eFlash 4000 card:
eFlash 4000 is an autobooting Zorro III card with extremely fast 32-bit design, fitted with 8Mb of the FlashROM memory.

eFlash 4000 features:
  • 8Mbit of Flash memory
  • Extremely fast Zorro III interface
  • 32-bit datapatch
  • Boot ON/OFF switch
  • Program selector
  • Hardware write protection
  • 100,000 erase/programming cycles
  • 20-year data retention
eFlash 4000 package contents:
  • eFlash 4000 Zorro III card
  • eFlashCD with the Flash Writing/Verifying/Reading Tool software
More info about the eFlash 4000 cards you can find in the Elbox press announcements eFlash Memory for Amiga and New eFlasher available as well as in the corresponding product page of the eFlash 4000.

Order your eFlash 4000 Now and get FREE Shipping! (snx)

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