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TeAtoM (ANF)

Harman buys QNX
The Hifi specialist Harman has bought the software developer QNX which is specialised in creating realtime operating systems. Some time ago QNX was taken into consideration of being the successor of AmigaOS and was also distributed with the AmigaOSXL packet from Haage&Partner.

Harman espeacially is interested in the realtime operating system QNX Neutrino. This should become the de-facto-standard in the car industry.

The price for it is to be 138 million US-Dollar. (nba) (Translation: dr)

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Gerd Frank (E-Mail)

AmiAtlas: Cancellation of the MorphOS version
Gerd Frank wrote:

"Because of the absolutely poor cooperation of Genesi and because of the non-observance of a contract within 16 months we unfortunately are not able to support the Pegasos and thus MorphOS with an adapted version of AMIATLAS.

This also applies to all other projects such as OctaMed Soundstudio or XiPaint. Therefore we will focus on AmigaOne and AmigaOS4. We regret it but it has not been our mistake. Nevertheless we wish all MorphOS users much fun with the system!

AmiATLAS Development Team,
Gerd Frank" (cg) (Translation: dr)

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IOSPIRIT: Fall promotion with price drops
In order to give the Amiga/MorphOS market new impulses, IOSPIRIT starts a big fall promotion with up to 75 % reduced prices compared to normal pricing.

Available at heavily reduced prices are fxPAINT, fxSCAN, VHI Studio and the IOSPIRIT Graphics Megabundle (contains the latest full versions of fxPAINT, fxSCAN, VHI Studio). (snx)

[News message: 21. Oct. 2004, 18:42] [Comments: 0]
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