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Tulip: New Beginning for the Commodore Trademark (Update)
Tulip Computers N.V. made know at a press conference today that a range of entertainment products under the trademark Commodore may be looked forward to.

The prelude is the production of a mini-game-console by the name of C-64 Direct-to-TV that should appear on the market in the second half of the year for about 30 euros. It is projected to have 30 popular C64 games (for example Summer Games, Winter Games, California Games) ( reported).

Additionally the earlier Commodore machines like VIC-20 and PET will be accomodated by USB memory sticks, and transportable music data reproduction equipment will be offered: FPet, Mpet und eVic. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Genesi (e-mail)

Genesi: Status report / First Open Desktop Workstations assembled in Las Vegas
Today, Genesi published a press release and a status report (Watts Happening!) which we are quoting below:

Press release: Genesi completes first production in Las Vegas

7-June-2004 Genesi completed its first major US production of Open Desktop Workstations during the first week of June. The systems were built at the Easter Seals facility in North Las Vegas. This assembly operation involved training developmentally disabled adults in computer assembly procedures under the guidance of an Easter Seals supervisor and Genesi-USA General Manager Paul Adams (photo 1, photo 2).

An important part of this process was the Genesi Operational Method Sheet (PDF file, 1.8 MB), which is a Pegasos assembly procedure picture book. During the production, Easter Seals supervisors conducted an assembly time study to determine the terms of the contract to be completed for future assembly operations. Genesi will continue to build systems at the Easter Seals facility until the assembly crew is fully trained and comfortable with the process.

Watts Happening!

We figured it was time for an update as a long time Genesi/bplan supporter responded to an email we sent out this morning to the Image Installer Team and suggested we make some of the information public. The email was primarily sent to thank Michael Heider, Christian Geier and Erhard Bruse for their continued support. Here are some details included in the email:

We wanted to let you know that Sven [Luther, Genesi's Linux coordinator]will be arriving here in Austin, Texas with us tonight. Sven will be here this week to teach the Freescale/Motorola Applications Engineering Team everything they need to know and generally assist them so that they can conduct a four hour class on the Pegasos for the 200+ Freescale Global Field Application Engineers that gather here this week for the Global FAE Conference. Sven will train the trainers. At the end of the week, every Freescale office in the world will have at least one person who knows how to do all the basic things on the Pegasos that they need to do to be able to use and prepare the machine as a solution to customers.

We also wanted you to know that every Pegasos that we produced two weeks ago for commercial release has been shipped to the USA and assembled here into Open Desktop Workstations. [...] They will begin to arrive at their intended destinations starting tomorrow.

We explain all this to you because we want you to understand (as mentioned in the post yesterday) that we have been delivering units to a large customer since March. As you you will understand, these invoices requires us to layout 13-16 weeks in ADVANCE of production the funds for many components required to produce ALL the boards to be delivered before the FIRST boards are made. We cannot order components for just what we need when we need it. These boards are then built into cases with memory, hard drives, power supplies and graphics cards at a further expense to satisfy the ultimate purchase order. Once they are delivered to this customer, the customer pays at a minimum of 60 days later AS THEY ARE DELIVERED. Our first delivery in March will not be settled by them until early JULY as we had to get into their financial management and accounting system. This is the reason there are no boards available for any one else at the moment. We can only make so many and they all go to the same customer, who already wants more than we can provide.

When we have enough boards to spare the Image Installer Team is HIGH on the list to get them. We appreciate your work.

We have to leave out some secret sauce stuff...

We went on to explain in some things that will be happening at Smart Networks Developer Forum, Europe. The details will be found here when they are announced HERE. Friday, 1 October after SNDF, Genesi will host a special day of Pegasos Developer workshops that will filled with a full spectrum of Pegasos related programming and development issues. Matt Sealey will be coordinating developer participation for Genesi.

Finally, we also sent this email out yesterday to Resellers that defines a Pilot Program in which Genesi and its strategic partners will provide machines for various organizations and groups. You can read an edited version of the presentation Genesi Pilot Programs online. (If someone would like to clean that up for us just let Matt know...) We will be announcing a number of Pilot Programs with Avalanche in the weeks ahead and these other pilot programs as well.

Genesi continues to march ahead. Things are coming back together.


P.S.: is coming soon. (snx)

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Computer City (e-mail)

Computer City: Nova Design products available / Retro show / CD≥≤ with SX-32
Computer City would like to announce that all Nova Design products are now in stock and available for immediate delivery to both end-users and resellers ( reported). An overview of the products can be found here.

Furthermore, Computer City will be present at the Retro Computing Show in Maarssen on June 19th. More information on the show can be found on the official website.

And last but not least, we have a number of special promotions and items that are available again after a long period of time. Some of the items can be found in the special offers category on our new webshop server,

Enjoy the summer!
Computer City (snx)

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