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Archive 'New hardware and software products'

02.Jul.2015 (Webseite)

Tables presentation: ArtBase 1.0 (for all Amiga systems)
ArtBase developed with Hollywood and MUI Royale, "transform your "dry" tables into an audiovisual experience." Mainly it is meant for collectors which manage their games lists with a spreadsheet or database. ArtBase imports those lists in CSV-format and does edit them. There are several templates for the design.

Ports of ArtBase for all Amiga systems are available. The use of the 68k-version it is only recommended together with powerful emulators. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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02.Jul.2015 (Webseite)

Web-application: Amiga PCB Explorer
The "Amiga PCB Explorer" written by Christian "Scrat" Euler is supposed to support do-it-yourselfer repairing Amiga mainboards. Among others with this tool you are able to:
  • Look up signal paths where physical traces have been damaged by battery acid or capacitor leakage
  • Find out which components are connected to the same signal net
  • Get a quick overview on chip pinouts
  • Locate any part on the PCB
  • Navigate around the PCB and marvel at its beauty
The author wrote: "Right now, the only available mainboard is the A4000 Desktop PCB (Rev B). Support for more boards may be added later." (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Spiele News (Webseite)

Commercial "Dizzy"-clone in progress: Dylan The Spaceman
Chris Clarke ( is developing a Dizzy-clone named Dylen The Spaceman, which is created with the Reality Game Engine and is supposed to be released in summer.

On his Facebook website the author informs about the latest news. At the moment the game is to sold on CD. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Spiele News (Webseite)

Shoot'em Up: Demo version of "Kingdoms of Steam"
Kingdoms of Steam is a Shoot'em Up game developed with the Reality Game Engine, which is inspired by the Megadrive game Steel Empire.

A "shop", in which you can trade your collected bonuses for additional weapons is started with the Space-key.

Download: (434 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Reloaded: Information about planned Amiga-clone
On the "Amiga: 30 Years", Jens Schönfeld had announced that he is developing a Amiga-motherboard named "Amiga Reloaded". Meanwhile some more information are available in the Wiki of Individual Computers. We have summarized the essentials:
  • first prototype in Q1/2016
  • The target price of the main board with AGA chips is under 200,- EUR
  • keyboard case will be a A500 case, second target will be the A1200 case
  • Amiga Reloaded is an AGA Amiga using the original chips Alice, Lisa and Paula, along with two CIA chips, equipped with 2MByte Chipram
  • The Amiga Reloaded will not have any CPU but has an A1200-compatible CPU slot; assurance that ACA12xx cards work (except for the old ACA1230 type), and we'll also do our best to make the popular Blizzard cards work. However, there will be no product support for operation with non-iComp branded CPU cards.
  • only one monitor output as standard: A black&white composite output for monitors that are compatible with PAL and/or NTSC video timing; one out of two choices for colour output has to be installed: 15kHz RGB output board or Flickerfixer output board
  • Two CF-card slots will be available as mass storage
  • Network and USB can be added by extensions of Individual Computers (RapidRoad USB or ACA500-compatible network-module), a PCMCIA-port is not available
  • Other ports: Audio (3.5mm stereo jack), floppy disk (compatible with PC and Amiga disk drives), keyboard (Amiga 500 or 1200, selecting with a jumper), parallel, serial, Mouse/Joystick.
  • using a modern laptop power supply
After finishing the development, "binding orders" are supposed to to find out the actual demand of the Amiga Reloaded. The money has to be payed before mass-production has started. "The boards will be delivered about 18-20 weeks after the initial order phase." (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Spidi (ANF)

USB-adapter for input devices: Ryś MK II
In March the second version of the USB-adapter Ryś was announced und now is available. The Ryś MKII "provides built-in USB stack which enables USB HID devices (like a mouse, a joystick or a pad) support without the need for installing additional software drivers."

Features of Ryś MKII:
  • ready for use with every Amiga (although some models may require additional adapters)
  • support for mouses using both USB HID and USB-PS/2
  • 3 mouse emulation modes
  • built-in USB stack
  • "Bootloader" function facilitating future firmware upgrades
  • "Status" indicator LED providing information about device's state
  • built-in EEPROM memory enabling user preferences storage
The product is sold by Amedia Computer France, AMIGAstore, RELEC and RetroAmi. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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