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Archive 'New hardware and software products'

Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood: APK Compiler 1.0 for Windows

Press release: Airsoft Softwair - the hardest working men in code business - are proud to present a brand new add-on for Hollywood 6.0: The Hollywood APK Compiler.

This program does what many people were waiting for: It allows the conversion of Hollywood applets into stand-alone APK packages that can then be published on the Google Play Store or distributed in an other way.

Once the Hollywood APK Compiler has been set up, the conversion of a Hollywood applet into an APK file takes only a few seconds. Additionally, the Hollywood APK Compiler can also install the generated APK file onto an Android device connected via USB.

The Hollywood APK Compiler is currently only available for the Microsoft Windows platform because it requires the Java SE Development Kit (JDK), Apache Ant and the Android SDK and NDK toolchains, all of which are available for free download on the web. Versions for Linux and Mac OS X might follow in the future but Amiga versions are impossible because of those dependencies. Hollywood 6.0 is also required.

The Hollywood APK Compiler comes with a convenient GUI that allows you to convert your Hollywood applets into stand-alone APK files with just a few mouse clicks. A detailed documentation of all the program's features is also included. The APKs generated by the Hollywood APK Compiler will run on all ARM-based Android devices that run at least Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread).

The program's license also allows you to sell the apps created by the Hollywood APK Compiler without any restrictions or royalties. So there is nothing stopping you from getting rich quickly with your Hollywood applets on the Google Play Store now! Programming and publishing for Android has really never been so easy!

So get ready for Android development and purchase the Hollywood APK Compiler now on the official Hollywood portal at the title link!


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Amiga Future (Webseite)

A520HD: HDTV-version of TV-Modulators
Using Commodore's TV-Modulator A520, the video signal of the Amiga could be transfered via the aerial input of the TV. GGLABS has developed a version of it, which outputs a YPbPr-signal of high quality and which is compatible to HDTV-TVs having a component input. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Google Drive-Handler: mount Google Drive storage under AmigaOS (Update 2)
Google Drive Handler is a DOS handler "allowing easy access to Your Google Drive storage." The handler was built with the latest version of OpenSSL.

Google Drive Handler is Shareware - "Without a licence key, the handler acts as a read only volume, and document exporting is disabled." It can be purchased for 10 Euro. Exporting documents is not working with certain file managers (Directory Opus is mentioned as an example) since the handler only learns the actual filesize during the export operation.

According to the author "this handler is still in an early stage of development, far from the mature state." A port for MorphOS has been announced.

Update: (2016-01-27, 18:15, cg) reader Dandy has asked the programmer Norbert Klett about his future plans regarding the Google Drive-Handler:

Dandy: In the 'Google Drive Handler'-readme you wrote that "Dropbox and Google Cloud Print are planned as well". Any idea how long I will still have to wait for Dropbox support?

Norbert Kett: DropBox handler is under development, my intent is to release it in next month.

Dandy: What will "Google Cloud Print" be? Will there be something comparable for Dropbox?

Norbert Kett: Google Cloud Print would be an easy printing solution for Amiga. You can print documents with drag&drop, and no printer driver is required. This is sort of network printing. As I know only Google offers this printing support at the moment. With one licence, you can use all my upcoming REST API based products on all Amiga like platforms without limitation.

Dandy: What does "REST API based products" mean?

Norbert Kett: REST API is an industry standard for app <-> server communication. It is getting more popular. Some services for example: Google Drive, Google Cloud Printing, DropBox, Microsoft One-Drive, Amazon Cloud, PayPal, Twitter, FaceBook, and many others.

Update: (28.01.2016, 17:15, cg)

Initially, our news item stated that the handler would list all files as having a size of 0 bytes, that's not correct: It actually lists an imaginary file size, since the real, unknown filesize might cause various problems. But some filemanagers are not compatible with the latter behaviour either, the author mentions Directory Opus as an example. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood: Plananarama-Plugin
Press release: It's planar, baby! Airsoft Softwair - the hardest working men in code business - are back on your screen with the Plananarama plugin for Hollywood. With the Plananarama plugin Hollywood is finally able to run on planar screens again! This finally makes it possible to run Hollywood scripts on plain AGA or ECS systems with no graphics board installed - for the first time since Hollywood 1.93 (released in March 2005)!

Starting with version 2.0, Hollywood required CyberGraphX or Picasso96 to run. Since then, many people have asked for a revival of Hollywood's planar engine, so here it is, a real blast from the past! Thanks to Hollywood 6's greatly extended plugin API this feature could be implemented completely in plugin space. Once Plananarama is installed, all Hollywood scripts will magically run on palette screens again! All resolutions are supported - from 8-bit LowRes to 1-bit productivity SuperHighRes Interlace.

Plananarama is the third plugin to bear the Powered by Hollywood 6.0 seal of quality as it utilizes the new display and bitmap adapter plugin interfaces introduced with Hollywood 6.0. The plugin will not work with older versions of Hollywood. Only Hollywood 6.0 makes it possible. That's why we here at Airsoft Softwair say: Life starts at 6.0. Plananarama is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the official Hollywood portal. It is only available in a version for AmigaOS 3 because all other systems don't use planar graphics any more.

You need an 68020 or better. It is also recommended to install FBlit because otherwise you are likely to run out of chip memory really quickly. When configuring FBlit make sure you add Hollywood to its "Include" list in the "FAllocBitMap" tab so that Hollywood will be able to store its graphics in fast memory. Speaking of fast mem, 16 megabyte of fast memory are highly recommended.

This release is dedicated to all people who think life is better in 8 bitplanes. Who needs chunky? This is planar, baby! Proudly brought to you by Airsoft Softwair - the hardest working men in code business. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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