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Diagnostic tool: DiagROM 0.6
DiagROM is a diagnostic software which is meant to be burned in an EPROM by the user and replaces the regular Kickstart-ROMs of an Amiga. The software does not require any timer, IRQs or something like that and therefore can be launched on very broke computers and there can check the hardware to identify problems. DiagROM uses the serial port to export information or menus.

Currently DiagROM is available for free. Later there will be also programmed ROMs for a little fee. The source code will be released as well. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Prototype of new A1200 case, production of Amiga key caps planned
Last year Philippe Lang succeeded in financing the professional production of new A1200 cases via Kickstarter. Meanwhile a first prototype of the case was made. The blog "Indie Retro News" shows some photographs of it.

According to Indie Retro News, Lang will launch another Kickstarter project in September, which is about the production of new Amiga key caps "consisting of 101 keys with springs and 12x plastic complementary plastic holders included!" The sets will be available in different colours and compatible to all Amiga keyboards which use Mitsumi keys. The campaign will be launched on September 1st. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Arcade/Memory-Mix: Blocky Skies
In "Blocky Skies" you have to move your game character from the left to right side of the the screen - along a predefined route. This does not sound difficult? You can see the route only for a short while.

Blocky Skies requires a PAL-Amiga with 512 KB RAM. You can download a bootable ADF-image (packed in a LhA-archive) or the hard drive install. The game was written in assembler, the source codes as well as the C source code of all developer tools used for Blocky Skies are available on Github. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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