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Amiga-MOD tracker in Javascript: Bassoontracker 0.1.22
Bassoontracker is a classic 4-Channel-MOD tracker written in Javascript which runs in a web browser - there you can load, edit and save MOD-files. The tracker can be directly used on The source code is available on Github. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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MorphOS: Word processing software Folio (beta version)
"Folio is a technical proof of concept that leverages the sophisticated Webkit layout engine included in the Odyssey Web Browser to provide a modern word processing tool that fulfills most common needs. Its current feature set and capabilities are comparable to those found in Microsoft WordPad and Apple TextEdit." Due to a bug of version 1.24 of Odyssey, version 1.23 has to be installed as well and Folio to be opened there. An Internet connection is not required.

Known problems:
  • Saving files opens a blank window hiding the editor, which needs to be closed manually.
  • File names need to be entered inside the MorphOS file requester every time you save a document regardless of whether you previously entered a file name or not.
  • Dragging images around inside the document can duplicate images. For moving around images, it is recommended to cut out images and then paste them after you position the text cursor via mouse or keyboard.
  • When you use the "pop up" button in the toolbar to run Folio in its own window, you will still see a tab bar even though it is technically redundant.
Download: (435 KB)
owb-morphos-1.23.lha (26 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Hardware: Vampire V4 announced inclusive A1200 and standalone version
In a press release and in the forum of the project the Apollo team has announced the next generation of the FPGA-based accelerator board, which for the first time will be also offered as "standalone" version.

Three different versions are offered:
  • The Vampire V4 Standalone System
  • The Vampire V4 for Amiga Classic compatible with Amiga 1000/500/2000/CDTV and with Amiga 600 with kippa’s adapter (if produced)
  • The Vampire V4 for Amiga 1200
Die V4 is equipped with the well-known 68080 processor core as well as provides the AGA-compatible "SAGA" chipset.

  • FPGA : Altera Cyclone V A5 (77k LE, 28nm technology)
  • RAM : 512MB DDR3 (up to 1GB/s)
  • FastIDE with 40- and 44-pin connectors
  • Digital Video-out up to 720p@60Hz
  • Dual-Kickstart-flashrom (for safety)
  • MicroSD storage
  • Vampire V4 is CE, WEEE and RoHS compliant

Motherboard components:
  1. IO Header #1
  2. IO Header #2
  3. IO Header #3
  4. Ethernet
  5. USB
  6. USB
  7. DB9 (standalone only)
  8. DB9 (standalone only)
  9. FastIDE 40-pin
  10. FastIDE 44-pin
  11. FPGA
  12. Digital Video Amplifier
  13. Digital Video Output
  14. DDR3 RAM
  15. JTAG Header
  16. MicroSD-Slot
  17. MicroUSB power (standalone only)
THe V4 is supposed to be available in the fourth quarter of 2017. The price has not yet been set but users were pointed out that the improved specifications implies a higher price. If you have preordered one of the previous models of the Vampire and still did not get it, you can change your order to a V4 by paying the difference. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Generation Amiga (Webseite)

Stereo headphone amplifier for Amiga computers: KA71
The sound output of the Amiga is given out on four channels: two on the left stereo channel and two on the right one - this is not an advantage if you use headphones. offers a solution for this problem: An amplifier for the Amiga called KA71. "KA71 can mix stereo channels at a level adjustable with a knob, from full separation to mono output." Still it is not clear when the device will be available at the distributor of (cg) (Translation: dr)

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