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Magazin: The Crypt - issue #28 (vampires and vodoo) finished (01. Mar. 2003)
The English online magazine "The Crypt" has released issue #28 under the slogan "vampire and vodoo". Download: ...

New Aminet Uploads (17. Jan. 2001)
F1db.lha biz/dbase 109K+Store and manage Formula 1 results TAdesivi.lha biz/demo 50K+V1.0.5 Ticket editor for TurboGest (ITAL TProspEd.lha biz/demo 84K+V2.0.1alpha Form Editor For TurboFat2 (I AW2.20-Patch.lha biz/ha...

New Aminet Uploads (13. Nov. 2000)
Ck_EMail.lha comm/mail 7K+Script for checking multiple POP EMail a YAMGenesis.lha comm/mail 17K+Start & stop Genesis from YAM2. V1.00 EZPagerNG_CE.lha comm/misc 373K+Send messages to german pagers (Scall,Sk StofaLogger.lha ...

New Aminet Uploads (30. Sep. 2000)
FSCP_Txt.lha biz/dbase 51K+Farscape StarBase-Text (40) REDD_Txt.lha biz/dbase 16K+Red Dwarf StarBase-Text (52) DOpus4Plus.lha biz/dopus 42K+The ultimate AddOn collection for DOpus4 UnrealIRCd-bin.lha comm/irc 486K+Advanced ...

New Aminet Uploads (06. Sep. 2000)
DOpus415JRbin.lha biz/dopus 329K+Great filemanager from GP Software DOpus415JRsrc.lha biz/dopus 707K+Great filemanager from GP Software datatypes4442.lha biz/patch 11K+AmigaOS 3.5 datatypes.library V44.42 DalWatch.lha comm/irc 3K+...

New Aminet Uploads (16. May. 2000)
Personal_GIF.txt biz/cloan 3K+Personal GIF I/O Library 2b_XBase-62.lha biz/dbase 185K+Very easy to use flexible and fast datab 2b_XBaseSP.lha biz/dbase 9K+Spanish catalog for XBase 6.2 v1.0 FLeagues_BB2.lha biz/dbase 120K+Footba...

Aminet Uploads until November 23rd, 1999 - Part 1 (23. Nov. 1999)
With 77 kB it's a rather long list today, since I haven't been asking for new uploads for some time. I will post new uploads on a more regular basis from now on. (ps) Football.lha biz/dbase 370K+*NEW* Version 2.5.1 - Setup your own lea QuickFile...

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