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Alfred Faust im ANF

Open Source: Bars&Pipes Pro V2.0
Alfred Faust hat im ANF eine E-Mail von Todor Fay, dem ehemaligen Chefprogrammierer von Blue Ribbon Soundworks Inc., veröffentlicht, die vom 9. Dezember 2000 stammt. Hierdrin kündigt Todor Fay die Veröffentlichung des Sourcecodes von Bars&Pipes Pro V2.0 an. Neben Bugfixes wird dies auch die Weiterentwicklung des Sequencers ermöglichen.

Derzeit ist Fay dabei, den Sourcecode zusammenzustellen. Hierfür benötigt er Hilfe von einer/m oder mehreren Amiga-EntwicklernInnen mit einer laufenden Amiga-Entwicklungsumgebung.

«I think we can work towards a better solution:

I've gotten clearance to release the source code for Bars&Pipes to the Amiga community. This means several things:

1) Known bugs can be fixed.

2) Perhaps y'all can create special hooks for real time services (timer, midi in and out) in the Amiga code so it can connect more directly with the services in Windows. It's pretty amazing that timing works at all, given that it is running on an emulation of the audio interrupt (kudos to Brian King!). 'Course that would require changes to WinUAE to support this.

3) Port Bars&Pipes to Windows. If people want to collaborate on such a project, I will very gladly provide advice and assistance.

At this point, I'm collecting together the source code. I need to work with one or more developers who have Amiga dev environments up and running to help put this together. We need to make sure everything is there and compiles correctly.

Any volunteers?

Todor» (sd)

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