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Richard H. Poser II per eMail

AmigAIM BETA Version 0.9405 veröffentlicht
As a Christmas Present - sort of, anyway...

Von AmigaAIM, dem AOL Instant Messenger für Amiga, ist die neue Betaversion 0.9405 verfügbar und steht an den üblichen Stellen zum Download bereit.

The latest version has been uploaded to the normal locations, on the webpage and descriptions on the links section of the mailing list have been changed.

Extract from History of AmigAIM since Public Release...

History of AmigAIM since Public Release...
AmigAIM 0.9405 Beta (25 Dec 2000)
  • Added "Temporary" class of Buddy. If a message is received from someone not already on Buddy list, they are added to temporary status. If not moved from Temporary status to main list, Buddy is not saved when program is exited.
  • Colors for different types of messages in Message list added. (Incoming, Outgoing, Auto-Outgoing, Auto-Incoming, and System)
  • Prefs have capability of default color on Left or Right, or use of special colour on Left and Right for each Message.
  • Activity window now has the capability of having prefs set colors for display of status changes (Online,Offline and Away)
  • Single Window mode appears to work better now, as I have the window closed, changed than reopened after a change in prefs.
  • Issuing an ARexx command of QUIT FORCE now causes the client to close under most conditions without putting up any requesters (Even if prefs, etc haven't been saved)
  • Documentation in form of AmigaGuide document and MUIA_HelpNodes finally added to program, including documentation of part of ARexx interface.
  • Modified Textinput history system, now keeps history of last entry while cycling up/down through history. (Modification or reuse of old history entry will replace last entry)

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