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Aminet-Uploads bis 14.01.2001
amlog.lha            comm/misc  100K+V2.2 - HTTP/FTP/MAIL adress database
streamer.lha         comm/www    32K+Internet radio - Shoutcast player
AAM-Demo.lha         demo/aga   1.3M+AmigaAnimeManga AGA DEMO => First DEMO
kng-flow.lha         demo/intro 127K+Winner 64kb at FuckYanica One, jan 6-7, 
Anime-X.lha          demo/mag   762K+H-Anime disk-mag from Carnage
Wishkah.lha          demo/sound 821K+Music Disk by VORTEX
ADV-ITA.lha          dev/amos   478K+Italian adventures creator
BUtility.lha         dev/amos   134K+Extension for Amos 1.3 users.
BSMustek-src.lha     dev/c       43K+Source for Mustek/Trust Scanner Driver F
lclint.lha           dev/c      515K+A tool for statically checking C program
SegTracker_pch.lha   dev/debug   13K+Patches SegTracker V37.73 to V37.74
ScalaHelp.lha        dev/misc   623K+A little help script for scalamm - progr
VCDGear.lha          disk/cdrom 134K+Create VideoCD images for burning or ext
hof-html.lha         docs/hyper 255K+Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame January 2001
xadclients.lha       docs/hyper  18K+Guide to all the XAD clients
ademoinfo.lha        docs/lists 355K+Amiga demo list
amiuserlist.lha      docs/lists  66K+AmigaUserList V10.98 of Germany, Switzer
AmigaFuture28.lha    docs/mags  736K+Great german paper mag preview
InterviewsAren.lha   docs/misc   45K+Amiga Arena Interviews 2000
PBOBS_Setup.lha      game/data   21K+PuzzleBOBS 1024x768x8 config file.
Mattonite.lha        game/demo  316K+BreakOut demo game, working in progress
SeekAndDestroy.lha   game/patch  27K+HD-Installer for Seek And Destroy V1.0
colourlines.lha      game/think 107K+Logical ball game
Seachess.lha         game/think   9K+Tic-Tac-Toe; Source included.
CyberBugfiX.lha      gfx/aga      9K+CGXAGA companion - new features & chipme
CGX-AGA.lha          gfx/board    2K+Devs:Monitors/CGXAGA replacement with so
PfPaint_ENG.lha      gfx/edit    32K+English documentation for PerfectPaint V
PfPaint_FRA.lha      gfx/edit    35K+French documentation for PerfectPaint V2
PfPaint_V24.lha      gfx/edit   1.3M+Paint,Anim from 1 to 24bits
PBOBS_GfxE.lha       gfx/show   337K+Guide to make gfx to PuzzleBOBS game (E)
PBOBS_GfxI.lha       gfx/show   346K+Guide to make gfx to PuzzleBOBS game (I)
ICS.lha              hard/misc  2.4M+V2.01b LE ICS - professional color corre
OliverK.lha          mods/blkha 120K+HC PT mod by blakkhar
Beach.lha            mods/med   260K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
Dreamer.lha          mods/med   640K+Ukrainian Dreamer's MED-module   
Happy.lha            mods/med   273K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
Jangle.lha           mods/med   290K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
Light_candle.lha     mods/med   132K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
Mama.lha             mods/med   267K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
Plasma.lha           mods/med   226K+Good Vetal OCSS-remix on Demo-music
Rainy_day.lha        mods/med   204K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
Shut_up.lha          mods/med   383K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
Stop.lha             mods/med   474K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
SPL_HappyPhone.lha   mods/misc   43K+SOPROL module called "Happy Phone"
BaxPlayerV2.2.lha    mus/play   159K+Multi-format module player.
EP_FredGray.lha      mus/play     5K+EaglePlayer "Fred Gray" external replaye
OS39Wallp.lha        pix/back   1.1M+Some AmigaOS3.9 Wallpapers (Backgrounds 
swalps.jpg           pix/views  194K+Scene from the Swiss Alps
lorys_SS.lha         pix/wb     359K+My grab of shapeshifter on my A1200t Bli
Yod-WB1.jpg          pix/wb     286K+(1280x960) OS3.9, CV PPC, Heretic II & m
Yod-WB2.jpg          pix/wb     245K+(1280x960) OS3.9, CV PPC, WipeOut2097 & 
OFS033.jpg           pix/wfm    374K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS034.jpg           pix/wfm    519K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS035.jpg           pix/wfm    490K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS036.jpg           pix/wfm    365K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS037.jpg           pix/wfm    729K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS038.jpg           pix/wfm    637K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS039.jpg           pix/wfm    651K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS040.jpg           pix/wfm    526K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
TheGateway.jpg       pix/wfm    474K+The Gateway
ttfr.lha             text/font    8K+Rename true type fonts file correctly
TurboVal.lha         util/boot   18K+The best validator for FFS (v2.1)
WarpJPEGdt.lha       util/dtype 104K+JFIF-JPEG datatype (68k,WarpOS,MorphOS) 
WarpPNGdt.lha        util/dtype 132K+PNG image datatype (68k,WarpOS,MorphOS) 
boards229.lha        util/libs   41K+Boards.library V 2.29 - 428 Expansion bo
WHDInfo.lha          util/misc   12K+WHDLoad slave examiner for HD games V1.2
Safe.lha             util/virus  19K+Safe v14.6 - virus dicovering system
CoolCALC.lha         util/wb    122K+*skinnable* calculator for the AmigaOS
RxTD.lha             util/wb     27K+V1.0, WB 3.9 ToolsDaemon prefs converter
TextloaderNG.lha     util/wb    494K+TextConverter V2.20 - Word,WPerfect,HTML
VisualPrefs_RU.lha   util/wb     56K+VisualPrefs: Russian catalog and docs
VisualPrefs_SI.lha   util/wb     36K+VisualPrefs: Slovenian catalog and docs
VisualPrefs_SR.lha   util/wb     10K+VisualPrefs: Serbian catalog

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