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Georges Halvadjian (ANF)

Mal- und Bildbarbeitung: PerfectPaint V2.75b
Version 2.75b des Mal-, Animations- und Bildbearbeitungsprogramms 'PerfectPaint' wurde veröffentlicht. Gegenüber der vorigen Version hat sich Folgendes geändert:

  • New TOOLTYPE: 'CLASSIC', by default, this tooltype is disable. This Tooltype will change the WorkSpace of Perfectpaint. Disable 'Classic' will show you only the zoom window (like other Processing software). Enable 'Classic' will show you for each picture the main window (always 100%) and optionnaly the Zoom window (like other version of PfPaint).
  • PopUp menu can have transparency.
  • Improve palette buffer: Add Icons / Allow Drag & Drop / Show the Current stencil / See Doc for more info.
  • New Arexx Commands.
  • New Picture tool: Insert Picture.
  • New Processing tool: linked freeHand.
  • Redraw the anim control requester.
  • New effect Blur, Horizontal Blur, Vertical Blur and the Arexx Command.
  • New Wrap effect: Silver.
  • New text effect: Candy.
  • Redraw Font requester with a Bold option for CGfont, add a menu.
  • A lot of small improvements and some small bug corrected.
  • New tool under the boing icon: Alchemy: Here you can find all processing script with preview.
  • New Alchemy script: FlowerPaint.
  • Improve Density mapping requester with Load and Save Points.
  • Add two new item in Stencil menu: Density mapping and clear Stencil.
  • Improve 'Brush to Picture' and 'Picture to Brush': Stencil is respected.
Download: PfPaint-V275b.lha (1,9 MB) (ps)

[Meldung: 29. Okt. 2001, 11:58] [Kommentare: 28 - 30. Okt. 2001, 03:02]
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