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29.Okt.2001 (ANF)

Cloanto lizenziert Picasso96 Software (Update 3)
In der nachfolgend eingefügten Pressemitteilung gibt Cloanto bekannt, die Grafikkarten-Software Picasso96 von Alexander Kneer und Tobias Abt für das Emulator-Paket 'Amiga Forever' lizenziert zu haben. Ebenso wurde die Monitor-Implementation 'UAEgfx' von Brian King lizenziert. Lesen Sie im Anschluss die komplette Pressemitteilung mit weiteren Einzelheiten.


Cloanto is proud to announce that it licensed both the "Picasso96" software from Alexander Kneer and Tobias Abt, and Brian King's "UAEgfx" Monitor implementation, for use in Amiga Forever.

A shareware version of Picasso96 has been providing RTG (Amiga retargetable graphics) functionality to the emulation software which is part of Amiga Forever since 1997. With the new license Cloanto would like to acknowledge the precious contribution of the Picasso96 Team to the ease of use, compatibility and speed which made Amiga Forever so successful, and further contribute to the future development of the Picasso96 software. The new license replaces the shareware status of the Picasso96 software included in Amiga Forever. Support and upgrades will continue to be provided by Cloanto as part of the Amiga Forever product.

Thanks to the Picasso96 implementation in the Amiga emulation, when an Amiga program makes a function call to open an RTG screen, or to otherwise read or change its contents, that functionality is in most part executed as native and very fast x86 code. Furthermore, the Windows versions of the emulation programs included with Amiga Forever (i.e. WinUAE and WinFellow) fully exploit the latest versions of Microsoft DirectX, which is normally used by games and multimedia applications to provide maximum performance by providing low-level access to specialized hardware features, without having to re-write hardware-specific code. In practice this means that while other emulation programs only offer proper support for a handful of display cards, Amiga Forever has been running fine and will continue to run fine with hundreds of different display cards, including most graphics card currently available, and those which will be released with Windows drivers in the future.

The combination of Picasso96 and DirectX technologies provides palette-based, hi-color, true-color and multi-monitor screen modes well beyond the functionality and speed of the original Amiga hardware. Also, while other emulation packages do not even support simple peripherals such as a USB mouse, keyboard, joystick and speakers, DirectX includes DirectInput and DirectSound, which allow the emulation as included in Amiga Forever to support all popular input and sound devices.

The Picasso96 software is just one of the many components which have been carefully selected, preinstalled and tested for compatibility in Amiga Forever, to make Amiga emulation a simple one-click experience which works on the widest possible range of different PCs. Hundreds of other items, including for example GIF/LZW code used under license from Unisys Corporation (and not available in the version of Personal Paint included on Aminet), ColorFonts and AnimFonts by Kara Computer Graphics, and anything from entire software packages to single icons are carefully listed in the Copyright and Credits sections of the Amiga Forever documentation (which includes 8 KB of text only to list the individual third-party contributions).

In spite of increasingly difficult times Cloanto keeps improving its own software technology and licensing valued third-party contents to constantly improve Amiga Forever and offer continued support and compatibility to the Amiga community. Cloanto is grateful to all of its valued customers for supporting these efforts.

Picasso96 Home Page
Amiga Forever Home Page
Cloanto Home Page

Update: (04.04.2018, 14:30, cg)

Mike Battilana von Cloanto hat uns gebeten, die Meldung um folgende Klarstellung zu ergänzen: Die hier diskutierte P96-Lizenz bezieht sich ausschließlich auf die 2001 erhältliche Version von Picasso96 sowie kleinere Updates. Amiga Forever-Kunden sind nicht zu Upgrades auf größere Updates berechtigt.

Update 2: (31.12.2018, 15:30, cg)

Auf Wunsch von Mike Battilana in der ersten Klarstellung (s. obiges Update) "Picasso 2.x" durch "die Picasso-Version von 2001" ersetzt. Die ursprüngliche Pressemitteilung auf wurde außerdem um folgenden Absatz ergänzt:

"Zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung dieser Pressemitteilung im Jahr 2001 gehörte das Picasso96-Projekt noch den ursprünglichen Entwicklern Alexander Kneer and Tobias Abt. Aktualisierungen durch neue Picasso96-Eigentümer waren weder vorhersehbar noch für die Integration in Amiga Forever unter der hier diskutierten Lizenz vorgesehen".

Update 3: (18.02.2019, 23:00, cg)

Um Anschuldigungen von Seiten Jens Schönfeld zu begegnen, hat Cloanto die Pressemitteilung um Kopien des Schriftverkehrs mit Alexander Kneer und die Kopie eines Überweisungsbelegs ergänzt (ausführliche Informationen). (ps)

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