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Aseq (ANF)

Audio: Aseq - Multiplattform Midi-/Audio-Sequenzer
Bei "Aseq" handelt es sich um einen neuen, kommerziellen Midi- und Audio- (Sample) Sequenzer. Eine Demo sollte bald veröffentlicht werden. Bisher informiert die Website über die Features des Sequenzers und zeigt einen Screenshot des Programms.

"Aseq" ist als Multiplattform-Software angelegt. Geplant sind Versionen für Amiga. Linux, QNX, (dr)dos und Mac OSX.

«Aseq is a new commercial midi and audio(sample) sequencer. It implements an easy to use "x0x" style sequencer, both step and realtime sequencing. It has the capability to use both native audio and midi, in a simple manner.

A demo version should be available in the forseeable future. Check the Aseq site: regularly for updates etc. The site is for the time being quite simple. I am open to any suggestions, wishes, donations etcetera =)

Versions are planned for the Amiga and a variety of other platforms, like linux, QNX, (dr)dos and Mac OSX.

Feature list

  • Easy to use and fast interface
  • Intuitive sequencing method(x0x), no steep learning curve
  • Fully integrated usage of both midi sounds and native audio(samples)
  • Hardware indepedant OS friendly coding
  • Does only need little resources
  • No fixed pattern length
  • Easy to use gui for many controller functions in midi
  • Patch editor, programmable with your own midi and midi sysex messages
  • Midi event editor, so you can edit every midi message/event yourself
  • more ....
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[Meldung: 07. Apr. 2002, 23:52] [Kommentare: 13 - 11. Mai. 2003, 22:08]
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