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Aminet-Uploads bis 11.12.2005
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Aminet-Uploads:
netclock.lha              comm/misc    47K  GEN  Set Clock from daytime (atomic) servers
MCC_TextEditor-15.17.lha  dev/mui     336K  VAR  Texteditor custom class for MUI
Bomns_OS4.lha             game/actio  1.2M  OS4  2 player bomb your friend game.
ularn.lha                 game/actio  501K  OS4  Ularn - ultra Larn
Knoga_OS4.lha             game/board  1.1M  OS4  Knoga yatzee game
sudoku.lha                game/board  365K  OS4  Sudoku -  a number-based puzzle/game
WoodenBars.lha            game/demo    43K  OS3  Simple bars game for all the PAL AMIGAs
amphetamine_OS4beta.lha   game/jump   1.3M  OS4  Plattform game with puzzles.
DiskWar_OS4.lha           game/misc   205K  OS4  Strange tennis type of a game.
RoadFighter_OS4.lha       game/race   5.8M  OS4  A remake of the great RoadFighter from k
Aklabeth_OS4.lha          game/role   368K  OS4  Ultima Zero
angband.lha               game/role   1.3M  OS4  Angband - a modern rogue-like RPG game
ivan-src.lha              game/role   907K  GEN  Sources for IVAN
ivan.lha                  game/role   2.7M  OS4  Iter Vehemens ad Necem: a rogue-like RPG
tome.lha                  game/role   3.4M  OS4  T.o.M.E. - Tales of Middle Earth (Angban
AlienPool_OS4.lha         game/shoot  6.2M  OS4  Strange asteroids clone with lots of new
Cyclone_OS4.lha           game/shoot  1.2M  OS4  Smooth scrolling shoot em up.
sdl-toms.lha              game/think  381K  OS4  An SDL "Atoms" clone
FlashPlayer.lha           gfx/show    308K  OS3  Flash (SWF) format file player
FlashPlayerSrc.lha        gfx/show    195K  GEN  Source Code for FlashPlayer v. 1.2
shim-src.lha              gfx/show     28K  MOS  C src+binary of shim, a CLI image viewer
prism2.lha                hard/drivr  139K  VAR  Driver for 11Mbps wireless network cards
amines_lh5.lha            misc/emu    451K  OS4  Nintendo 8-bit emulator (SDL-based)
amines_os4.lha            misc/emu    448K  OS4  Nintendo 8-bit emulator (SDL-based)
digifilter.lha            misc/sci     56K  MOS  Digital FIR filter design software
protracker23.lha          mus/edit    423K  OS4  Protracker 2.3d rewritten (beta 2)
os4theme.lha              pix/theme   828K  GEN  AmigaOS4 Theme for Classic Amigas runnin
wb13screen.gif            pix/wb       10K  GEN  workbench 1.3 cli window
dme.lha                   text/edit   325K  OS4  DME - text editor.
Next.lha                  text/show   146K  OS3  Viewer for text/guides/html/datatypes
BEEP.lha                  util/cli      3K  OS3  Baer friendly audio BEEP command.
Mount-AmigaOS.lha         util/cli     40K  OS3  Unofficial "Mount" command backport for 
DiskMaster.lha            util/dir    394K  VAR  DiskMaster2 - 68K & OS4
bahcount-src.lha          util/misc    41K  MOS  Counts down until Bush leaves office
beav.lha                  util/misc   131K  OS4  BEAV - emacs style file editor
joytest_CP.lha            util/misc    33K  OS3  Tool to test Joysticks/Joypads/CD32 pads
wet.lha                   util/wb     671K  OS4  Weather conditions on Workbench 4, AppIc

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