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01.Okt.2008 Uploads bis 30.09.2008
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Uploads bei
demac.lha                   aud/con   81kb  Decoder for .ape files
amisounded.lha              aud/edi   92kb  32-bit mono/stereo sound editor
ht.lha                      aud/edi  892kb  Multichannel chiptune tracker, based on 
sounded-mp3.lha             aud/edi  521kb  MP3 plugin for SoundED
sounded-ogg.lha             aud/edi  240kb  OGG plugin for SoundED
adripper.lha                aud/mis  199kb  Audio CD encoder with CDDB support
adripper_mp3enc.lha         aud/mis  255kb  Mp3 encoder for ADRipper (with sources)
adripper_ovenc.lha          aud/mis  453kb  Ogg Vorbis encoder for ADRipper
aldo.lha                    aud/mis  486kb  A morse training app.
amiloudspeaker.lha          aud/mis   40kb  Loudspeaker design tool
jukebox.lha                 aud/mis  124kb  Old jukebox style GUI for external mus/v
amuse.lha                   aud/pla  530kb  Last.FM client and collection browser fo
tuneape_plug.lha            aud/pla   62kb  APE plugin for TuneNet
tunehvl_plug.lha            aud/pla   64kb  HivelyTracker (HVL) / AHX plugin for Tun
lame.lha                    aud/rec    2Mb  Lame MP3 encoder
rockbeat.lha                aud/tra    1Mb  Create drumming tracks and export them a
icns_dt.lha                 dat/ico   30kb  MacOS Icon (.icns) datatype
ico_dt.lha                  dat/ico   17kb  DataType for .ico (Windows Icon) files
info_dt.lha                 dat/ico   27kb  AmigaOS Icon (.info) datatype
dds_dt.lha                  dat/ima   26kb  Direct Draw Surface (DDS) DataType
jpeg2000_dt.lha             dat/ima   32kb  JPEG 2000 (.j2k, .jp2) datatype
sprite_dt.lha               dat/ima   54kb  Datatype for RISC OS (Acorn) Sprites
aud_dt.lha                  dat/sou   22kb  .AUD sound datatype
4ksrccompo.lha              dem/int  372kb  #demoscene 4k source compo entries
tharsis-fab.lha             dem/int   87kb  "Fab" by Tharsis - a 4k source(!) intro.
wavetraveler4k.lha          dem/int   83kb  "Wave Traveler 4k" by Chazal Francois
advanced97.lha              dem/mis    1Mb  Siggraph97 Advanced OpenGL Programs
chess.lha                   dem/mis   50kb  "Chess" a selfplaying GLUT example.
compositing_goodies.lha     dem/mis   36kb  Two demo programs using AmigaOS 4.1 comp
distort.lha                 dem/mis    1Mb  A quite nice looking GL water drop effec
glblit.lha                  dem/mis  460kb  An exhaustive OpenGL sprite blitting exa
glflare.lha                 dem/mis  224kb  How to do a lensflare in OpenGL (Src/Exe
glpointz.lha                dem/mis  117kb  a simple demo showing a waving cube made
glsmoke.lha                 dem/mis  406kb  a simple particle engine demo showing wh
glut_examples.lha           dem/mis  209kb  A couple of basic glut examples.
glutbase.lha                dem/mis   27kb  A basic GLUT example
ideas.lha                   dem/mis  132kb  An OpenGL Example
jpminidemo.lha              dem/mis  310kb  Straver's entry to NeHe's Mini Demo Comp
lorenz.lha                  dem/mis   35kb  Lorenz Attractor - A GL exmaple.
melt.lha                    dem/mis   26kb  Example of DOOM screen melt using OpenGL
mesademos.lha               dem/mis  196kb  a couple of MESA demos, compiled with Mi
meshtoy.lha                 dem/mis  256kb  Right-Triangle Irregular Network (RTIN) 
outline.lha                 dem/mis   28kb  A cartoon shaded glut example
ragdoll.lha                 dem/mis  124kb  an interactive ragdoll demo. play with p
rc2000.lha                  dem/mis  262kb  Ride 3D rollercoasters!
sdlflag.lha                 dem/mis  117kb  A classic dotflag (demo effect).
signal.lha                  dem/mis   31kb  A simple GL example.
underwater.lha              dem/mis  221kb  An OpenGL Underwater scene
winalphatest.lha            dem/mis   18kb  Transparent Window test program for Amig
solanoidsurfers.lha         dem/mus    4Mb  Released in the Assembly 2008 extreme mu
boy.lha                     dem/sce    6Mb  'Boy' by FIT
ledblur-src.lha             dem/sce  302kb  'Ledblur' by Mindlapse (Source archive)
ledblur.lha                 dem/sce  351kb  'Ledblur' by Mindlapse (Originally for G
leeko.lha                   dem/sce  909kb  'Leeko' by FIT
neandertaler.lha            dem/sce  536kb  "Nean Der Taler" by Bypass
viagra.lha                  dem/sce  489kb  Viagra by Mewlers
cc65.lha                    dev/cro    6Mb  65(C)02 cross development package.
sjcrunch.lha                dev/cro   75kb  a Playstation 2 (PS2) elf cruncher.
z88dk.lha                   dev/cro    4Mb  z80 C cross compiler
sashimi.lha                 dev/deb   20kb  Serial debug interceptor tool
gameblade.lha               dev/gam   70kb  Gameblade - a game creation library
gamebladealph.lha           dev/gam  863kb  An alpha example for Gameblade
gamebladebg.lha             dev/gam  903kb  A background example for Gameblade
gamebladebo.lha             dev/gam  895kb  'GM Space Breakout' An example game for 
gamebladeexp.lha            dev/gam  819kb  An explosion example for Gameblade
gameblademsx.lha            dev/gam    1Mb  A music example for Gameblade
gamebladepng.lha            dev/gam    1Mb  'GM Space Pong' An example game for Game
gamebladerz.lha             dev/gam  852kb  A rotozoom example for Gameblade
gamebladespr.lha            dev/gam  815kb  A music example for Gameblade
gamebladessg.lha            dev/gam    1Mb  'GM Spaceship Galaxy' An example for Gam
gamebladetxt.lha            dev/gam  825kb  A text example for Gameblade
koreengine.lha              dev/gam    2Mb  Kore-Engine, a game engine with examples
neheglsdl.lha               dev/gam  222kb  NeHe's great OpenGL framework ported to 
sge2d.lha                   dev/gam   14Mb  A 2D Game engine.
guidesigner.lha             dev/gui  103kb  Simple GUI builder/designer
mindgui.lha                 dev/gui  467kb  Graphical Reaction-GUI creation thingy
agletm2ppc.lha              dev/lan    7Mb  Modula-2 Native PPC compiler
buttonanim_lib.lha          dev/lib  718kb  Reaction button animation library
fftw-single.lha             dev/lib    1Mb  FFTW3 - single precision version
fftw.lha                    dev/lib    1Mb  FFTW3 - a math library
libcrtxy.lha                dev/lib  955kb  Line-drawing lib for creating retro arca
liblzo.lha                  dev/lib  697kb  a realtime data compression library.
libsamplerate-programs.lha  dev/lib   18Mb  Test programs for libsamplerate
libsamplerate.lha           dev/lib    7Mb  Library for sample rate conversion of au
libucl.lha                  dev/lib  206kb  UCL is a lossless data compression libra
openjpeg.lha                dev/lib    1Mb  OpenJPEG library
sdl_oglblit.lha             dev/lib  890kb  Do fast HW accelerated 2D operations.
sdllayer.lha                dev/lib    4Mb  Layered display mechanism for SDL, with 
sdltty.lha                  dev/lib  819kb  SDL_TTY
smpeg.lha                   dev/lib  470kb  SDL MPEG Player Library (SMPEG)
unisupport.lha              dev/lib   79kb  Static library; extension to Uni-Library
zziplib-src.gz              dev/lib  776kb  ZZipLib source archive
zziplib.lha                 dev/lib  158kb  A library for transparent read access to
lemon.lha                   dev/uti  107kb  LALR parser for C/C++ (like bison, yacc)
mautodoc.lha                dev/uti   15kb  MUI autodoc viewer, simple and efficient
re2c.lha                    dev/uti    1Mb  Scanner generator f. regular expressions
txt2c.lha                   dev/uti   29kb  converts textfile into c-pointer
visualguimaker.lha          dev/uti    1Mb  A GUI Maker and Command Window Creator
gerber2eps.lha              doc/mis   62kb  converts Gerber (.gbr) layouts to EPS
parir.lha                   dri/inp  152kb  Parallel IR receiver and audio over TP t
camd_src.lha                dri/mis   89kb  CAMD.library source
diskimage_device.lha        dri/sto  331kb  Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
basiliskii.lha              emu/com    4Mb  68k Macintosh Emulator for AmigaOS4
dosbox.lha                  emu/com    3Mb  DOSBox - emulate PC, DOS emphasis
hatari.lha                  emu/com    2Mb  Atari ST and STE emulator
vice.tgz                    emu/com    7Mb  VICE - Versatile Commodore Emulator
zxtext2p.lha                emu/con  106kb  ASCII text to ZX81 .P file conversion ut
amiarcadia.lha              emu/gam    1Mb  Signetics-based machines emulator for OS
zx81utils.lha               emu/uti  198kb  ZX80/ZX81/TS1000 program file utilities
bloboatssrc.lha             gam/act  324kb  Bloboats sources (no datafiles).
chromium-source.lha         gam/act    1Mb  Chromium (Source archive)
chromiumbsu.lha             gam/act    1Mb  Chromium B.S.U. a mouse controlled shmup
frogsofwar.lha              gam/act  918kb  The Frogs of War - a weird platform shoo
koules.lha                  gam/act  394kb  Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game
kuklomenos.lha              gam/act  663kb  Kuklomenos - an abstract vector shoot em
kuklomenossrc.lha           gam/act  395kb  Kuklomenos sources
mazeofgalious.lha           gam/act   31Mb  A top ranking remake of Maze of Galious!
mogsrc.lha                  gam/act  154kb  Maze of Galious Source (No data files).
moleinvasion.lha            gam/act   77Mb  A so-so platformer, similiar to Super Tu
ncfighter.lha               gam/act  243kb  An NCURSES based vertical shoot em up
pangos4.lha                 gam/act    2Mb  The alltime classic Pang - now on modern
sdlsopwith.lha              gam/act  192kb  A remake of the DOS classic Sopwith
sdlsopwithsrc.lha           gam/act  255kb  SDLSopwith sources
simplevaders.lha            gam/act    3Mb  a space invaders clone
solarconquest-src.lha       gam/act  139kb  a space shmup (source archive)
solarconquest.lha           gam/act    3Mb  a space shmup
wurmhole-src.lha            gam/act  246kb  Wurmhole an SF Cave clone (Source archiv
wurmhole.lha                gam/act  716kb  Wurmhole an SF Cave clone, quite good to
scummvm-src.lha             gam/adv    8Mb  ScummVM-Source files
scummvm.lha                 gam/adv    6Mb  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
thegoonies.lha              gam/adv   11Mb  a remake of the cult game The Goonies by
thegooniessrc.lha           gam/adv   11Mb  The Goonies (Sources)
hearts.lha                  gam/car  124kb  Hearts card game
armageddonsword.lha         gam/meg  179kb  A Megazeux game called Armageddon Sword
arobowars3d.lha             gam/meg    1Mb  A Megazeux game called ASCII Robo Wars 3
bombbrothers.lha            gam/meg  294kb  A Megazeux game called Bomb Brothers
demonearth.lha              gam/meg    2Mb  A Megazeux game called Demon Earth
ejet.lha                    gam/meg    1Mb  A Megazeux game called Endless Journey E
ffedventure.lha             gam/meg    2Mb  A Megazeux game called Final Fantasy Edv
halflifewpns.lha            gam/meg    1Mb  A Megazeux game called Half-Life Weapons
katamaricd.lha              gam/meg   84kb  A Megazeux game called Katamari Damacy C
megamangears.lha            gam/meg  952kb  A Megazeux game called Megaman: Gears
megazeux.lha                gam/meg    1Mb  A fantastic game interpreter
megazeuxsrc.lha             gam/meg    1Mb  Megazeux sources
mzxrace.lha                 gam/meg  108kb  A Megazeux game called MZX Race
sm4mzx.lha                  gam/meg    1Mb  A Megazeux game called Super Mario for M
snarfoogle.lha              gam/meg    1Mb  A Megazeux game called Snarfoogle
spiritrevenge.lha           gam/meg    1Mb  A Megazeux game called Spirit Revenge
taoyarin.lha                gam/meg   12Mb  A Megazeux game called Eternal Eclipse T
termination.lha             gam/meg    2Mb  A Megazeux game called Termination Rehas
univers.lha                 gam/meg  444kb  A Megazeux game called Univers
weirdness1.lha              gam/meg  522kb  A Megazeux game called Weirdness Chapter
xenogenesis.lha             gam/meg    1Mb  A Megazeux demo called Xenogenesis
zombiequest.lha             gam/meg    2Mb  A Megazeux game called Zombie Quest
crapgamesvol7.lha           gam/mis    1Mb  Crap Games Vol.7 (Double Dash, Snake, Sn
crapgamesvol8.lha           gam/mis    6Mb  Crap Games Vol.8 (PCMaziacs, Sets, Slime
crapgamesvol9.lha           gam/mis    2Mb  Crap Games Vol.9 (Combinations, T2RS, Te
pajatso.lha                 gam/mis   72kb  Payazzo (slot machine game)
tiltnrolldemo-src.lha       gam/mis    1Mb  Tilt 'n' Roll a (Source archive)
tiltnrolldemo.lha           gam/mis    2Mb  Tilt 'n' Roll a game similiar to Rock'n'
tsim.lha                    gam/mis  459kb  a helicopter simulator.
jumpaction.lha              gam/pla    2Mb  A semi-cute japanese mario style platfor
moleinvsrc.lha              gam/pla   64kb  Mole Invasion Source
supermethanebros-src.lha    gam/pla    1Mb  Super Methane Bros (Source)
supermethanebros.lha        gam/pla  801kb  Super Methane Bros
blockout2.lha               gam/puz    4Mb  A 3D top-view Tetris clone
blockrage.lha               gam/puz  277kb  A gem puzzle game. Quite nice.
blockragesrc.lha            gam/puz  127kb  BlockRage sources
lmarbles.lha                gam/puz    1Mb  An Atomix clone
npush.lha                   gam/puz  215kb  An NCurses based Sokoban/Boulder Dash cl
rgblocks.lha                gam/puz  885kb  RGBlocks an OpenGL Tetris clone
rgblockssrc.lha             gam/puz  382kb  RGBlocks Source
spaceblade.lha              gam/rol  695kb  A spaceship RPG using GameBlade
quantumminigolf.lha         gam/spo    1Mb  Officially the weirdest game for OS4 to 
crimsonfields.lha           gam/str    6Mb  BattleIsle-like strategy game, now w/ ne
ja2.lha                     gam/str    1Mb  Jagged Alliance 2
aiss.lha                    gra/ais    2Mb  AISS - Amiga Image Storage System
aiss.pdf                    gra/ais    1Mb  AISS Documentation
aissview.lha                gra/ais  106kb  Viewer for the AISS images
ibatch.lha                  gra/con  174kb  Sync Picture dirs + Batchrename and Batc
pdhfic.lha                  gra/con  229kb  Convert images: Datatypes->Spectrum SCR
pngicon2amiga.lha           gra/con    6kb  PNG icon to Amiga icon converter
ppmtoscr.lha                gra/con  100kb  PPM -> Spectrum SCR/TAP/ZX82/bytes/TZX
lsystem.lha                 gra/mis  157kb  A L-System fractal generator
zoomit.lha                  gra/mis  114kb  ZoomIT is a simple MUI-based magnify/zoo
smooth.lha                  gra/ray    1Mb  A Wavefront (later Maya) object viewer.
sinisrus_theme.lha          gra/the  479kb  Sinisrus Theme 01 for OS 4.0
picturewidget.lha           gra/vie    1Mb  A "Widget" for Displaying Pictures
unilibdev.lha               lib/     281kb  Unicode code point/UTF-8 support lib
openjpeglibrary.lha         lib/mis  399kb  JPEG 2000 codec library
png_im.lha                  lib/mis   74kb  PNG icon loader/saver module for AmigaOS
expatlibrary.lha            lib/xml   83kb  XML parser library
owb.lha                     net/bro    6Mb  Origyn Web Browser
epistula_german.lha         net/cha   10kb  German catalog file for Epistula
wookiechat.lha              net/cha    1Mb  IRC Client (Internet Relay Chat)
pftp.lha                    net/ftp  233kb  Advanced FTP/SFTP client
netclipper.lha              net/mis   40kb  Share the Amiga clipboard on the network
ctorrent_gui.lha            net/p2p  284kb  BitTorrent clone with reaction gui
extract-xiso.lha            uti/arc  259kb  Create/extract XBox game ISOs (xISO)
uboot_mkimage.lha           uti/arc   66kb  mkimage for uboot (bugfixed)
unshield.lha                uti/arc   81kb  Tool to extract InstallShield Cabinet Fi
bfunpack.lha                uti/fil    2kb  Kong bigfile unpacker 
dact.lha                    uti/fil  365kb  a file compression tool similiar to gzip
fcrackzip.lha               uti/fil  212kb  Cracks password protected Zip files
fimp.lha                    uti/fil   25kb  fimp (imploder) portable C version
ips-o-matic.lha             uti/fil   20kb  Apply IPS patches to your ROM files
lzop.lha                    uti/fil  576kb  a fast file compression tool
ppf-o-matic.lha             uti/fil   24kb  Apply PPF patches to your ISO files
scummvm-tools-src.lha       uti/fil  708kb  ScummVM Tools Source files
scummvm-tools.lha           uti/fil    7Mb  ScummVM Tools for use with SCUMM games.
snoopy.lha                  uti/fil   77kb  Snoopy - SnoopDos like utility for OS4.
syncrome.lha                uti/fil   80kb  Directory syncronizing utility
meshview.lha                uti/mis   45kb  Simple tool to visualize a mesh.
os4.1-german-update.lha     uti/mis   66kb  Unofficial update of the OS 4.1 German t
ranger.lha                  uti/mis  285kb  System diagnostic tool
yetanotherdesk.lha          uti/mis  386kb  Desktop for public screens
gnubc.lha                   uti/sci  175kb  GNU bc - numeric processing language
bootvolume.lha              uti/she    8kb  Boot volume finder
crash.lha                   uti/she   38kb  Triggers Grim Reaper and/or Guru alerts
marvel.lha                  uti/she    9kb  A CLI-command to meddle with multi assig
showmsg.lha                 uti/she   49kb  A requester to show messages from script
unrtf.lha                   uti/tex  593kb  Converts RTF documents to other formats
eastern.lha                 uti/wor   39kb  Creates thumbnail icons from images on t
fuelgauge.lha               uti/wor  106kb  Volume gauges underneath hard drive icon
maclikedock.lha             uti/wor    6Mb  A Visually Impressive Program Launcher
screenthumbs.lha            uti/wor   72kb  Screen thumbnails
skinnableclock.lha          uti/wor    1Mb  A Skinnable Clock for Your Workbench
startupmanager.lha          uti/wor   48kb  Allows proper control of startup modules
wblister.lha                uti/wor  286kb  A lister for WB
wbpreview.lha               uti/wor   75kb  Preview feature for Workbench
wet.lha                     uti/wor    1Mb  Weather conditions on WB, AppIcon, Docky
windowthumbs.lha            uti/wor   70kb  Window thumbnails
mencoder.lha                vid/edi    4Mb  A free command line video editing tool
videoeditor.lha             vid/edi  114kb  Simple video editing tool
mplayer-gui.lha             vid/mis  222kb  GUI for MPlayer for OS4
cinplay.lha                 vid/pla  130kb  A HW accelerated Quake II videoplayer.

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