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Aminet-Uploads bis 30.09.2008 (Teil 1)
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Aminet-Uploads:
MUIbase-2.6.lha               biz/dbase     4.7M    VAR   Programmable relational database w/ GUI         biz/dbase     3.3M    ARO   Programmable relational database with GU
dopus4-morphos.lha            biz/dopus     550K    MOS   Directory Opus 4
DOpus_CAT.lha                 biz/dopus      16K    GEN   Catalan catalog for DOpus 4
April_CAT.lha                 biz/misc        2K    GEN   Catalan catalog for April
Fussball-EM-2008.lha          biz/misc       14K    GEN   TurboCalc Spreadsheet EM-2008 (german)
magical.lha                   comm/irc        7K    VAR   Magic AmIRC Loader
WookieChat2.10_AROS.lha       comm/irc      1.0M    ARO   IRC client (Internet Relay Chat)
WookieChat2.10_MOS.lha        comm/irc      1.4M    MOS   IRC client (Internet Relay Chat)
WookieChat2.10_OS3.lha        comm/irc      1.1M    OS3   IRC client (Internet Relay Chat)
WookieChat2.10_OS4.lha        comm/irc      1.7M    OS4   IRC client (Internet Relay Chat)
WookieChat_CAT.lha            comm/irc        4K    GEN   Catalan catalog for Wookichat
AVT.adf                       comm/misc     880K    OS3   HAM radio/SWL software for AVT system
eFetch_v1.lha                 comm/misc      20K    OS3   eFetch v1
tubexx.lha                    comm/misc     540K    GEN   multifunction YouTube client
MarranoFTP.lha                comm/net       38K    ARO   The most marrano of ftp clients
TalkAndWebCFG.lha             comm/net       28K    OS3   Configure the Talk&Web UMTS Router
Amifish_CAT.lha               comm/tcp        1K    GEN   Catalan catalog for Amifish
BabelDoc.lha                  comm/tcp       56K    OS3   Translate texts (+src).
climm-mos.lha                 comm/tcp      1.1M    MOS   Cli-based ICQ multi-messenger
GoogleDoc.lha                 comm/tcp       53K    OS3   Translate texts (+src).
Jabberwocky_CAT.lha           comm/tcp        3K    GEN   Catalan catalog for Jabberwocky
pftp.lha                      comm/tcp      234K    OS4   Advanced FTP/SFTP client
bbssalvage.lha                comm/thor      13K    GEN   Recover broken database BBS/conferences
A71BackUp.lha                 comm/www        9K    GEN   Php script which performs a web backup
GetProxys.lha                 comm/www       55K    OS3   Get/check proxyservers from Webpages
getvideo.lha                  comm/www       13K    GEN   get FLV files from YouTube etc.
netsurf.lha                   comm/www      2.8M    OS4   Fast CSS capable web browser
OpenURLPrefs.lha              comm/www       24K    GEN   OpenURL Preferences Editor
OWB.lha                       comm/www      6.1M    OS4   Origyn Web Browser
OWB_2.8.lha                   comm/www      4.6M    OS4   Origyn Web Browser (old release)
ballfield-1.0-68k.lha         demo/intro    296K    OS3   An SDL Amiga demo style ballfield
newvox-os3.lha                demo/intro    161K    OS3   An SDL voxel landscape
parallax4-os3.lha             demo/intro    157K    OS3   Multilayer parallax SDL demo
sierp-os3.lha                 demo/intro    155K    OS3   A small SDL gfx demo
bouncing_os3.lha              demo/misc     180K    OS3   A SDL example with a bouncing penguin
compositing_goodies.lha       demo/misc      37K    OS4   2 demos using AmigaOS 4.1 compositing
ptcdemos-os3.lha              demo/misc     384K    OS3   Fire and Tunnel demos from PTC library
sdlsinusfont-os3.lha          demo/misc     573K    OS3   A SDL sinus font demo
winalphatest.lha              demo/misc      19K    OS4   Transparent Window test program
AASS.lha                      demo/slide    617K    OS3   Amiga-Astro-Slideshow ADF-File
planethively_os3.lha          demo/sound    244K    OS3   A musicdisk by IRIS and Up Rough
SupraProcedure.lha            dev/amos       20K    GEN   A collection of AMOS/AMOSPRO Procedures
Blitz_XFD.lha                 dev/basic      17K    OS3   "xfdmaster.library" dev kit for Blitz
DTImageDevBas.lha             dev/basic       9K    OS3   Using DTImage library from HBasic
InovaToolsDevBas.lha          dev/basic      42K    OS3   Using InovaTools1 library from HBasic
SANE.lha                      dev/basic     126K    OS3   80bit SANE & numeric functions for Blitz
lemon.lha                     dev/c         108K    OS4   LALR parser for C/C++ (like bison,yacc)
re2c.lha                      dev/c         1.1M    OS4   Scanner generator f. regular expressions
usblist.lha                   dev/c          54K    OS3   USB lister 0.06
Annotate.lha                  dev/cross     118K    OS3   Comment/reformat DASMX 2650 cross-disasm
cc65-morphos.lha              dev/cross     5.9M    MOS   ANSI C 6502 cross development package
pucrunch.lha                  dev/cross     148K    VAR   A cruncher for CBM executables and Z80
sdlmousescrolling-os3.lha     dev/cross     336K    OS3   How to do smooth scrolling in SDL
RE.lha                        dev/e         472K    OS3   Another E compiler for MC68K and PPC WUP
gcc-4.2.2-i386-aros.tar.bz2   dev/gcc        25M    ARO   gcc/g++ 4.2.2 i386 aros       dev/gcc        32M    ARO   gcc/g++ 4.2.2 i386 Aros
flex-2.5.27-bin-m68k.lha      dev/gg        274K    OS3   Fast lexical analyzer generator
nano-mos.lha                  dev/gg        1.7M    MOS   Enhanced clone of the Pico text editor                    dev/lang      155K    ARO   Bywater BASIC (Simple basic interpreter)
libbz2.lha                    dev/lib       253K    VAR   BZip2 compression library static/sobjs
libsamplerate-os4.lha         dev/lib       7.1M    OS4   A library for sample rate conversion
libsamplerate-programs.lha    dev/lib        19M    OS4   Test programs for libsamplerate
SDL_Mixer-Amiga-1.2.5.lha     dev/lib       432K    OS3   SDL_mixer 68k
sdl_tty-os4.lha               dev/lib       820K    OS4   SDL TTY terminal emulator library
UniSupport.lha                dev/lib        80K    VAR   Static library; extension to Uni-Library
AgletM2PPC.lha                dev/m2        7.9M    OS4   Modula-2 Native PPC Compiler
getdoc_aros.lha               dev/misc      507K    ARO   A Tool to extract source code docs         dev/misc       77K    ARO   GNU/make for AROS          dev/misc      497K    GEN   GNU/make for AROS source code         dev/misc      497K    GEN   GNU/make for AROS source code
MAutodoc-ppc-amigaos.lha      dev/misc       15K    OS4   Autodoc viewer, full MUI and easy to use
MAutodoc-ppc-morphos.lha      dev/misc       14K    MOS   Autodoc viewer, full MUI and easy to use
nathread.lha                  dev/misc        9K    MOS   Minimal reimplementation of GNU Pth            dev/misc        9K    ARO   operating system recognition utility
MCC_BetterString-11.15.lha    dev/mui       149K    VAR   BetterString custom class for MUI
MCC_NList-0.102.lha           dev/mui       1.1M    VAR   NList custom classes for MUI, V0.102
MCC_NListSP.lha               dev/mui         8K    GEN   MCC NList* 19.72/18.16 spanish catalogs
MCC_TextEditor-15.27.lha      dev/mui       449K    VAR   TextEditor custom class for MUI, V15.27
MCC_TheBar-26.2.lha           dev/mui       1.0M    VAR   TheBar.mcc - Next Generation Toolbar MCC
MCC_TheBarSP.lha              dev/mui         7K    GEN   MCC TheBar 26.2 spanish catalog v26.2.0
sdlisomouse-os3.lha           dev/src       160K    GEN   Isometric landscapes + mouse for SDL
sdlpathfind-os3.lha           dev/src        82K    GEN   An SDL path find example
StarShip.lha                  dev/src        72K    VAR   Textured 3D object in 148 lines of code
BackUp.lha                    disk/bakup     53K    OS3   A simple backup tool.. v1.60
CDVDFS.lha                    disk/cdrom    249K    MOS   CD/DVD filesystem (ISO,RR,Joliet,HFS)
BHFormat-MorphOS.lha          disk/misc      61K    MOS   NSD-aware Format command with source
diskimage_device.lha          disk/misc     332K    OS4   Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)              disk/misc     123K    OS3   Enhanced FileSystem for CBM 1541 disks
td64patch.lha                 disk/misc       9K    VAR   Patch NSD64 devices to support TD64
ADC-WinUAE.lha                docs/hard      17K    GEN   ADC Ideas For WinUAE, GPL.
AMIGAtoSCART-RGBcable.jpg     docs/hard      26K    GEN   Schematics for Amiga->Scart cable
PAR_Dev_Board.lha             docs/hard     1.5M    VAR   Kids Parallel Port Experimental Board.
novahdguide.lha               docs/help     680K    VAR   Configure large hard drive(s) in a flash
Real3DCollision.lha           docs/help     304K    GEN   Real3D Collision tutorial (czech)
Real3DSkeleton.lha            docs/help     358K    GEN   Real3D Skeleton tutorial (czech)
AmigaPower.lha                docs/hyper     65K    GEN   aMiGa=PoWeR French Amiga Magazine
MySNES_Compatibility.txt      docs/lists     26K    GEN   MySNES Emulator Compatibility list
JakeBoard.lha                 driver/input   20K    OS3   On-screen keyboard for the handicapped
Touchstart.lha                driver/input   27K    OS3   Touch screen driver
HighGFX40_6.lha               driver/moni   724K    OS3   Screenmodes up to 1024x768
anaiis.lha                    driver/other   75K    OS3   ANAIIS USB Stack Release 0.97
BoardTK.lha                   driver/other   36K    OS3   Expansion Board Toolkit - various tools
FreeBoardTK.lzh               driver/other   36K    OS3   Expansion Board Toolkit - various tools
ParIR.lha                     driver/other  152K    OS4   Parallel IR receiver + audio over TP
Wazp3D.lha                    driver/video  158K    OS3   A CPU only Warp3D v4.2 implementation
SDL-Toms_OS3.lha              game/2play    238K    OS3   An SDL "Atoms" clone        game/actio    7.9M    ARO   Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid
Koules.lha                    game/actio    230K    OS3   Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game
Koules_OS4.lha                game/actio    395K    OS4   Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game
Mattonite.lha                 game/actio    874K    OS3   Arkanoid like game working in progress
pfp-quan.lha                  game/actio    1.0M    OS4   Quantum Mini Golf
WormWars.lha                  game/actio    677K    OS3   Advanced snake game
Africa.lha                    game/board    212K    OS3   Conversion of 3W boardgame
attaks.lha                    game/board    162K    OS3   Othello-like clone (SDL)
armageddonsword.lha           game/data     179K    GEN   A Megazeux game called Armageddon Sword
arobowars3d.lha               game/data     1.0M    GEN   ASCII Robo Wars 3D for Megazeux
BenDisk4.lha                  game/data      23K    GEN   New levels for Benefactor now in .ADF!
bombbrothers.lha              game/data     294K    GEN   A Megazeux game called Bomb Brothers
CFNC.lha                      game/data     927K    GEN   72 extra maps for Cannon Fodder
demonearth.lha                game/data     2.5M    GEN   A Megazeux game called Demon Earth
ejet.lha                      game/data     1.9M    GEN   The Endless Journey game for Megazeux
ffedventure.lha               game/data     2.7M    GEN   Final Fantasy Edventure for Megazeux
halflifewpns.lha              game/data     1.2M    GEN   A Megazeux game called Half-Life Weapons
katamaricd.lha                game/data      85K    GEN   Katamari Damacy Clone Demo for Megazeux
megamangears.lha              game/data     953K    GEN   A Megazeux game called Megaman: Gears
mzxrace.lha                   game/data     109K    GEN   A Megazeux game called MZX Race
sm4mzx.lha                    game/data     1.2M    GEN   Super Mario for MZX (Demo)
snarfoogle.lha                game/data     1.0M    GEN   A Megazeux game called Snarfoogle
spiritrevenge.lha             game/data     1.1M    GEN   A Megazeux game called Spirit Revenge
taoyarin.lha                  game/data      13M    GEN   Eternal Eclipse Taoyarin for Megazeux
termination-mgzx.lha          game/data     3.0M    GEN   Termination Rehash for Megazeux
univers-mgzx.lha              game/data     444K    GEN   A Megazeux game called Univers
weirdness1.lha                game/data     522K    GEN   Weirdness Chapter 1 for Megazeux
xenogenesis.lha               game/data     1.1M    GEN   A Megazeux demo called Xenogenesis
zombiequest.lha               game/data     2.2M    GEN   A Megazeux game called Zombie Quest
Blaster_OS3.lha               game/jump     2.4M    OS3   Impossible misson type of game (SDL)
Jetpack-0.2.5_OS3.lha         game/jump     1.0M    OS3   A port of SDL game 'Jetpac The Return'
lopan.lha                     game/jump     565K    OS3   A port of SDL puzzle game 'Lopan'      game/jump     261K    ARO   NickyBoum
pfp-jpac.lha                  game/jump     2.3M    OS4   Jump Action, a japanese platformer
pfp-mzgl.lha                  game/jump      31M    OS4   A top ranking remake of Maze of Galious
pig_os3.lha                   game/jump     1.4M    OS3   Retro style platform game.
pfp-mgzx.lha                  game/misc     1.0M    OS4   A fantastic game interpreter
sdlzombies_m68k.lha           game/misc     2.8M    OS3   SDLZombies_OS3     game/role      48M    ARO   Eternal Lands client for AROS              game/role     1.5M    ARO   Nethack - dungeon exploration game
pfp-ncfg.lha                  game/shoot    244K    OS4   NCFighter, an ncurses vertical shmup
pfp-sopw.lha                  game/shoot    192K    OS4   SDL Sopwith, a remake of a DOS game
vectoroids-1.1.0-68k.lha      game/shoot    563K    OS3   vector-based rock-shooting game
openredalert-r460-68k.lha     game/strat    773K    OS3   OpenRedAlert for 68k Amigaos
pfp-crfl.lha                  game/strat    6.5M    OS4   BattleIsle-like strategy game, netplay
ADL.lha                       game/text     294K    OS3   Adventure Definition Language (+sources)
taipan-mos.lha                game/text      96K    MOS   classic RPG text adventure
Eggchess.lha                  game/think    437K    OS3   Simple but fun board game involving eggs
Pegs_OS3.lha                  game/think    845K    OS3   SDL puzzle game
PentagoSDL-68k.lha            game/think    535K    OS3   SDL Pentago game
pfp-blk2.lha                  game/think    4.7M    OS4   A 3D top-view Tetris clone
pfp-blrg.lha                  game/think    277K    OS4   BlockRage, a quite nice gem puzzle game
pfp-npsh.lha                  game/think    215K    OS4   NPush, an ncurses Boulder Dash clone
pfp-rgbl.lha                  game/think    885K    OS4   RGBlocks, an OpenGL Tetris clone
puzzlemos012.lha              game/think    1.0M    OS3   Unfinished puzzle game (+ AmiBlitz src)     game/think    484K    ARO   Lopan - MahJong clone
SDLLopan_0.9_OS3.lha          game/think    570K    OS3   A port of SDL puzzle game 'Lopan'      game/think    1.5M    ARO   A Sokoban Clone with quite decent gfx
A2Zee.lha                     game/wb        30K    OS3   Put the letters in the right order!
AlphaQuad.lha                 game/wb        32K    OS3   Place the letters in the right order!
Arrowz.lha                    game/wb        35K    OS3   Place the letters in the right order!
Aye_Q.lha                     game/wb        33K    OS3   My version of a peg game...
Bipaire.lha                   game/wb        38K    OS3   Find all the pairs of tiles!
Building.lha                  game/wb        32K    OS3   Turn off all the lights in the building!
Cellz.lha                     game/wb        31K    OS3   Get more cells than your opponent!
Create_a_Q.lha                game/wb        43K    OS3   Create and play your own 'Q' games!
Oslide.lha                    game/wb        31K    OS3   Clear all the tiles from the board!
Pyramid.lha                   game/wb        33K    OS3   Find the Pharaoh's tomb!

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