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18.Apr.2014 (Webseite)

Workbench-Ergänzung: BetterWB 3.6
Bei BetterWB handelt es sich wie bei AIAB, AmiKit oder AmigaSYS um eine Sammlung von Workbench-Ergänzungen für AmigaOS 3.1, welche jedoch auf optische Spielereien verzichtet und daher auch geringere Hardware-Voraussetzungen mitbringt. Änderungen in Version 3.6:
  • Full 68040, 68060 and ACA accelerators autodetection and driver support with the new HardWiz
  • Rebooter is a new very handy application for restricted memory systems
  • EnvHandler will save quite a lot of ram by optimising envarc (Thanks PeterK)
  • Easily customize and lock palettes with FullPalette
  • Updated icon.library to version 46.4.339 which is faster and less memory hungry
  • Updated PFS3 aio to latest build (19-march-2014)
  • Updated DMS to version 1.53
  • Added a small text with a couple of tips after switching to GlowIcons
  • Gzip is back. It is required for ADZ support in TSGUI (Thanks Jost)
  • Added missing deficons (tool & project)
  • Changed default position of the global trashcan whenever it is activated, so it doesnt get in the way
  • For the love of the boing ball: replaced workbench´s glowicon to suit Jarek´s taste ;)
  • Replaced the standard trashcan icon with one that looks more elegant
  • BetterWB has now its own envarc drawer with wich you can easily check wether BetterWB is installed, which version is it, and the extensions it has enabled (FullPalette, GlowIcons, Rebooter)
  • Plus a few more minor fixes and tweaks

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