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18.Apr.2014 (Webseite)

Textanzeiger: EvenMore 0.80
EvenMore ist ein mit ECX in Amiga E geschriebener Textanzeiger von Chris Perver. Die Änderungen in Version 0.80:
  • Optimized RTF2Text plugin a little. Fixed bug where a line break instead of a space between a command and ordinary text would cause the plugin to skip a word. Also patched a bug in the RTF code generated by LibreOffice on Linux. LibreOffice stores pen 1 as 0, but other pen numbers start at 2.
  • HTML2Text plugin will now display preformatted text as the system default font.
  • A bug in the highlighting caused the system default and screen fonts over several lines to be rendered in all the same font.
  • Fixed bug. Shadow text and strikethrough styles would not carry over to the next line.
  • Created basic PageStream2Text plugin. Still to implement all of the text styles and colours that it offers.
  • Created outline text style. ESC[52m turns on outline text, and ESC[53m turns it off again. For use in the new PageStream plugin.

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