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24.-25.10.20 • AmiWest • Sacramento (USA)
26.-27.06.21 • Amiga 35 • Hilversum/Amsterdam (Niederlande)

 Tuesday, 17. Feb. 2004Comments / Date
BabeAnoid: Status report to Version 2.50
Picture series: The "Acryl Show Case" of bplan119. Feb. 12:49
Status report to the Commodore-One0
New tower case for AmigaOne and Classic Amiga computer0
Amiga C course for beginners in German119. Feb. 12:33
CAPS project: User library ported to Linux (x86, PPC)0
Short report of the hardware meeting in Nürnberg of 14th February0
Meeting: AmCluSt Hardware Event 2.- 4. April 20040 again online0
Airsoft Softwair announce Hollywood Designer0
 Monday, 16. Feb. 2004 
IOSPIRIT: New functions in the customer account0
MakeCD: makecdromfs.module 45.120
Hyperion: BlizzardPPC & Cyberstorm PPC repairs0
 Sunday, 15. Feb. 2004 
Text editing: "microgolded" released0
New download site for MUI classes0
 Saturday, 14. Feb. 2004 
Public test of the GAUHPIL database0
AmigaOS4: news about the beta version0
Eyetech: updates and announcements0
Back to the Roots: Emulators History Project0
Interview with the developer of "Mattathias BASIC"0
RekoNet offline0
Computer City: open letter to the Amiga community0
 Friday, 13. Feb. 2004 
C64: User interface "GEOS" for free download115. Feb. 08:18
New superbundle registrations for Pegasos-I-Boards without serial number end0
Source codes of Windows on Internet0
 Thursday, 12. Feb. 2004 
MorphOS: Adventure "Aqua" Now Part of the SuperBundle0
Aminet Uploads Through 12th Feb. 20040
WHDLoad: New Packets Through 12th Feb. 20040
MorphOS: First Music to Be Added to SuperBundle0
Microsoft: Windows Services for Unix 3.5 available for free0
Internet is the Central Medium for Purchasing Decisions0
Amiga Games Hit Parade: Results for January/February 20040
Event: Hobbytronic Show at Dortmund-Westfalen Hall0
 Wednesday, 11. Feb. 2004 Rework's 2nd phase starts on Friday0
"Momentum Computer" announces a PPC970 motherboard0
Amiga Games Award 2003 goes to "Knights and Merchants"0
Amiga 600 as MP3-Player in a car - Version 2.00
MorphOS: MLDonkey 2.5-10 released0
SN-EuroArchiv V1.2 available and new homepage online0
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 Latest Top-News
Individual Computers: Indivision AGA Mk3 can be pre-ordered (04. Jul.)
Company history: Commodore's involvement in a financial scandal in 1965 (01. Jul.)
Flashback 20/20 feat. Amiga 35: Postponed to 26. and 27. June 2021 (29. Jun.)
Crowdfunding: A book from David Pleasance and Trevor Dickinson (12. Jun.)
Web browser: IBrowse 2.5.3 (10. Jun.)
Encryption protocol: AmiSSL 4.6 (AmigaOS 3/4) (09. Jun.)
sdbox: Open source SD card reader for the parallel port (08. Jun.)
Amigakit announced datatype system (04. Jun.)
FPGA clone: Minimig-AGA-Core for Turbo Chameleon 64 (30. May.)
Amiga Source Preservation: Source texts and PDF books under free licence (29. May.)
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