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14.-16.02.20 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Tuesday, 15. Jul. 2003Comments / Date
individual Computers: Retro Replay sold out0
 Monday, 14. Jul. 2003 
T.o.T.: Amiga Version 0.500
Installer: WHDLoad - New install packs until 11.07.20030
10th anniversary of SoundFX!0
Aminet Uploads until 14.07.20030
StartMenu: Pixload Version 4.1d0
Web server: gW3S v2.1 bug fix available0
Demoscene: Diskmag Saxonia#20
Soms3D news0
 Sunday, 13. Jul. 2003 
Pegasos hardware meeting in Hamburg0
Amiga Demoscene Archive: Symphony Party Update0
Mercury News: Start-up's goal: run software on any chip0
PPJoy: Using digital joysticks on the parallel port under Windows0
Updates for Amiga-Society0
AntiSPAM2 update released0
Web browser: Atlantis will be ported to MorphOS0
Amiga Alpe Adria 2003: Further pictures online0
Abakus-Design: Screen saver Amiquarium released0
Scalos: Port to MorphOS in the works0
 Saturday, 12. Jul. 2003 
AmiWest: Bill Buck banquet-speaker / MorphOS 1.4 / Super bundle from the weekend0
Relaunch of Commodore by Tulip Computers N.V. and Ironstone Partners LIM0
 Friday, 11. Jul. 2003 
Warp Datatypes V45.3 published0
Elbox: Lightweight Busboard: Mediator PCI 1200 LT0
Amiga Inc.: Rumours about the return of Jim Collas denied0
 Thursday, 10. Jul. 2003 
DiaCD - Transfer of ARexx to Hollywood 1.50
Event: Pegasos on Linux Tag 20030
Web server: gW3S v2.1 released0
Music: Liquid Skies Records #0450
Audio Evolution 4 demo released0
New Help Forum for Amiga Users at Computerhilfen.de0
 Wednesday, 09. Jul. 2003 
Total Amiga Issue 15 starts arriving at doors worldwide0
Golem: Napster founder changes side towards music industries0
Date for Benelux Amiga/Pegasos Show in Rotterdam is fix0
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Individual Computers: Pictures of cooling system of ACA1260 (16. Nov.)
Free USB adapter for input device: HID2AMI (16. Nov.)
USB interface for reading and writing floppy disks on PC: Greaseweazle (16. Nov.)
Hardware extension: "A314" adds internal Raspberry Pi to A500 (15. Nov.)
AmigaOS 4: Arena shooter 'Blastaway' (12. Nov.)
Commercial puzzle game: Vegetables Deluxe (09. Nov.)
Print magazine: Amiga Future, issue 141 (06. Nov.)
Vampire team distributed pirated software during 'Vampire Standalone' launch (04. Nov.)
Announcement: New FPGA Amiga implementation M5 (03. Nov.)
Acquisition of Amiga: Summary of Mike Battilana's speech at Amiga34 (Update) (01. Nov.)
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