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14.-16.02.20 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Friday, 13. Jun. 2003Comments / Date
Elbox: eFlash Memory for Amiga0
Magazine: Obligement N° 390
Demoscene selections done0
Tomorrow: 'OS4.0 on Tour' in Augsburg0
 Thursday, 12. Jun. 2003 
Update of the VirusZ III Antivirus Bootdisk0
Motorola: The Handy Turns 200
Golem: - Comprehensive Open Source Platform for Java0
Partners of 'AmigaOS4.0 on Tour' 2003 in Basel0
Multimedia-Authoring-System: Hollywood 1.5 released0
TweakPC: Microsoft Purchases RAV AntiVirus from GeCAD0
 Wednesday, 11. Jun. 2003 
heise: GIF soon free of patents?0
Golem: WLAN for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and fellows0
Elektroniknet: QNX realtime platform to download free of charge0
Elektroniknet: PCI architecture documentation0
ELektroniknet: How costless is Linux?0
AmiZilla Website gets a major update0
Sound card: New delfina.library beta version0
 Tuesday, 10. Jun. 2003 
Music: Liquid Skies records #0390
Golem: SCO shows first proofs0
DCE: producing of Pegasos 1 GHz G4 CPU-cards started0
Pegasos-Review of Magnetic Systems112. Jun. 00:06
Portable Amigapad ;-)0
Net: Samba Version 3.0 Beta 10
Mexikon: Cactus-encyclopedia in HTML-Format Version 3.1.190
PairsNG: New demo-version published0
 Monday, 09. Jun. 2003 
Aminet Uploads until 09.06.20030
Installer: WHDLoad - Additions since 08.06.20030
Fortnightly Q&A's with Fleecy Moss - episode 120
clickBOOM: S-Files 23 - History auction0
Boing Attitude: Photos of AmigaOne XE G4/8000
New Midi-Sequencer "Horny" by Inutilis Software0
 Sunday, 08. Jun. 2003 
Digital Almanac III v5.2 and AmiChess v2.0 released0
AmigAIM 0.9445 Beta released0
New maps for Payback0
Please vote in the CAPS community poll!0
Official screenshots of AmigaOS 4 published0
 Saturday, 07. Jun. 2003 
Virus Help Denmark: VirusZ v0.9e0
Bjorn Lynne: sneak preview for a new audio CD0
Event: 2. LinuxWochen in Vienna from June, 5th to 7th 20030
Photos of "AmigaOS 4.0 on Tour" in Slowenia0
Amiga Arena: HD full version of Fatal Heritage0
Development of AmiATLAS being continued0
ImageConvert 2.1 with ImageMagick support0
DiscreetFX hiring artists0
Amiga OS 4.0 on Tour starts0
New Website: Annuaire Pegasos Francophone0
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